Black Friday 2018 Should I Buy Round-Up Part 2: Women to Gold

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So typically when it comes to a Mystery Box I lay out all of the details for each box in a separate post, however, Black Friday brought us SIXTEEN total boxes and a whole lotta stuff inside of each one! So to do an individual post on each box seems a little crazy, at least to me.  (especially since it’s nearly Thanksgiving and I’ve got a ton of stuff to prepare)

So rather than do my typical Mystery Box post, for each box, I’ve decided to do two big posts.  Each post will cover 8 boxes, their contents will be linked to a previous post and next to each item I’ll include the original donut cost (if applicable).  This will help you get a sense of what’s inside and what the value of each item is.

Since you can’t pick and choose what to buy from each box, you’ll have to make your own decisions based on what you like/want and what you can afford to spend.  Hopefully, the linked posts (and original costs) will help you make that decision.

So here we go with the second (and final) round of boxes, everything from women to gold!

Box 9: Women Mystery Box- 60

Item Original Cost
Apu’s Apartment and Manjula 160
Ayn Rand School for Tots and Mrs. Sinclair Free
Cracker Factory and Luann 150
Crazy Cat House and Crazy Cat Lady 180
Femme Fatale 60
Florence of Arabia and Princess Kashmir 175
Ginger Flanders and Amber Simpson 115
Italian Villa and Francesca 150
Itchy’s 70’s Disco and Tina Ballerina 150
Maison Derriere and Belle 150
Malibu Stacy HQ and Stacy 165
Motherloving Sugar Co and Diabetty 225
President Lisa Free
Shary Bobbins Free, then 125
Shauna 90
Sleep Eazy Motel and Miss Springfield Free, then 220
Springfield Hyperstadium and Rockstar Maggie 160
Springfield Opry House and Mary Spuckler 150
Taylor House and Allison Taylor 150
The Peak Inn and Lyla 140

Box 10: Decoration Mystery Box- 70 

Item Original Cost
Chinese Junk 75
Easter Island God 100
Ferris Wheel 120
Five Corners 70
Gone Fission 85
Little Lady Justice 75
Old Mine 180
Radstation Air Fortress 225
Rolling Rock 80
Satan’s Anvil 225
Satellite Station 160
Simpson Houseboat Free
Stonecutter Table Free
The Mayflower 100
Training Plane 75
Yellow Submersible 85

Box 11: Cyber Mystery Box- 75 

Item Original Cost
Big Digi Ben 115
Electric Car Bundle (Blue, Yellow and Red) 120
Elysium Project 110
Frink’s Lab, Frink and Lady Bot 125
Future-Proofed Home and Lady Bot 100
Giant Robot 75
President Lisa Free
Rocket to Your Doom 80
Soul Extraction Institute and Robo Burns/Doggy Smithers 100
The Homer 82
Truckasaurus 225

Box 12: Character Mystery Box- 80

Item Original Cost
Brandine 100
ESBN Sports Desk with Anger Watkins 110
Ginger Flanders and Amber Simpson 115
Italian Villa and Francesca 150
Jimbo 120
Krustylu Studios and Sideshow Mel 140
Ling Bouvier 110
Lucius Sweet Free
Motherloving Sugar Co. and Diabetty 225
Powell Moters and Herb 200
Rocket Car and Lampwick 120
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers and Lucille 120
Shary Bobbins Free, then 125
Shauna 90
Sleep Eazy and Miss Springfield Free then 220
Sophie Krustofsky 110
Springfield Coliseum and Tatum Free, then 190
The Wiccans 110
Unfinished Shed and Chester 150

Box 13: Great Outdoors Mystery Box- 80

Item Original Cost
Bear Cave 100
Carl’s Dad Caverns Free
Golf Course 100
Half-Pipe 100
Kamp Krusty and Kamp Bart 200
Kwik-E-Mart Central Office 145
Mount Carlmore 120
Murderhorn 250
Springfield Falls Free, then 90
Springfield Hunting Supplies 135
Springfield Sign 170
Springfield Gorge 250
Sugarloaf Mountain 100
Tailgate 200
The Scoutmaster 100

Box 14: Building Mystery Box- 80

Item Original Cost
Bastille Free
Beach House 120
Blarney Castle 115
Column Mansion 120
Crouching Panda, Hidden Egg Roll 100
Duff Center Arena 200
Incubator Think Tank 100
King Homer’s Skyscraper Free, then 250
La Belle Frottage 185
Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant 200
Moe’s House 110
Rio Days-Inn-Ero 100
Rocket to Your Doom 80
Royal Tokyo 80
Simpson Laser Tag 145
Springfield Greenhouse 100
Wholesome and Sons Publishing 80

Box 15: Men Mystery Box- 80

Item Original Cost
Ajax Steel Mill and Roscoe 150
Barney’s Bowlarama and Barney Free, then 250
Blackbeard 100
Circle of Death and Meathook 165
Dr Nick 90
First Class Louge and Wheels 150
Ghost Pirate Airship and Blackbeard 250
Jay G’s Mansion, Pool, Jay G and Goosius 225
Jazzhole and Bleeding Gums 165
Jesse Grass 100
Luagash’s Gym and Lugash 175
Master Hypnotist Tent and Sven  $9.99 USD
Moe’s Express, Larry and Sam 199
Outland Sign and Mountain Man 145
Poppa Wheelie’s and Ramrod 150
Powell Motors and Herb Powell 200
Raoul’s Penthouse and Raoul 150
Retro Lard Lad and Laird Ladd 120
Springfield Coliseum and Tatum Free, then 190
Springfield Community Center and Jasper 150
Springfield Historical Society and Hollis 150
Stu’s Disco and Disco Stu 180

Box 16- Gold Mystery Box-

For this one I’m only listing the UNIQUE items.  If your box as more than this check the other boxes to see if you can get items for less than a token 

Item Original Cost
Bandit Fort 200
Cartoon Set and Scratchy 300
Donut Boat 225
Heavenly Swing Set and Jesus 199
Himeji Castle 180
Mansion of Solid Gold 250
Nerds: Benjamin, Doug and Gary 195
Polo Field House 200
Springfield Aquarium and Sarah Wiggum 300
The Rad-ish Station 200

And there you have it my friends, the quick details (with links to more details) on the final 8 Mystery Boxes!

So which boxes will you be opening?  Anything you’re passing on?  Most looking forward to?  Hoping you don’t get?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

Happy Shopping!

39 responses to “Black Friday 2018 Should I Buy Round-Up Part 2: Women to Gold

  1. As a freemium player, i bought some donuts to get the extra tokens. My free token was Kamp Krusty. After spending a total of 9 tokens, I received only six Gold Box items. The other box items I was happy about getting: Sherri & Terri, Jay G Bundle and Springfield Coliseum. I was really happy about getting the coliseum since i feel that it’s been taunting me for some time. Now try to get Powell Motors.

  2. I used my free token and got Jesus. Now I’m not sure which box to try and get Shary Bobbins.

    • Shary Bobbins is in the Women (60 donuts) and Characters (80 donuts) box. You’ll have to look at how many characters are in the box to increase your odds and how many donuts you have. Good luck!

  3. I’m a Freemium player, but I once in a while use some of my credits from Google Opinion Rewards to buy something I really want. I’ve been debating about the Black Friday deals this week. I have about $35 in credit from doing the Google surveys.

    I finally broke down, and bought the 300 donut package for $19.99. After using all the Gold Tokens, and spending all the donuts on Youngster boxes, here’s what I ended up with:

    – Duff Brewery and Duffman
    – Barney’s Bowlarama and Barney
    – Lovejoy Residence and Jessica Lovejoy
    – Filthy Angels Orphanage and Ronaldo
    – The Jazz Hole and Bleeding Gums Murphy
    – Florence of Arabia and Princess Kashmir
    – Crazy Cat House and Crazy Cat Lad
    – Powell Motors and Herb
    – Jay G’s Mansion and Jay G
    – MotherlovingSugar Co. and Dia-Betty
    – Monstromart
    – Juvenile Correction Facility and Jeremy Jailbird
    – Kamp Krusty and Kamp Bart skin
    – Lugash’s Gym and Lugash
    – Sophie Krustofsky
    – It’s a Wonderful Knife and Gino
    – Powers House and Laura Powers
    – Polo Fied House
    – Springfield Preparatory School and Greta Wolfcastle

    I’m pretty happy to get all this,for credits I earned for free.

  4. I currently have 2 items (Lyla and Tina Ballerina, I did also have Alisson Taylor but I got her in the Youngsters box) in the women box, 7 items (2 bikers, Blackbeard, Larry & Sam, Mountain Man, Sven and Wheels McGrath) in the men box and 4 items (Jesus, Nerds, Scratchy and the 2 ghosts) in the gold box. I’m hoping to get the ghosts from the imports box first so that I could get one of the other 3 with my free token.

  5. Bummed… I accidentally spent my free token on 12 measly donuts.

    Got some good stuff from the women and youngsters boxes though.

  6. I was just wondering do you have to be a certain level or something to see anything for the black Friday stuff? I’m level 12 and can’t see anything on it, my app is up to date and I even reinstalled it incase there was an update missing, can anyone help?


  7. I bought youngster, women and men mystery boxes
    Quite satisfied but I don’t know if I should save my donuts for Christmas or for boxes… could you help me please

  8. I missed out on the Stomach Staple Center in 2014 and was hoping it would be in a box.

  9. I got:
    Wendell and Zip Zap Za, Jessica Lovejoy and lovejoy residence, Greta and prep school, Sophie Krustovsky, Sherri and Terri, Uter and the Hungry Hun, CHUM and yardwork simulator, and Adil for the kids.
    Sherri bobbins for women.
    Bartman, plow King, and wiggum’s beer stein for alter egos.
    I’m still really hoping to score manjula or Belle and maison derriere and herb Powell and Powell motors just bc they are classic episode characters.
    Didn’t spend any cash, just farm. But I am saving my token until last day just so I can eliminate any doubles from cheaper donuts I might spend.
    Happy American Thanksgiving guys!

  10. So I got firefighter apu from a mystery box and he needs a fire truck to do his 1 hour task, I looked it up and it’s from a 2016 event, but that’s all the info I could find. Is there a way I can get it right now or is not not currently available in the game?

  11. I think I spent 1300 donuts on various boxes getting what I had missed in pasts events. Call me crazy but I want that bandito hideout but my one token got me the boat. I was happy that I finally got the yellow submarine. 3400 donuts left for Xmas.

  12. I already had the Ayn Rand School, but not Ms. Sinclair. I thought she would be offered by herself for people who had the school.

    I was looking forward to adding her to my town 🙁

    • She’s also one that I was missing and had hoped to get this time. Too bad. Wonder if we’ll ever get her.

  13. Thank you for putting these posts together, very helpful 😊

  14. I am really happy, happy with the outcome of these boxes. With about 400 donuts and 60 million of ingame cash I succeeded getting 15 new characters (first complete children box, then complete women box and then complete men box). The only token I got for free gave me Sarah Wiggum. Successfully scraped enough donuts for 2 more tries on International box. Was wishing for the duo of mafia guys. First try gave me Anubis (NPC, well, but I love Egypt, so fine price. Second try gave me the mafia duo. With 8 items still remaining in the International Mystery Box (mostly buildings). So total is 17 new premium characters. Currently on 317 characters (how many are there total?)

    • I lost count at around 335… It’s surprisingly difficult to get an accurate count because not all characters will show up in the unemployment office every time.

  15. D.W. McZombiepants

    I went mystery box crazy….got some hits and some misses

    I got the Radish Station with my token – Miss

    My hits include Scotland Yard with Jack the Ripper, Moe’s Express with Barflies, Jessica Lovejoy and the Lovejoy Residence, Sherri and Terri, the Jazz Hole with Bleeding Gums Murphy, and Greta and the Prep School

    My misses include Adil, Femme Fatale, CHUM and the Yard Simulator, Lyla and the Peak Inn, the Juvenile Center with Snake Jr, and Mary Spuckler….I’m all out of donuts and was unable to get Alison Taylor or Jay G.

    But overall, I think I did well.

  16. I’m not sure which was scarier- how many carefully farmed Donuts I spent clearing my Mystery boxes, or how many of the items I had already! 🙂

  17. @Alissa

    Thanks a lot for your detailed posts in general and for this one in particular!

    This post makes it so easy to compare all the different boxes, characters and decorations just with with one click on the links!

    I like this a lot and I really appreciate your huge efforts!

  18. Thanks a lot for this exhausting post, Alissa <3
    I'm a little disappointed that I was not offered Mrs. Sinclair, already having the building 🙁

  19. What should I do with my gold coins. I have 3 with no items in the gold box. Should I sell for donuts or will there be anything in future that I could use.

  20. What do I do with unused tokens?

  21. I’m confused — I got the update to spend real $$ for donuts & tokens but I did not get any boxes. Do you need to start a quest, or is it because I already have everything on offer in the boxes? I thought there are some non-unique items as well, I was expecting to get the boxes to show up for those…

    • You can only use your tokens for the Gold box or converting them into 12 donuts, if you already have everything in the gold box, you will only see the option to convert into donuts, no other boxes will be useful for your tokens.

    • Sounds like you “have it all”…I was only offered a couple boxes, with one or two items in each. I haven’t seen anything offered as a multiple, only unique stuff, and all the stuff offered is things that I don’t really want. Soooo…if you have it all, just enjoy👍😁.

    • Thanks for the clarification. I’m not gonna spend any real $$ if there’s no real benefit. Saving my money for the next event (if it’s gonna be a good one). After spending about $50 over the years I’m a bit more conservative with my wallet.

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