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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Last couple of days for the Thanksgiving mini-event, have you wrapped up all the prizes? Black Friday Mystery Boxes are also wrapping up, have you purchased any?  Any you’re eyeing?

We just finished up Thanksgiving here in the US, how did you spend it?  It’s nearly December and that means…it’s almost Christmas! Have you started decorating your home yet?  If not, when do you do it?

What do you think will be next in TSTO?  Nearing the final event of 2018, how have you viewed the events of 2018?  Which were your favorite?

And finally, how about the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

139 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. This has been a good week in my Springfield, hit the 100 character Mark ( yes I know I’ve several hundred still to get ) I also won the 10K jackpot on one of the Kwik E Mart scratch cards !

  2. “The Vault” rip-off alert! Found “Small Island” “available” for 90 donuts with “25 back!” No bonus!! If you release Treestache! it is one of Treestache’s prizes you might get. By this measure, Ms. Claws is a bargain.

  3. Not much going on in my game at the moment although I did go a little OTT with the black Friday event and ended up getting the donut factory.
    Although my real life has been a bit strange this week as whilst at work in the fairly rubbish warehouse job I’ve only been at for a couple of months I got a call during my break from my old employers who I’d been at for 3 years but left because I didn’t have enough hours and they kept passing me over for the better job I wanted anyway they want me to go back there to do that job now they have another opening so I went in the next day to speak with them and now I’m starting next weekend.

  4. how many torches can we get from the new excavation site?

  5. Have been looking out for sonicboynyc’s song list, but since there doesn’t seem to be one this week – here’s mine. 🙂

    Hella Donna – Perfect
    Sting – Fragile
    Dave Brubeck – Camptown Races
    David Blair – Alone Together
    Natalie Cole – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
    George Michael – The Strangest Thing ’97
    Hardsoul – Kurzschluss
    Quentin Harris, Inaya Day – Do the Right Thing (Extended Mix)
    Lady Gaga – Disco Heaven
    Royal Canoe – Bathtubs
    Miles Davis – Changes
    Frank Sinatra – I Won’t Dance
    Paolo Nutini – Let Me Down Easy
    Elvis Presley – It’s Now or Never
    The Fontane Sisters – Nuttin’ for Christmas
    Prinzessin Emmy und ihre Pferde – Ausritt auf Sunny
    The Drums – Magic Mountain
    Vaughan Williams – A Sea Symphony: III. Scherzo: The Waves
    Herbert Grönemeyer – Keep Hurting Me
    The Kooks – Bad Habit (Live at Hansa Studios)
    Maurice Jarre – Arrival in Africa
    Bugle – Music
    Los Lobos – Let Love Reign
    Phrasenmäher – Sollichma
    Marco Petralia & DJ Monique vs. Gastone – Shake It (Club Radio Cut)
    Fiona Apple – Paper Bag

    • Elle King – Runaway
      Little Mix – American Boy
      Lizzo – Good as Hell
      The Ronettes – Sleigh Ride
      Fleetwood Mac – Seven Wonders
      Pentatonix – Over The Rainbow
      Years & Years – If You’re Over Me
      Tina Tuner – The Acid Queen
      Amy Winehouse – Wake Up Alone
      The Crystals – He’s a Rebel
      Jinkx Monsoon – Cartoons and Vodka
      Superfruit – Goodbye From Lonely
      Jennifer Hudson – I Know Where I’ve Been
      David Bowie – Fame
      TLC – Unpretty

    • Maybe that dodgy keyboard finally got the better of Sonic; good work keeping the thread/topic going, aabend380, I was about to give up 🙂

      1. Be My Wife – David Bowie
      2. Passing Through – Cult Of Luna
      3. Heartbeat – Big Black
      4. Funguss – Skinny Puppy
      5. Woe Regains My Substance – Mizmor
      6. Put Them To Death – Cannibal Corpse
      7. All Life Converges To Some Center – Altar Of Plagues
      8. The Man Who Sold The World – David Bowie
      9. The Nile Song – Pink Floyd
      10. Lifeless – Grief
      11. At Five We Drive – Bailter Space
      12. Dawn – Thou
      13. Dr. Bogenbroom – Jethro Tull
      14. Catatonic – Babes In Toyland
      15. Crack – Big Black
      16. Most People I Know (Think I’m Crazy) – Cosmic Psychos
      17. All My Colours – Echo & The Bunnymen
      18. Cut-Throat – Sepultura
      19. Steady As She Goes (live) – Shellac
      20. Suffer Little Children – The Smiths

      • Forgot to put in the rules, though, for anyone who wants to join in: Set your player to random and list the first 10 songs (or however many you feel like) that come up. No skipping!

        • What about people who still use CDs, tapes or vinyl?

          • We’re a broad church here, gasboss775, everyone’s welcome to play. It’s just a little more complicated for a vinyl junkie than hitting “random” on iTunes:
            1. Close your eyes, fumble your way over to your record cabinet/bookshelf/milk crate and grab an album. Remember, no peeking!
            2. With eyes still closed, fumble your way over to your turntable, remove the album from its sleeve, align the hole with the spindle (I find using your index finger on the hole as a guide makes the task a bit easier), and carefully place the stylus anywhere between the outer edge of the album and the centre.
            3. Open your eyes, note what track’s playing, remove the album and return it to its sleeve.
            4. Rinse and repeat until you have your desired number of tracks. I’d probably stop at two, but it’s up to you. The same technique can be used for CDs and tapes with the appropriate technology-specific adjustments.
            If you start now, you should have your list all ready by next Sunday. Good luck!

            • Good answer !

              Out of curiosity is there anyone around here into listening to music from cassette tapes? I was watching a YouTube video by a guy who reviews electronic products ( mostly hifi gear and old computers ) anyway he was claiming there is a renaissance in the use of tapes for listening and recording ( remember mix tapes ? ) music.

              • Pffffffffftttt… if there is a “renaissance” it is from people who are tired of the frequency loss of MP3s streamed. They have better fidelity, but were very, very subject to the wow and flutter of the rollers and tape heads. It’s not like vinyl. Cassettes were a downgrade from vinyl, and are a huge downgrade from CDs. Yes…they are analogue. But the hiss, and the technical degradation is hardly worth “going back to the good old days.” I have a full studio full of old gear…mixing consoles, reel-to-reel multitrack, loads of early digital. I never, ever, use cassettes anymore…except to convert them to a format that is better.

              • Oh god yes, I remember mix tapes. I’d do one for every party I crashed in the ’80s, sneaking mine on whenever whoever was in control of the music turned their back or passed out. I was obsessed with trying to get each new track to start on a downbeat of the previous track, which required pausing the preceding track, then counting the revolutions of the album until the next track started (usually by a mark on the design of the album’s centre sticker) and releasing pause at just the right moment. I never managed to get a whole tape played before someone wrenched it out of the deck in disgust and put Donna Summer or Michael Jackson back on (it was a very small town and parties with decent music were hard to come by). You’d think I’d be afforded a little more respect considering the amount of trouble I’d gone to …

          • Then list what you like. It’s just supposed to be a way to introduce people to something new. I’ve found such snacking stuff I never would have heard since starting this thread. That’s why I appreciate everyone’s input

    • Thanks for keeping it going. I had computer issues last week as just gave up. I’ll be back tomorrow

  6. My game has been really odd lately. It hasnt been saving between devices and it has also taken away the items i bought out of the mystrey boxes and placed them back in and kept my donuts! Whatnthe heck?! Has anyone else had this issue?

  7. I spent 720 donuts on the character box and still didn’t get Diabetty, oh well I’m surprised I even got that many donuts, now I’m down to $0 though haha

  8. Is it Monday already what happened to Sunday ?

    Oh well maybe next week I’ll get my chicken dinner .

    🎬🎥🐒 . See ya bye . 👽

  9. anyone else getting 0 notifications recently?

  10. Does anyone know when we might expect the Christmas event? I’m in no rush. I love down time. Just curious.

  11. I picked up Mr. Sparkle today. I just don’t understand why they have a character that speaks Japanese with hiragana and katakana but the game still isn’t available in the Japanese iTunes Store.

  12. I spent way too much money and bought two dozen new items for Black Friday and found I had no where to put them! I was reluctant to nuke because I was very happy with my new zoo and krustyland so I did a “selective nuke”. I group-stored my favorite pieces, left a few of the bigger ones on the map and then put everything else in storage. Now I’m going back one by one and adding my buildings and characters back. I like this better than a straight up nuke! Now I can focus on the new tasks and characters and simultaneously re-introduce myself to some old favorites.

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