Thanksgiving 2018 Mini-Event is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday, November 28th) marks the end of the Thanksgiving mini-event!  So,  if you haven’t already, finish up that prize track, purchase your last few premium items, open those last minute mystery boxes and be prepared to see the mini-event leave our games tomorrow morning! (and hopefully, something new arrives in its place)

What are your overall thoughts on the Thanksgiving mini-event?  Premium items you purchased?  Mystery boxes opened? Where have you placed the prizes? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. A belated comment but on Black Friday I got in total: 28 characters, 4 costumes, 17 buildings, and 9 decorations or 58 items all together. I loved getting these items to add in my town and the quests keep me active in the game since we have this lull now (I only completed 5 of the questlines and still have another 24 to get through 😆). I liked the thanksgiving update because it involved Moe and gave us some Moe stuff and maybe next year we might get his mother and grandmother now that we have his siblings and dad.

  2. Thanksgiving mini-event

    It wasn’t Thanksgiving-y, but it was easy to compete in 4 Days (and quite funny to see Moe’s Family involved). I didn’t go for related Premiums, as I spent enough on Halloween this year (obviously dropping Black Friday / Cyber Monday on Us meant that was a priority – minus the Gold Tokens, advice heeded and let’s hope EA isn’t going down that path). 🦃🍗🍰

  3. Used my free coin, got the worst prize. Didn’t buy squat. Boxes were too stuffed and too expensive. People are ruining this game. Too bad EA won’t stop them.

    • “People are ruining this game.”

      Care to elaborate? How are the actions of others impacting your enjoyment of the game?

      You mentioned there being too many prizes in the boxes. That’s #1 EA’s fault for stuffing them, which is the intention of the randomness and associated lower cost of the boxes, and #2 your fault for not having earned/bought things before. I say “fault” not actually blaming you, just indicating that you could have reduced the number of items you had to gamble on by buying/earning them when you wanted them.

      You said boxes were too expensive. With almost no exceptions the mystery boxes offer things that you #1 would have paid more for previously or #2 weren’t playing when they were offered/given as prizes. If a reduced price for a digital bauble is too much then why are you even concerned about it? Just live your life and enjoy what you can about the game.

      Personally, I would prefer the mystery boxes disappeared and I could just buy what I want. However, for a relatively low cost I still get some of the things I want, and some things I wouldn’t have bought if given the choice. That forces me to be creative and redesign areas and gets me just a little more enjoyment out of a game that’s otherwise lost the luster it once had.

  4. Great Black Friday. Got all the boxes I missed last year. If you had nothing, it would have cost over 14k donuts. I only had to spend about 2k donuts.

    For the gold boxes …
    I had 4 to buy. And only 1 free token … What to do. What to do…

    Used the free token to get a gold mansion.
    Checked to buy the 4.99 the 2 coin 60 donuts to get the shopping carts and a bonus coin. Went to purchase… And apparently had $5.46 in Google cash credits. Bonus.

    Got the Polo House and the RADish station, and, of course the nerds were last.

    Everything’s gone. I wonder if there will be anything to buy next year…

  5. I was taking it easy. Almost too easy. Just completed the prize track

  6. I am way behind and most likely will not finish this event. My game crashed after the last update, and EA is giving me the run around to try to fix it. I ended up starting a new Springfield with a new account. Luckily I have been following this blog long enough to know how to level up pretty fast and effectively. I did get lucky though and got some characters from the Black Friday mystery boxes that I didn’t even have in my old Springfield.

  7. I farmed donuts like a madman (3000 before the Black Friday sale started, 180 every 4 hours within the event), and I’ve collected all the “donut” prizes except the last 17 Bronze prizes, which I’ll pick up over the next 8 hours. The hard part is that at one stage I had over 70 tasks to complete, now I’m down under 30 but they’re all stalled on 24 hour tasks for Homer, Lisa or Bart, and it’s hard to imagine at least one of them won’t be crucial to the Christmas event

    • How did you get so many donuts every 4 hours?

      • I have a working patch of land with 360 KEM’s, the downside is that it takes about 15 minutes each time to claim them all and re-populate. Currently my bonus percentage is 1585%, so I have to go through that bonus 1, 2 or 3 donut game after every 6 KEM’s, it takes between 10-15 minutes each time.
        After this event I’ll probably drop back to about 50 KEM’s that I collect once a day, it will hopefully feel less like a chore.

        • Thank you Jeremy for your detailed answer. I currently have 700ish bonus and I get three boxes every 12 KEM. I never have that many KEM, because I use cash what I have in game. So, it’s about 50-80 KEM tops for me, and definitely not every 4 hrs. I get around 20-30 donuts per time. Too slow to get what I want… I am far from clearing even the cheapest boxes… maybe next year 😉

  8. Lately we have been given land for the major events and I assume that will be the case for the Christmas event. My hope is that however many parcels of land we get will be left to the player to be placed. I prefer my Springfield to be squared as much as possible but currently is odd shaped due to the land placed by EA being at the top of my Springfield. Additionally, I’m hoping for additional land in Springfield Heights so I can place all items designated for that area in that area. Currently, I’ve had to place a number of them in main Springfield which works short term but probably should be moved to Springfield Heights if land is added.

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      I second your Christmas wishes!

    • EA if you’re paying attention ? Peter Bleak nailed it! We ♥️ free Land Tokens, but would prefer having the freedom to choose where they are used (and it’s long overdue that Springfield Heights was expanded) 👍

  9. New Skin was just added.

  10. I got 36 new characters from the event, was pretty cool. I do feel like a sellout though, but yeah its so hard to get all the cool stuff without spending doughnuts. We really needa start a revolt against EA and their premium items.

    • Or you need to start donut farming. The Revolt is in farming…period.

      • What are the farming strategies?

      • I’m almost there Patric. Idk about KEM farming and no way am I grinding away at the recycling plants, but I think Ebron’s method of stockpiling cash and once a month pulling buildings out of storage for the extra XP, turning on the collider and buying and selling RTT or bloodmobiles could work for me, along with Where’s Maggie, daily challenges and my donut factory I could make the switch from premium to farmium. Need to read up some more.

    • I’m probably in the same boat, but I didn’t spend any money. I spent the 1000+ doughnuts I had farmed and then burnt through 70 million cash buying Rat Trap trucks to get the rest. I still have 230 million, so there’s that 😉
      Note: it’s only since they stopped allowing us to buy land that I’ve actually had that much cash, in addition to finally buying all of the super expensive items and having nothing to spend my cash on.

  11. The event was fun, and I’m glad that I was done early. I have been working through quests like a mad woman from going crazy with mystery boxes. I also have a little pink area with the factory that I absolutely love. Great Black Friday for me!

  12. I know this might not be the proper place to ask but I have searched around and couldn’t find anything. I have stepped away from the game for a while and had recently picked it back up. One of the major changes that I have noticed is that we now need to use my hand tokens to buy new sections of the land. Is there a way to earn more tokens or do they only give very few away during events? Thanks.

  13. Am freemium player but i bought donut factory bundle. Got 23 tokens, 900 donuts and an awesome donut factory. Got more than 3000 donut rebate. This was the best deal ever unless you have got alot of the items which i didnt.

  14. I know this might not be the proper place to ask but I did search around and did not find anything. I have been away from the game for a while and recently picked it back up and noticed one of the major changes was that we now have to use land tokens to purchase land instead of cash. Is there anyway to earn more land tokens or do they only give a few out during events? Thanks?

  15. When does christmas start?

  16. Only character I added with donuts was Grandma Bouvier. Too many items that I just didn’t care about. I’d love a week off till the Christmas event starts. JMO.

  17. I had some rotten luck with a few mystery box adventures, but when I opened the characters mystery box, I got the character I wanted the most on my first try, the babysitter bandit.

    Combined with getting Barney and Sherri and Terri, I’d call this Black Friday event a success for me.

    • I started off with amazeballs luck hitting all my must haves on first attempts for boxes that had items I wanted but it took me a few tries to get the Calabresi’s and the Secret Agents box cleaned my clock. The house always wins.

  18. Loved the Black Friday sale this year! Didn’t spend a dime, collected sooo many characters. 🙂

    • Sweet. Well done. I used to always say Black Friday was my favourite “event” of the year.

      • Only downside so far is I got Belle all her quests have long tasks for ‘Springfield men’ or ‘Springfield ladies’, messing up my unemployment office. Oh well, big donut spender problems. 🙂

  19. A good mini-event IMHO. I actually risked to not complete it, having skipped both Morty and Marv and not played a whole weekend XD

  20. I liked it! I was excited to get Moe’s family. The Mattress King episode was great so I was happy to spend some donuts on Marv and Marty. The dialogue was funny and not too long. Great job EA!

    I made good use of Black Friday. I spent 1400 donuts and got a lot of new characters, pets and decorations. Best Black Friday Ever!

  21. Hello, thank you for your post yesterday about finishing the quest line to open Minnie’s jobs. I wasn’t going to finish because I didn’t want the building. Didn’t know I needed to finish to open her quests up. I started again and will have just enough time to finish by tonight!! Black Friday was a great score for me!! I’m a new player so it was the perfect event for me to get things I wanted. Barney, Miss Springfield, Disco Stu, Sarah Wiggum, etc. Very excited to see what Christmas is like in Springfield!!

  22. I have 3 gold coins what should I do with them. I have purchased everything from the gold box. Should I sell for the 12 donuts, or are there other options

  23. It’s my birthday today! 😊
    …and even though I have some gift money to spend I’m still not getting the donut factory!

    A few years ago I would have loved the opportunity to buy a donut generating building and the fact it’s darn cute. However tempting it may be for a completionist I just cannot justify the cost. I don’t need the donuts and only had the radish station in my gold box which I got for free with the gifted token. Not this time EA. I’m not buying… 😶

  24. The only good thing i got from the event (besides all the black friday stuff) is king size homer bundle

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