Teasing Things to Come…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re nearing the end of a mini-event and, of course, that means it’s time to speculate on what’s next!

Here’s what I can tell you…check your character collections.  You’ll notice a new category was added

As well as a new costume…


But before you get too excited and try to read to much into it…remember the last several teasers that hit our games have had NOTHING to do with the next event. Remember the fortune teller before THOH or the Cayman Island Banker before Moe’s Ark?  The list goes on and on.  So don’t read too much into it…yet!  Or read everything into it!  It’s Christmas! Who isn’t excited?!

I can tell you…based on info in the files…the teaser will launch TOMORROW (Nov. 28th) 9am ET (1400 UTC) and it ends on Dec. 5th.  Which means…as we speculated…Christmas will likely start on Dec. 5th. (next Wednesday)

Now, let the speculation begin!

Oh and don’t forget to watch Addicts Live on Saturday (Dec. 1st) at noon ET, where we’ll talk ALL things Christmas 2018!

35 responses to “Teasing Things to Come…

  1. Hey, I’m new here, also a tapped out player, and I’ll have to ask if this Christmas is about side characters the prizes be Alice Glick (old woman in blue with dementia), Just Stamp the ticket man (sarcastic and aggressive), Gil Gunderson (unluckiest dealer who has jobs),or even Charlie (a plant worker who is more incompetent than Lenny) and premium characters……… impossible premium Lionel Hutz and Troy Mcclure (incompetent lawyer and fishy actor), btw I know they’re retired due to Phil’s death, but like Edna (who’s VA died) has no voice lines, they can too have no VA,


    • Welcome. We’ve had a lot of discussions here over the past 5+ years about Lionel/Troy vs Edna. But not very likely we’ll see them as they were retired from the show before the game while Edna was retired from the show after she was already in the game.

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  2. Well, at least we can confirm one more week to prep for the Christmas Event …. and TSTO live on Saturday (that’s enough for me) – stay festive everyone! 😀🎄🦌


  3. So can’t wait to see what they have in store for us for the event and hopefully crazy cat lady will be involved with the event.

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  4. Christmas is my favourite period of the year, I can’t wait for the event. Finally other characters than Simpson’s family have recognition

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  5. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Well, this morning I sent everyone on 24 hours – all my tasks were finally finished. They’ll all come free about two hours after the update hits.
    The mini update just came through for me.
    Any advice on when to expect the MAJOR update to install? The one where SNOW hits. Where EVERY pixel has to be reinstalled.
    The one that takes so LONG to install that “every one” gripes.

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  6. Im with xcheezhd

    how do you find Character Collections? O.o


  7. Where do you go to see the character collections? I can’t find it. 😦

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  8. This is one xmas event I will not be looking forward too! I hope I have enough wifi to complete the tasks! It is always harder when I am on holidays and I usually have to play during the night to make up for the lost times during the day, when I do not have access to wifi. I will get all the characters that help with the event.
    Sometimes I hate my addiction! Not only my addiction is of the Simpsons, but I am addicted to get all the prizes.

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  9. My shopping spree cost over 2000 doNUTS.Got lots of cool stuff and I hope to clear out some of the 61 tasks I have collected before next week. I wonder if there is a limit on the tasks🍩🥯🍷

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  10. Getting kicked out (Bart screen) of the game all day today
    Looks like EA is getting up to give us the 12 glitches of Christmas…

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  11. Can’t wait!! I ended my boycott and caved with a donut purchase to get some items in the mystery boxes plus to ensure my favorite game continues…still irked at EA for so many reasons though 😐
    Thanks Addicts for all you do, happy tappin and happy holidays!! 😃

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  12. 🎶☃️❄️Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….❄️☃️🎶

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    • My favourite time of the year. I wonder if it’s partly because I started playing on Dec 26th and so there was snow when I started? Either way? “SNOW!!!!” is generally my reaction to the winter event update the first time I open it. Like I’m a little kid who looked outside to see it snowing (which it so rarely does here… always ups the excitement factor.)

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      • I like it because here in Australia it is Summer; & I haven’t seen snow since I was a small child in London. Snow in my game as I swelter making the Christmas feast – A juxtaposition of Northern & Southern hemispheres!

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      • Rarely snows here (Savannah) either, but last year we got 4” and everything was like a winter wonderland. People in my neighborhood were standing in the middle of the streets just talking and watching it come down…it was truly a magical event for this area. Can’t wait for it to be back in my game.❄️😊❄️


    • I wish it would stop…


      • Sorry…I guess it’s more fun to look at than to live in. It never lasts long enough here to be a nuisance, so we are little ga-ga over it.😁


  13. blackgypsyrose13

    Does this mean the Crazy Cat Lady FINALLY gets some recognition??? I can only hope so!!


  14. I assumed episode tie-in, but teaser makes sense. They’ve all been so forgettable!


  15. Who loves spoilers when they come?
    We do, we do!

    Thanks Alissa ❤

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