Christmas 2018: A Simpsons Christmas Special Act 1 is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, it was teased (by accident) a few weeks ago…

And yesterday we received the App Store update that brought snow to Springfield!  (if you haven’t downloaded it, do so.  But remember it’s MASSIVE. So make sure you’re on WiFi)

And now it’s time!  It’s officially 10am here on the East Coast which, in the words of Elsa, means “Let the holidays begin!”  If I had a Yule Bell I’d ring it… (sorry Riley’s been watching A LOT of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure these days…)

Things will kick off with an AUTOMATIC dialog start with the Simpson family…

I’m working my way through this, and will continuously be updating this post.  So continue to refresh and check back for new details.  Once the post is completely updated i’ll add (Updated and Complete) to the title.  

It looks like the TV is busted in the Simpson household…

Marge: Homer! The Krusty Kristmas Special is starting, and we can’t get the new TV to work.
Homer: Switch to HDMI 2. Or HDMI 5. It’s one of those.
Bart: We tried both! You set up the TV wrong, genius.
Homer: Aren’t you kids supposed to be good with technology? That’s the whole point of us making you.
Lisa: This TV uses apps, right? Maybe if I download one…
Homer: For the love of God, don’t!
Lisa: “Downloading. Time remaining: one hour, fifty-three minutes.” Ew, boy.
Bart: Homer set up the Internet wrong.
Homer: It’s not my fault! I never asked to live in a smart home, surrounded by a million fragile devices I can’t, and/or won’t, learn to set up.
Marge: Well, who needs TV? Maybe we can sit around and tell each other Christmas stories.
Homer: … Let’s try HDMI 4. That might work…
Marge: Who wants to go first?

And just like “the old days”…when the TV goes out you tell stories!  The first story is told by Lisa.  And this is presented by the 6s task she’ll have to tell a Christmas Story…

Lisa: Once there was an old billionaire who loved nothing but money, and thought Christmas was a humbug.
Homer: Wait. Is this a take on “A Christmas Carol”?
Lisa: Well, I’m going to update it. I’ll make Mr. Burns the lead, and have all the ghosts and side characters played by Springfield regulars.
Homer: Lisa, sweetie, if Daddy has to sit through one more adaptation of “A Christmas Carol”, Daddy will blow his brains all over the wall. You don’t want that for Daddy, do you?
Lisa: Not really, no.
Homer: Then let’s all agree, as a society, that “A Christmas Carol” is a lemon that’s been squeezed dry. It’s given up everything it has to offer, and should be fed into the disposal and obliterated from memory.
Lisa: Fine. I’ll tell a different story.
Homer: Atta girl. And just a warning: at the mention of ghost one, or anything resembling a Tiny Tim, I run screaming from the room. ‘Kay? Great.

After you complete the 6s task you’ll jump into Lisa’s story (Christmas Pagent) and you’ll have to complete a 4hr task for Lisa, Milhouse and Ralph (assuming you’ve unlocked him).

Complete those tasks to unlock more…

Well guys, as some of you have pointed out…this appears to be 4 mini-events all about Christmas.  In that, the prizes follow the same questline format to unlock as our regular mini-events do.

This is not your typical Major Event.  And there are pros and cons to that, and everyone will find their own pros and cons.

However, let’s keep in mind…this is 4 weeks.  It’s Christmas, the busy season.  This should be fairly easy to complete.  You’ll unlock 20 new prizes.  No crafting to grind through.  Just have some good old fashioned TSTO fun.  And, as long as you don’t rush things, you won’t get bored because it’ll change each week!

Now let’s talk about what’s included…

As mentioned above you’ll kick things off the a 6s task for Lisa followed by a 4hr task for Lisa, Milhouse and Ralph (if you have him).  Once you complete that you’ll trigger the prize track questline for Part 1.

Here are the prizes for Part 1:

 Hot Roasted Chestnuts Carts x3.  Unlocks with Part 1 of ‘Twas the Pageant Before Christmas. 100 

 + Christmas Carousel AND Land Token. Unlocks with Part 2 of ‘Twas the Pageant Before Christmas. 300

 Angel Lisa. Unlocks with Part 3 of ‘Twas the Pageant Before Christmas. 300

+ Fair Booths x4 AND Land Token. Unlocks with Part 4 of ‘Twas the Pageant Before Christmas. 300

 + Pagent Stage AND Land Token.  Unlocks with Part 5 of ‘Twas the Pageant Before Christmas. 300

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks:

Kathy from Personnel (Premium Rate)
Circus Acrobat (Premium Rate)

Characters earn:
6/4hrs for Freemium
9/4hrs for Premium

The Daily Challenges have NOT converted over to event currency.  They remain exactly as they’ve been prior to this event launching.  Cash, SH Currency and Donuts.


There are donut deals to be had with this event.  Bonus donuts acquired when you buy select packages:

I will tell you, there are icons for this event that show bonus donuts available for all size donut purchases (from a box to a boatload), however, my game only has options for bonus donuts with a Box, A Tray and a Store Full.  Not sure if this is the case for everyone, or if it’s different for those of us who regularly spend donuts (ie if we’re getting the shaft again).

As expected in the era of Donut Farming, there is a TON of content with this event that is premium.

We’ll be seeing a Gil Deal (Dec. 12th), two Mystery Boxes (one is live now, the other goes live on Dec. 19th), and a variety of premium items (new and returning) hitting our games regularly throughout the next 4 weeks.

Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

Yarn Barn w/ Kathy of Personnel- 175 Donuts.  Can help with the event. Leaves game 12/12

Cirque De Puree w/ Circus Acrobat- 150 Donuts.  Can help with the event. Leaves game 12/12

Returning Stuff…

The Peak Inn w/ Lyla- 140 Donuts.  Leaves game when the event ends.

Santa’s House w/ Santa- 150 Donuts. Leaves game when the event ends.  And yes, this means Santa is now premium for those who have him from last year.

The Stable at the Inn- 45 Donuts. Leaves game when the event ends.  

North Pole Bundle- 50 Donuts. Includes Marshmallow Tree, Ice Fence, North Pole Reindeer Stables, Gingerbread House, Lollipop Flowers, North Pole Columns, North Pole Elf Cabins, Gum Drop Docks, Fancy Igloo, Reindeer, and Festive Lawn Bell.

Festive Bundle- 50 Donuts. Includes Ice Fence, Lollipop Flowers, North Pole Columns, Gum Drop Rocks, Festive Bell Lamp Post, Candy Cane Fencing, Rigellian Christmas Wall, Festive Hot Drink STand, Festive Fancy Lawn Bell, Wooden Soldiers, Duff Beer Tree, Poinsettias, Festive Bow Lamp Post, Festive Wreath Lamp Post, Festive Trashcan Fire, Festive Lawn Angel, Festive Candycane, Festive Nutcracker, and Snowperson Security Guards.

Christmas Market Bundle- 50 Donuts. Includes Candy Cane Fencing, Festive Wreath Lamp Post, Festive Nutcracker, Bistro set, Ice Skating Rink, Lovely Flower Cart, Giant Outdoor Fireplace, Holiday Tree, Ferris Wheel, and Snack Stands.

Another item I see dated today in the files but can’t verify in game…Baby Gerald

Mystery Box…

Winter Wonderland Mystery Box- 60 Donuts. Includes: Dancing Reindeer, Snow Monster, Star Snowsuit Maggie, Virgil’s Cabin, Plow King Bundle, Ski Chalet, Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe, Spruce Caboose, Springfield Skating Rink, Slide Factory, Festivus CBG, Ice Palace, The Grumple, Krusty’s Kristmas on Ice, Humble Gingerbread House, Ski Lift w/Stupid Sexy Flanders, King Winter’s Cave w/King Winter, Nativity Scene, Funzo Bundle, Giant Snow Globe, and Murderhorn

Still to come during Part 1 (between now and 12/12)

Circus of Values- Unlocks 12/7. S/B 45 Donuts.

The Screens- Unlocks 12/7. S/B 50 Donuts

And that’s it my friends.  The details of week 1 of the 2018 Christmas event!

Your thoughts on the event?  Like the mini event format, considering it’s only 4 weeks long?  Like the idea of new content each week?  Thoughts on the content?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I never received my part 1 last decoration…It is frozen.

  2. Is anyone having trouble getting the stage to load? I have done all of the tasks and the stage will not arrive.

  3. Question to those who got the bundles.
    Do the items that originally had bonus % still have it? Like the reindeer for example. Thanks 😊

  4. Only concern is land. Now that land tokens are needed I find it unmotivating to puchase premium items because I’m certainly not going to spend money to put them in storage when I can’t buy the amount of land I need/want. A big part of the fun factor of town building is gone.

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  6. No crafting grind – woo hoo!

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