Christmas is Coming…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In case you missed it last night, Christmas is coming!  Yes, head to your App Store right now and download the newest version of TSTO…the Christmas version!

Caution this is a MASSIVE update!  Don’t download it unless you’re on WiFi…it’s HUGE.  (and it’s that massive because of the snow.  It has to reload every single item in the game with snow)

Christmas 2018 will be broken into 4 Acts, and each Act will run 1 week.  So Christmas will end on January 2nd.  (From what I can see…Act 1 focuses on Lisa, Act 2 on Bart, Act 3 on Homer and Marge and Act 4 on Maggie..but I could be wrong)

Things will kick off today at 10am ET, in about 3.5hrs from this post going live.  Of course, I have a drs appointment right when this event is set to go live, so it’ll be a little bit before I can run the update and get a rundown post up.  Until that post is live treat this point as an Open Thread to discuss the event…up to and when it hits.  🙂

Happy tapping my friends!

43 responses to “Christmas is Coming…

  1. I love the picture for this new event. I saved it!

  2. I’ve been playing since the game came out and I get excited so excited when updates and holidays come. However I’m very disappointed with this update it’s just a mini one like for thanksgiving. I was looking forward to the normal big holiday game like for Halloween not just a little one. Developers are phoning it in for this event hopefully something better will come out soon.

  3. It seem’s that my previous comment has disappeared. Oo.

  4. Be sure to have Lisa, Ralph an Milhouse available to start the questline

  5. Isn’t there something that “turns on” all your Christmas Decorations?
    I mean the lights for houses and such.

  6. I love the snow! I started the game in the snow, and to me, thats how all things should be!

  7. Jonathan Robertson

    I have done the update but no tasks has started for me yet?

  8. I haven’t earned bonuts in so long… that changes this event…

  9. Thanks for the update, I did read it. Looking forward to see what’s in store, but not until 10:00 eastern.

  10. Yes! No meetings till 10CST!

  11. Elena Kesyakova

    How do you unlock all the Christmas stuff? Usually there’s some 6-second jobs that characters need to finish, but this time there’s nothing. I have all the snow, but there’s nothing new in the store, no new characters, no Christmas section, I see no Christmas quests or anything like it. Just the snow.

    • Well…that could be because it hasn’t started yet. As the post you’re commenting on says…“Things will kick off today at 10am ET, in about 3.5hrs from this post going live.”

      You have another hour before it starts…

      • Elena Kesyakova

        I apologize, I made a mistake in calculating the time, since I’m in a different time zone. I just googled it again, and yes, there’s still more time. Thank you for the reply.

      • Keep patient Alissa !!! Must be a wind up surely.

  12. I’ve updated the game but no quest line has kicked off for me as of yet, any ideas what’s the problem?

  13. Omg, 1 hour and 15 minutes for the update. I already set 2 alarms (2 mins apart from eachother, second alarm is just in case I dont hear the first one) and they are set at 11:45. HERE COMES CHRISTMAS GUYS!!💕

  14. as per normal with every event since christmas 2017 i cannot logon and am stuck with the login error screen. i’ve reinstalled the game multiple times which is a 50/50 login fix (so i have to redownload 1.1gb every 4hrs just login once. i’ve updated my phone, changed my password and have 36gb free. no point contacting ea as i’ve done so all year with every event and i get the standard “solution fixes” i’ve already tried to no success and am told they’re working on the login fix but they never seem able to fix it.

  15. Always love Christmas but this one is huge, my device is complaining a lot! I hate to have to upgrade for a game, but might have to….

    • Christmas is always massive since it’s every item in the game reloaded with snow. (and I mean everything…land tiles, ocean tiles, boardwalks, trees, dirt, ice etc)

  16. Not seeing many interesting new characters, though Young Marge is nice.

  17. I love seeing the snow in Springfield, it always brings a smile to my face! From the splash screen it looks like we may be in for a more “normal” Christmas than those of the past few years. Excited to see what it brings.

  18. I hope you go OK at the doctors. Am so excited for the update!

  19. So excited , the snow is falling the Christmas lights are on. I love the Christmas season…I’m leaving Sunday for the most magical place on earth, Disney World. I’ll be playing as I stand in lines for rides..

  20. First time I’ve downloaded an update for an event and has a delayed start time. Of course I will be in the middle of something as well, when it goes live.

  21. That’s going to be some calendar Patric hehe, but sure your up for the task 🎅🎁🎅⛄🎄🎄

  22. So excited!! Started playing early this year and have been eagerly waiting for my first Christmas event ever since. I love Christmas and have found lots of peace and enjoyment from TSTO. Don’t think I’ll be able to sleep until it’s here!

  23. Argh! Soooooo bright! I’ve turned down screen brightness so at least it’ll save some battery power. Harder to find Maggie on the snow covered roofs though.

  24. So excited!! Started playing early this year and have eagerly waiting for my first Christmas event. I love Christmas and have found lots of peace and enjoyment from TSTO. Don’t think I’ll be able to sleep until it’s here!

  25. Thanks a lot Alissa! <3
    The splash screen is awesome 🙂

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