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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I’m working on posts for the Christmas Event (up first SIBs for Kathy and the Acrobat), but I wanted to share something with you that just came down to us from EA.

For the first time since Itchy and Scratchy Land, we did not receive the “spoiler” details from EA prior to the event launch.  For whatever reason (and my guess is it’s just a hectic time of year) the information was not passed down to us prior to event launch, so we were just as much in the dark as you all were.

So a little earlier today we received the event detail packet we usually get prior to the event.  Inside the packet is a rundown of everything for the event, in addition to the synopsis for each Act (which I’ll share with you all prior to week 1 ending).  Also, included with the packet is an overview from EA describing the event overall, and their thoughts on why it’s structure as it is.

It’s that overview I want to share with you all now…

Here’s the overview, direct from EA:

A Simpsons Christmas Special utilizes a new event structure – the Multi-Event. Multi-Events consist of multiple, shorter acts than Main Events, allowing for a greater breadth and variety of content and themes. Multi-Events contain no crafting or friend actions, instead focusing on the unlocking of items from each acts’ prize track, similar to Mini-Events.

In the case of A Simpsons Christmas Special, the event consists of four acts. One act unlocks per week throughout the event and is then available for players to complete until the entire event concludes. This is accomplishable because the characters players will need to send on jobs to earn event currencies are different week-to-week, except for the Simpsons family who may be sent to earn event currency in every act.

In this specific event, there is also a focus on storytelling within the Simpsons universe, and thus when characters tell stories in which story-characters are speaking, they do so within a special Christmas-themed dialogue box.

*Disclaimer: No, I don’t know if this means this is how main events will be from now on.  All I can tell you is Christmas generally isn’t the standard for how EA runs events during the year.  The last couple of years we’ve all remarked about how we liked certain format changes with the Christmas events, only to have the format go back to business as usual in the New Year.  So don’t get too excited or too bent out of shape over the format.  We have no idea if it will be changing going forward.
For now, just enjoy the fact that this is easy, fun, and well done during a very busy time of the year for most of us.

So here’s the deal.  This event is still HUGE. Between prizes and premium items, plus items you can purchase with cash.  Yes, there’s no crafting (or friend actions…but honestly how many of you visit friends for currency daily anyway?) but there’s still a TON of content.  Here’s an overview, for the entire event:

-No rush to complete each Act.  While the Acts won’t unlock until the new week, you can complete them at any time.  As the individual (weekly) questlines won’t leave until January 2nd.
Compare this to Christmas last year where each Act had an end date.  If you didn’t complete the prize tracks you had to spend donuts or miss the prizes.

– 20 prizes (actual prizes, not event currency or just a land tiles) available throughout the entire event.
Compare that to 12 actual prizes via the prize tracks last year.

-No crafting.  If you want more of some items unlocked via the prize tracks you can simply purchase the items for CASH.  Yes, cash.  The very thing many of you have complained had no use for a long time.  (For Act 1 you can buy more Chestnut Stands and Fair Booths, once unlocked)
Compared to last year, there was crafting (with most items returning from a previous Christmas) that required you to earn a special currency (and level up) to unlock.

-Tons of land. This event will have AT LEAST 12 land tiles via the questline.
Compare that to Christmas last year, there were 6 land tiles (2/act).  Even comparing this to recent events, where we were given a large lot of land for free once the event started, most of you complained about the location of this land. You wished EA would just give you the land titles to unlock it where you want it.  Well, guess what?  They listened, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

-New questlines/content Every. single. week. until January 2nd.
Compare that to Christmas last year, where each Act lasted 2 weeks.  And event just regular events with that 2 week format?  How many of you complained that you were bored with a week left to go in each act? Now you won’t get bored, there’s new content every Wednesday!

-Great storylines.  If you actually read the dialogue for this event (and I plan to post the full dialogue for each week as the week closes out for those who missed something), it’s funny and on point.  The dialogue makes you feel like you’re watching an episode of the show, something that’s been missing from events for a while now.

I know there are some of you that will complain no matter what because it’s different and you don’t like different. Nothing I say will change your mind, I get that.  But for everyone else, reserve judgment until it’s over. Wait to see what you unlock/acquire with the event before you get angry about the format change.

I’ll be back later today with the first SIB for the event, until then just have fun! It’s a game, it shouldn’t make you angry.  Especially not when they’re making it easier to play during a very hectic/stressful time of year for many!

118 responses to “A Little More Christmas Info…

  1. This is great. Now I can play the event while visiting my daughters and new baby granddaughter. Thank you EA for listening. Thank you tstoaddicts for sharing

  2. What bunch of crap. I enjoy the more structured seasonal events rather than the “mini-events”. If this is the route that EA is going then I don’t see the point of continuing. Yes, I do visit my friends areas and rely on the minimal grind each day. I hope they will introduce some more content, but for those like my wife–who does’t care so much for these little events–an expectation is made that when the event starts, she can start playing with an expectation of earning the good rewards. So far, these rewards are not up to expectation and have taken away from the typical effort put into grinding for the items desired.

  3. I got the last prize, the stage.. and on left quest says ‘make children act in an ensemble, I got to do it and it goes to lisa but there is nothing highlighted? this is pt. 6.. does this belong to act 2?

  4. I think the issue is that Mini-Events, and full scale events are generally quite different. This isn’t like any previous full scale event, but rather 4 mini events dovetailed together, hence the feeling.

    I for one like this as I have less time for tapping at this time of year anyway.

  5. I’m happy with this years Christmas event. So far, I like the prizes they are awarding. The carousel is great! Nothing to complain about here, though I’m not much of a complainer anyway.

  6. Thanks for doing this! I’m a near-daily player who has frequent interruptions, where he sometimes can’t play for a couple days. I just go with the flow, and recognize this is a FREE game, and am thankful for that. There is no way that i can compete with the clock on some of the special events because, well, I have to work, and cant stop every three/four hours to keep up with everyone else. I therefore seldom find myself bored during one if these events.

  7. I like this structure. It doesn’t feel like mindless grinding. Kudos EA.

  8. I’m excited to see what the overlapping questlines may do to help get our tap quota in…and perhaps other surprises in the other weeks.

    I may have to hold off on completing some events so i can increase my anxiety. Lol.

  9. With no friend actions or “characters” to clear from your towns is there a final “collect xx programs to get donuts” quest at the end of each questline?

    • I don’t think there are any bonuts…the acts don’t end until all 4 come to a close in January. A new one starts each week, but you have a month to complere them all. The individual acts don’t expire, so no bonuts.😊

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