A Little More Christmas Info…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I’m working on posts for the Christmas Event (up first SIBs for Kathy and the Acrobat), but I wanted to share something with you that just came down to us from EA.

For the first time since Itchy and Scratchy Land, we did not receive the “spoiler” details from EA prior to the event launch.  For whatever reason (and my guess is it’s just a hectic time of year) the information was not passed down to us prior to event launch, so we were just as much in the dark as you all were.

So a little earlier today we received the event detail packet we usually get prior to the event.  Inside the packet is a rundown of everything for the event, in addition to the synopsis for each Act (which I’ll share with you all prior to week 1 ending).  Also, included with the packet is an overview from EA describing the event overall, and their thoughts on why it’s structure as it is.

It’s that overview I want to share with you all now…

Here’s the overview, direct from EA:

A Simpsons Christmas Special utilizes a new event structure – the Multi-Event. Multi-Events consist of multiple, shorter acts than Main Events, allowing for a greater breadth and variety of content and themes. Multi-Events contain no crafting or friend actions, instead focusing on the unlocking of items from each acts’ prize track, similar to Mini-Events.

In the case of A Simpsons Christmas Special, the event consists of four acts. One act unlocks per week throughout the event and is then available for players to complete until the entire event concludes. This is accomplishable because the characters players will need to send on jobs to earn event currencies are different week-to-week, except for the Simpsons family who may be sent to earn event currency in every act.

In this specific event, there is also a focus on storytelling within the Simpsons universe, and thus when characters tell stories in which story-characters are speaking, they do so within a special Christmas-themed dialogue box.

*Disclaimer: No, I don’t know if this means this is how main events will be from now on.  All I can tell you is Christmas generally isn’t the standard for how EA runs events during the year.  The last couple of years we’ve all remarked about how we liked certain format changes with the Christmas events, only to have the format go back to business as usual in the New Year.  So don’t get too excited or too bent out of shape over the format.  We have no idea if it will be changing going forward.
For now, just enjoy the fact that this is easy, fun, and well done during a very busy time of the year for most of us.

So here’s the deal.  This event is still HUGE. Between prizes and premium items, plus items you can purchase with cash.  Yes, there’s no crafting (or friend actions…but honestly how many of you visit friends for currency daily anyway?) but there’s still a TON of content.  Here’s an overview, for the entire event:

-No rush to complete each Act.  While the Acts won’t unlock until the new week, you can complete them at any time.  As the individual (weekly) questlines won’t leave until January 2nd.
Compare this to Christmas last year where each Act had an end date.  If you didn’t complete the prize tracks you had to spend donuts or miss the prizes.

– 20 prizes (actual prizes, not event currency or just a land tiles) available throughout the entire event.
Compare that to 12 actual prizes via the prize tracks last year.

-No crafting.  If you want more of some items unlocked via the prize tracks you can simply purchase the items for CASH.  Yes, cash.  The very thing many of you have complained had no use for a long time.  (For Act 1 you can buy more Chestnut Stands and Fair Booths, once unlocked)
Compared to last year, there was crafting (with most items returning from a previous Christmas) that required you to earn a special currency (and level up) to unlock.

-Tons of land. This event will have AT LEAST 12 land tiles via the questline.
Compare that to Christmas last year, there were 6 land tiles (2/act).  Even comparing this to recent events, where we were given a large lot of land for free once the event started, most of you complained about the location of this land. You wished EA would just give you the land titles to unlock it where you want it.  Well, guess what?  They listened, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

-New questlines/content Every. single. week. until January 2nd.
Compare that to Christmas last year, where each Act lasted 2 weeks.  And event just regular events with that 2 week format?  How many of you complained that you were bored with a week left to go in each act? Now you won’t get bored, there’s new content every Wednesday!

-Great storylines.  If you actually read the dialogue for this event (and I plan to post the full dialogue for each week as the week closes out for those who missed something), it’s funny and on point.  The dialogue makes you feel like you’re watching an episode of the show, something that’s been missing from events for a while now.

I know there are some of you that will complain no matter what because it’s different and you don’t like different. Nothing I say will change your mind, I get that.  But for everyone else, reserve judgment until it’s over. Wait to see what you unlock/acquire with the event before you get angry about the format change.

I’ll be back later today with the first SIB for the event, until then just have fun! It’s a game, it shouldn’t make you angry.  Especially not when they’re making it easier to play during a very hectic/stressful time of year for many!

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  1. OMG I’ve become a plopper for every event puts a bunch of buildings and features I think I could use somewhere… I’m still waiting for my iPad to have a larger overview. This seemingly lazy event is really relaxing, the dialogues are fun and I’m happy with it, doing some other, REALLY important family stuff during – and before – the holidays 🙂

    So don’t rant, have fun and enjoy christmas (or what you may call it, remembering last xmas event 😉 )

  2. Thanks Alissa for such an insightful post! I feel a better about event knowing that there is more in store for us! Did we actually get a land tile with the 2nd prize carousel? I thought my # went up by one but I didn’t pay attention. and I don’t remember what I had! I do think the prizes are fun and decorative. I was hoping that those of us who missed previous Xmas events, could buy with donuts/cash the things we missed (like that elf cannon?) I also miss the neighbor visit factor.. dropping presents could be fun! 🙂

  3. I agree when you drill it down there is not really a huge difference but most players look forward to the Christmas Event more than any other & there is always a big build up. So expecting something special & be left with a series of mini events ( EA’s words ) for many is a huge letdown.
    Ok so there is a lot of content but some like more of a challenge to obtain it. Daft really but that’s the way it is.

  4. Ah shoot, new event structure. I hope that doesn’t mean all the major events are now going to be -set characters and wait – and that’s it, nothing to do, nothing to tap, nothing to decide on. Just setting characters like we do everyday anyway.

    I don’t care about the stuff. It’s the experience of the events that are fun to me. When i see stuff from events i missed in other towns, it’s not those prizes i want, it’s having experienced the event is what i wish I hadn’t missed. People talk about the events like shooting elfs from cannons and stuff and i’m like wow that sounds like such a cool event!

    This event will be, well, i set characters for a few hours and was handed a prize. More prizes than other events it sounds like, but no experience, no thinking, no deciding , no tapping, just the regular -set people for a job and wait.

    I really hope that’s not the way all the events are going to be from now on.

  5. I just got Angel Lisa, but I have yet to get a free land token. I’ve been checking my total, because I hadn’t used them all, and it isn’t changing. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks!

    • Got mine with the carousel…no announcement or pop-up, but when I went to look at land, I was able to buy a plot and I know that I had no tokens left before the event.

      • Thanks Ebron. I had 42 before the carousel, still had 42 after, 42 before Angel Lisa, still 42 after. Maybe you only get them if you don’t have any in reserve?

  6. As you used to say “mini-events” are downtimes… I know it’s frustrating for players to grind and work hard for previous events but this event really is way too easy! I’ve been playing TSTO since the first Superhero Event and what I loved about the game is its change in structures ( mini-games, tapping minions, BOSS fights! ) with every single event being UNPREDICTABLE! It’s obvious that there won’t be changes for this event as it’s just four prize tracks and I really want to PLAY something. Also, I used to miss out on the final prizes for my first few events. It frustrated me but it’s also what makes the premium items valuable. So, please, EA, let this event be the first and the last “Multi-Event” please! I love this game, have high hopes, and hope this short Christmas Break gives EA time to come up with something more structured in the future!

    • So just to clarify, I say mini events are downtimes and I stand by that. But I say that because it’s 1 prize track over the course of 2 weeks. It allows you to play at a slow pace, or play at a quick pace and then have a week off. This event has new content hitting every week and it’ll come on on you quicker than you think. While it’s not confusing, it’s fast-paced.

    • Re-read what you wrote…and look for the ambiguity in your reasoning. You often missed out on prizes…but this is too easy?


      • By missing out on prizes, I meant I used to miss out on certain items like craftables and some final ones on the prize track, and it’s not a problem for me as it’s a game and there must be wins and losses. The thing that bugs me is the same as what Moezaic216 said, I want more playable events with more interactions ( maybe even thinking ) as this event is way too chilled for me, it loses the fun when we can get prizes that easily. On the other hand, that’s also why I always check TSTOaddicts as that’s when your tips, calendars, how-to-guides are needed, without the different structures all we do is wait so no tips are needed and it’s less fun. Still, just gotta day thank you to TSTOaddicts spending all this time posting and building this community that I’ve been following for years!

  7. Im wondering if the donut purchase bonuts were uniform.
    Or selective like gil’s deal a few months back.
    I only have options for 12, 132 & 900.
    I would rather buy 300 cause I just c dropped 44.99 on black Friday. (Super worth it; wiggles body as shouts “awwwww yeaaah”). But if they offering people 60’s or 300 + bonuts I’ll definitely feel shafted with no lube.

  8. I thought it looked promising………and it is!
    I think it’s a great event and all your much appreciated info says it will be! Thank you.
    Just wish neighbourinos were involved as I do visit mine everyday. I like to see what they have created and say hi 👋🏻
    Happy Holidays everyone and Merry Christmas!

  9. This event is really starting to grow on me. As someone who admittedly is troubled by change, the initial response was unease. However the more I learn of this event the happier I am. The 50 donut bundles are great offers, that I would wholeheartedly recommend, also the fact that items are available to buy with Springfield cash and lots of land tokens, this is looking to be a great event.

  10. Thanks for the great info! After purchasing the Christmas bundles I’m seriously strapped for open land so I’m glad to hear there will be a large number of land tokens available! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year fellow TSTO Addicts!

  11. Good to have some visual tasks

  12. “I know there are some of you that will complain no matter what because it’s different and you don’t like different. Nothing I say will change your mind, I get that.”

    Oh come on. For me personally I liked the overload of information you got the first days of an event. The outlook on all the things you will be able to craft and earn during the course of the next few weeks. It got me excited and gave me the feeling of being in a candy store. And heres the point: Even if I would have gotten less and certainly not everything I see, I’d prefer it over someone handing me a piece of candy every day.

    Its the experience. And if I prefer one experience over another thats perfectly fine. I know negative comments can be frustrating but deeming everyone whos unhappy with this event, folks that want to be unhappy bc they cant deal with ‘different’ and wont be swayed by your arguments is somewhat dismissive.

    • No, misinterpreting what I said so it fits into your narrative that I’m a bad person is frustrating.
      Comments are comments. I’ve been doing this for 5 years, I think by now I know opinions are like ******** everyone has em…

      To clarify I said there are SOME of you. Meaning some who don’t like this event don’t like it because it’s different. Not everyone, SOME….

      If you’re going to use my words to try and fit your narrative please, in the future, interpret what I’m saying correctly.

  13. Well, they kept the one thing about mini events I don’t like — if you assign people such that their combined earnings will excede what’s necessary for the current part, you lose the extra rather than it applying towards the next goal… but no crafting or percentage bonuses to worry about… hmm… its a toss up, so I guess I’ll just have to see if the dialog remains engaging 🙂

    • When I get close to completing the needed total of items, I send however many folks needed to complete that total, then hold the rest for an additional minute or so before sending them also. Now set a timer for the first batch and pull them out first. The next part of the event will start and the rest of the earners can then be pulled out and count towards the next total. There’s plenty of time to complete these acts, so it’s certainly not anything you have to do, but if it really bothers you to waste the event currency, you can try to split your earners.

      • When I remember, I choose the participants in the last round based upon what other outstanding tasks I might have from new purchases (or if I don’t have anything new, based on what else they can do like recycling); for example I just got Stupid Sexy Flanders, so he gets a pass while I complete part three of this weeks event.

        It’s the “when I remember” part that’s annoying. And note I said “don’t like”, not “hate”… I just figured if everyone else was complaining, I could too! 😜

        As a preference, though, I will say that I liked the way it was handled in the last mini event (Hissmass? or am I blurring them in my mind?) where the characters went to different places so you could free them one at a time rather then all at once by tapping in one place.

        • No, not Hissmass… that was just CCL… I think it preceded (or was part of) the boxes for black friday then… still, when they figure out how to make “My Perfect Game”, a bunch of other people will hate it and leave forever, so… I roll with it, though this or that part may be a little annoying at times.

        • I prefer that also…makes it easier to tap just the amount you need and you don’t need a timer.😁

  14. Awesome animation of Ralph, Lisa, Milhouse and Homer riding the carousel!

  15. Great post Alissa.
    This changes the negative view I had of this event and I now look forward to what is coming next.have a great event and happy holidays.

  16. I’m a very very happy tapper!! 🥳 The 1st Act’s decorations are just gorgeous! In Europe we have what we call “Marché de Noël / Christkindlesmarkt“ or Christmas Market, where you can get hot chocolate, hot red wine with spices, hot green apple juice with cinnamon, xmas decorations etc. Now we can have our own! Sweet! 😁

    I don’t think the multi-event format will replace the Main Events though..
    Lately they always made it a little bit lighter on Xmas.

    I only missed the crafting a little bit this time around, but then i just read that we can buy the “craftables” with cash! So all good lol :))

    12 Land Tokens instead of 6!! Awesome, Yes please! 😊👌

    • Forgot to mention that for the first time in a long time, im actually excited about the storyline. I genuinely do want to know what the next part of the story is!

      Quote: “The dialogue makes you feel like you’re watching an episode of the show”. THIS. Exactly!! 😁💕

    • That first paragraph sounded so festive and inviting, I read it twice with holiday envy lol. Happy holidays from East Coast Canada.

  17. I think I had the same initial visceral reaction a lot of tappers are having now, in that the event just seemed lazy, not even a 2nd prize track, but my main Christmas wish was granted right away- no hated bonus % areas! I’m totally settling into the new relaxed pace, using time to putter around my Springfield improving my half finished event areas that did have bonus % areas.
    I haven’t even got the 2nd prize yet but I’m totally excited for it, a carousel with visuals our characters can ride! Meanwhile I’m marathoning Simpson’s Christmas episodes and seeing where the prizes come from while I putter. The pageant stage is from the very first Simpson’s episode! I thought oh great, another movie theatre (The Screens) but I just watched the episode where Homer Simpson was kicked out and watching movies there Xmas Eve with Gil and CCL and now of course, I want it.
    I’ve seen a commenter spoilers and I really think the best is yet to come.
    PS Phooey to all you commenters dissing on last year’s Rigellian Christmas. That was a great event! Maybe you haters just like a free city builder game but aren’t actually Simpson’s fans, so you can’t appreciate all the references, heck I can’t even appreciate it all without going back and watching old episodes.
    PPS. You don’t need daily challenge event currency- you can keep earning donuts! Oh EA 😍💞

    • I hate the bonus % areas too, glad to see them gone, hopefully for good!

    • The game has actually inspired me to start watching the old episodes again. I used to watch obsessively ( they have at least 3 episodes on tv most nights ) and I had DVD box sets of the early episodes that sadly got wrecked by my kids! I had got out of the way of watching regularly but have been re-inspired by the game to watch again.

  18. Super nice run down Alissa. I love how you plugged the interesting ‘story’ content told by the creative folks bringing this little -not so little- game into the real world. I love how gaming can fold itself into storytelling. I sincerely hope TSTO is a stepping stone into literature, creative writing, history, infinity and beyond!

  19. For the older timers missing crafting, there are two dig sites (the last one producing flaming torches), the rocket launch pad, the insanity cauldron, the submarine, the claw machine, etc that all produce “crafting” like items).

  20. Is it me or are the chestnut carts too large on scale? They are as tall as some two story buildings.

  21. Is it just me or are the chestnut carts too large? They are as big as some two story buildings.

  22. i

  23. Thanks Alissa, this post really increased my excitement for this change.

  24. I’m not sold yet. I certainly hope this isn’t the new normal for big events.

    I will give it a chance, and maybe this type of event is better around the holidays for traveling and spending time with family.

    I like this for mini events because it does feel like a break, but for main events I’ve personally been wanting more. Mini games or something new to play with.. so this feels like a big downgrade so far.

    I guess we have to just wait and see how this event plays out and if it will be the “new normal” or not.

  25. I’m not receiving any land when I unlock the prizes. Am I doing something wrong?

  26. Once again, thanks Alissa and the entire TSTO Addicts Staff (EA’s reluctance to offer advance info definitely explains why we should patiently wait for details here)♥️👍

    I understand we won’t ever get a Christmas Event as Epic as last year’s – but guess what? we don’t have to Grind like last year! EA made this year’s “4 Events into 1 Event” sooooo easy! You could only log in twice daily (with all Characters available) and still get everything! 🎄😀👍

    I will miss visiting my Neighboreenos, but that’s something I will “let it go” over until EA fixes that lag (less Tapping, more fun dialogue, is enjoyable for me) ⛄😀👍

    I ♥️ being able to Kem Farm 80 🍩 ‘s to 100 🍩 ‘s daily to spend sprinkles on Premiums (this Event is barely using 12 Characters, so over 200 of mine are still earning XP and $ that keeps me Kem Farming – if I don’t care for Event Prizes? Then spending 🍩 ‘s on nice Premiums keeps me happy and I will have plenty of time to enjoy the holidays with family!) 🦌😀👍

    Land Tokens – thank you EA for listening! We’re getting them (more then we usually get) to use anywhere! Overall? I feel EA listened and did something about a majority of our complaints! They can’t guarantee all of our gripes will be dealt with, but I’m guaranteed a better “town based Game App” then what you will find over a mobile platform (I’ve looked all over Google Play Store, there’s nothing as good as TSTO, which is still in the top 10 mobile games for the last 6 years!) so jingle jangle catbox mangle to all and to all a good holiday 😂🦌🎄 ⛄😹

  27. I was just wondering earlier today if each week was on a timer….so thank you very much for clearing that up! Trying to figure how much percentages are in each bundle…sooo just awaiting more info on those. Was hoping

    • Those are going to be a little while, honestly. With only a week to cover each act time is going to be limited.

      • I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own… I have no idea how you guys juggle all this stuff to begin with!! That’s why ya’all are so very much appreciated on this here site.😍😘

        • The… I think it was North Pole bundle, the one that’s got the reindeer and the ice fence, bumped me up somewhere around 4%, maybe just shy. I don’t remember the .00 level I had before I bought it. Makes that 50 donuts an even better deal, though it is HUGE. I was honestly surprised it was all pre-laid so nicely. Haven’t got the other two yet so no ideas there on what bonus is attached off hand.

          • Only other bundle worth getting is the one with the Ferris Wheel.
            That leaves a bunch of decorations that most will already have in what’s left.

    • Oops…was hoping they’d do the friend gifting again this year. But oh wells….at least it has an easy pace this year.

  28. Thumbs up to EA for this change – hope it’s the new normal!

    • I hope it isn’t. I like the change, but keep things changing, not just try something new then stick to it till it’s stale.

      • Well said, really hope they do not stick to this format. Now & again perhaps but we need the full blown events back ASAP.

  29. I like it! Plus the items seem to be little things that can be worked into existing designs, not giant land eating monstrosities.
    I like the big pieces too, but a mix of sml, med, and lg (xl?) decorations is best.
    Land tiles to be earned?! Gimme More!!! 😁

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