Pageant Stage Troubles? WATCH THIS!

Guys…I’ve addressed the Pageant Stage “issue” in two other posts now.  So this is post number 3.  THREE POSTS!  If you haven’t received the Pageant Stage and think you’ve completed all of the tasks for it (and now you’re cursing out EA because it MUST be some kind of glitch in your game) please watch this….

If you can’t open the video, go to this post.  It explains it in words, so read it.  But basically, SCROLL UP!

I’m no longer going to answer questions about this issue.  If you don’t want to watch a 1-minute video and you don’t want to read numerous posts and comments on it, I can’t help you.  If I could physically climb through the screen into your real life and play your game for you I would.  But since I can’t this will have to do.

Thank you!

Oh and if you’re stuck on the last part of the questline (AFTER you’ve been awarded the stage), you need to have Milhouse, Ralph AND Lisa free to complete the ensemble task.  It’s a joint task for all three of them.


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  1. Thanks so much for this. You’ve solved the issue for me.

  2. Thank you!!! I knew if I looked through the posts there must be an answer. There was.

  3. Thanks Alissa, I was just popping in to see if there were any posts about this and saw this one first, fixed it right up.

  4. Wow.. So many insults and name calling against other players/users and high superiority comments.

    Guess even during the holidays people can’t be nice to each other?

    And, yes, thank you for the help and the time you’ve taken to help everyone in so many ways. This site is great and invaluable 🙂

    Happy holidays to all

  5. Thanks for all the time you spend on this!

  6. I did all the tasks for geting angel Lisa but it’s stuck & it didn’t give me her & I can’t do anything think else on Lisa’s story. Barts story came up & I can to those tasks.

    Some time a go the tailgate got stuck & i could not complete it & it never got fixed.

  7. Saint Alissa , Patric, Safi, Chewie – do so much to help Tappers know how to get the most from this Game App (EA doesn’t do anything on their Forum to help Tappers – trust me!) that I join everyone here in saying – be patient, read everything (I understand if there’s a language barrier), check the Task Menu on Characters (look for yellow high lighted Tasks) and don’t sweat the small stuff ⛄🎄🎅🦌

  8. You also need to leave all 4 fair booths out. You can’t store any of them until all tasks are completed.

  9. Mine was stuck, but I didn’t feel it was Alissa’s problem to solve. I did some looking into it on my own, noticed a task by Lisa wasn’t completed. Came here to see if I’ve done everything possible & I have.
    It’s Christmas time folks, chill out a lil & enjoy your games. Cut our hosts here some slack:):)
    I’m bringing back my nickname for “Queen Alissa”

  10. Thank you so much Queen Alissa!

  11. I just happened to do the “scroll up” thing accidentally and stumbled on the solution to the problem.

    Thanks for your help and patience with the game and website. (It’s good training for parenthood).

  12. So much effort for some people who are brain afk? Wow..admiring your hard work here, but Alissa, please don’t do this again.
    If people are too dumb to read your posts, and you STILL try to help them again with a video, they’re gonna rely on you everytime and will probably read your posts even less…
    Btw. I never had this issue with the stage..I’m used to scroll up and to down to make sure I don’t miss a task, it has always been like this in TSTO.
    I don’t get why this seems to be difficult for some people.
    If scrolling up and down is really a problem, one should better stop playing TSTO.

    • Thanks. I was going crazy trying to move forward as it never looked to me as there where more task to complete. Even uninstalled which never did as game always runs flawless on my device. It was not an obvious solution so thanks again

  13. Didn’t watch the video, but woke up this morning and should have unlocked the stage. Wrong! Seems I needed to scroll up, instead of down. Doh!

  14. Thank you for this video. It really helped me make sure that I was handling this task properly.

  15. You can lead the internet to the truth, but you cant make it comprehend it.

  16. Thanks, Alissa. I had this oversight, but figured it out after more examination.

  17. I just returned home from a 2 week vacation during which time I spent no more than 10 minutes playing the game. Until today I have not played 1 minute of the Christmas event and in fact did not even update the game to the new update until 10 pm last night. I of course had many questions about what was going on and what I was going to miss having not played the first week of the event. Did I post a lot of dumb questions to the last post on the blog? Of course not. I would look like a fool. Instead I went back almost 2 weeks and caught up on what I had missed. I didn’t read every post and certainly not every comment, but I caught myself up to see what I missed, and what do you know, every question I had was answered and even some I didn’t know I had yet.

    Patric likes to complain that EA is lazy, but not nearly as lazy as some readers who come here and refuse to look through last few posts to get their questions answered rather than demanding that they be answered again for them personally.

    The moral of the story…Read people, REEEEEEAD!

    Thanks of course for all the work to keep us all up to date!!!

    • Thank you for being a reasonable, self-sufficient person. Hope you had a great vacation.

      • While it will *always* be true that there are unreasonable, dependent-on-others people, it does NOT have to always be true that EA puts out lazy work. A player might expect that the scroll bar would be left in a position that did not prevent seeing the incomplete tasks. I think that is a reasonable expectation that reasonable people will have. If you are a good coder, you might be even more aware of the laziness of EA. Rather than try to change the fact that some people playing tsto have human qualities and may be prone to 1st world problems, I prefer to focus on the much less numerous EA coders/programmers who left the job incomplete.
        While I myself read the solution posted the first time, and did not have the issue, I still wanted to see the video. It doesn’t seem to load for me after ten minutes, multiple tries, so I imagine that might contribute to why some of those unreasonable people still have no clue. I’m sorry for them, as some of them may not yet have had the years of experience to acquire the ‘reasonable’ qualities that we older folks possess.

        • I mean in both of the original posts it was also written out, in case the video didn’t load. By the 3rd post (and after answering it a bunch in the comments) i got tired of writing it out…
          I can only do so much and try to explain the same thing so many times before I start to go insane.

          • Sorry Alissa, my message wasn’t pointed at you, you have done so much here and have every right to say anything you like about those who didn’t get it. My post was for those commenter(s) who wanted to rail on, and pile on, the ‘lazy’ readers while simultaneously patting themselves on the back for having done it right. Alissa more than anyone knows the frailties of the readers here, and has been more than patient.

  18. Sorry you all are dealing with so many questions about such a simple issue. Thanks for all you do for us! For me, this event has been great…simple and a nice break for the holiday season!

  19. Some ppl are stupid. Im sorry. Im sorry im not soirry.

  20. How do you maintain your patience with 2 kids and these idiots? WeLOVEyou Alissa.

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