Christmas 2018 Prize Guide: Act 2, Prizes 1 and 2 Snow Bank and Festive Carolers

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Tappers!

Bust out the tinsel and be sure to hang those stockings by the chimney with care because Christmas time is in the air! That’s right my friends, Christmas (and snow, lots and lots of snow) has hit our pocket-sized towns!

This year EA is trying something different, as I’ve laid out in this post, in that Christmas 2018 consists of multi-events.  Basically, the Simpson family will host four stories to be told over the course of December with a new story releasing each week.  As we’re taken through each story a series of prizes are released to correspond with the theme of the story.  For Week 2, Act 2, we’re following a Buddy Cop tale by Bart, and the prizes we unlock all fit into the snow theme.

So let’s take a look at the first two prizes this week, the Snow Bank and Festive Carolers…

First up, prize 1, the Snow Bank AND Land Token

How You Unlock it:
Make Bart Practice His Action Plans- 4hrs
Make Milhouse Do Paperwork– 4hrs
Collect Snowballs- x100.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the bank…

Other Details:
Snow Bank
Size: 7×11
Build Time: Instant
Earns: $150, 13xp/8hrs
Consumerism +10
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does it Do?:
   After the initial quest there Bart and Milhouse have an 8hr task there to “Storm the Snow Bank”.  Also Deep Freeze completes his 24hr task “Make it Hail Bullets” is completed outside the Snow Bank.
Has a fun animation when in use, the top (left) window is broken and a safe is thrown out of it.

Next up, prize 2, the Festive Carolers…

How You Unlock it:
A Savage Thaw Pt. 2
Make Bart Storm the Snow Bank- 8hrs
Make Milhouse Try Not to Get Taken Hostage– 8hrs
Collect Snowballs- x300.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the Carolers (x2)…

Other Details:
Festive Carolers x2
Size: 4×4 Each
Build Time: Instant
Earns: Much like other crowds, tapping the carolers will change their appearance/position.
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does it Do?:
   Again, tapping them will change their appearance/position and it does come with a little dialogue
Additional Info: After you unlock the carolers you can purchase more in the store for $300 in-game cash.  (like crafting but with cash)

Carolers different looks when tapped…

Here’s a look at the dialogue (launches AFTER you’ve completed the prize track):

Festive Carolers

Helen Lovejoy: *shhh* Listen up, all! It is imperative we uphold the honor of the Neighborhood Association by doing the best door-to-door caroling this town has ever seen! But first things first, we need to arrange your bodies in the most visually pleasing way we can.
Tap the Festive Carolers- x3
Helen Lovejoy: Hmm. You’re all different heights. It’s very disconcerting. You there, hunch. And you, stand on tiptoes. And you… you just go home.
Perfect. Now just do this every time we get to a new door and ring the doorbell.

And that’s it my friends, the details on the first two Christmas 2018 week 2 prizes!

Up next? Deep Freeze.  Another FULL Character (not an NPC) for Springfield

Thoughts on the Snow Bank? How about on the Festive Carolers? Thoughts on Act 2 prizes?  How’d you do with Act 1? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

39 responses to “Christmas 2018 Prize Guide: Act 2, Prizes 1 and 2 Snow Bank and Festive Carolers

  1. The carolers are facing everywhere ( well only 2 sides) except where i want them to face to. Like this it looks really awkward. Instead of facing to that chistmas xcene they stand with their back to it. All the other places i could put them they will face it backwards. EA should fix that

  2. I love the look of the Snow Bank and the fact that it has more than one permanent task with it makes it better, I probably will add the Ice Palace with this and maybe King Winter’s Cave. The carollers are cool since they are the only crowd to be bought with cash instead of crafting or donuts like the others have been, I will definitely be buying multiples of them to use around town.

  3. Really liking the more thoughtful content for the writing. Defintely improved greatly. Hope they keep it up.

    Glad they extended the time you’re able to finish the questline. Will make it easier for new players. I did it, “the old fashioned way”, ie actually doing it instead of farming it and got behind. Any idea when the next Mystery Box stash is coming? Totally love your spoiler alerts!

    And a big 🤗 for your big heart. Saw you helping another player on the same old quest question. That would get frustrating. 😊

  4. I live the snow bank. Like it the most from this price track. 🙂 💓

  5. Love the groups of people like carolers, angry mob & the musical festival people.

  6. I would like the carolers more if they (and all the crowd s) could be rotated 4-ways. As it is, they sing with their backs to any building. Oh well, might place a few around my Springfield Park.

  7. Necromantic Nightmare

    I thought we were supposed to be able to finish the previous quest lines on this event. I just finished the first quest line today but it didn’t give me the stage.It says I have it finished, but no stage to be placed. I was making snowballs as well since I had enough characters to do both, but haven’t finished the bank yet.
    is anyone else having this issue who wasn’t finished with the first questline before starting the second?

  8. I absolutely love the look of snow bank! Feels fresh!

  9. Running slightly behind with part 2 as work meant I couldn’t start till late on Wednesday I think as I should get the carole singers tomorrow.
    Does anyone know if the deep freeze character is :
    1.An EA creation or from an episode. (we really need our resident wookie back with his regular WDTCF posts)
    2. Related at all to the snowman npc whose name I’ve forgotten but has wolverine claws

  10. I like how clever the snow bank is. You’re not thinking an actually bank, but it fits the story so I’m down.

  11. I love the festive Carolers and the bank is cool but nothing exceptional

  12. Is anyone else not getting credit for snowballs collected? I tapped on my whole group of characters collecting snowballs. It went through the motions, but “A Savage Thaw pt. 2” was still showing zero. Anybody else spot this glitch, or am I just lucky?

  13. Have a great place for the snowbank on my ice tiles I have placed but it doesn’t go ☹️. Design meltdown lol

  14. My game is verry slow. Can i do something about this? Before act 2 it was fast.

    • Try doing a hard close on your device and re-boot. Should help some. 😁

      • I try

      • It did not work… Stil slow game play.

        • Try putting some more characters in non-visual tasks…maybe have nobody on the carousel or stage. The more visual tasks, the more short-term memory your device uses. This game is a huge data sink (even more with all the snow) and if there’s not enough memory available, the game runs slow. You need around 5gb free on your device, and more is better.

    • Before this event I went into my downloads and purged a ton of stuff I used only temporarily, dump games or apps you don’t use to free up space on your device. Save photos to a USB and delete them . Clear out any cookies etc.

  15. The dialogue between bart, ralphie, and milhouse is freaking hilarious

  16. Completely unrelated, but i believe there is no way to re-do questlines again? I would love to do the grumple questline again. That was the best I’ve ever had

  17. I wonder how the snow bank will look when this event (the snow basically) will be over.
    This event ends jan/02, but it seems that we will not have snow untill then. No white Christmas, no white New Year. Maybe they should extend the snowy season a bit longer.

  18. Snow Bank – I lol’d at the Task Bart and Milhouse have (almost have 3rd Prize) 😀👍

    Festive Carolers – can’t like ’em all (sometimes EA gives us a stinker that gets stored) 🤷‍♂️👎

    Enjoying this Christmas Event, very thankful for the new Premiums 🦌🎅🎄⛄

  19. Thanks a lot Alissa! ❤

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