Santa’s Little Helper!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

By now you all should have seen, when you logged into your games, that Santa’s Little Helper has a new animated task!

And if you didn’t already have SLH you were awarded him for free. 

This is all part of the 30th-anniversary celebration of The Simpsons.

So try it out and have a little visual fun with SLH!

45 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Helper!

  1. So I paid for SLH years ago, I’ve now got the greyhound sleigh and I’ve completed all the Xmas jobs (including drunk Mrs Clause). Now what? The SLH job has not unlocked??? Do we know when that will happen or is this just another glitch?

  2. Santa’s Little Helper (OMG! Thanks EA!) ♥️
    8 Hour Task for him to watch Lassie reruns 😂
    (this freebie was as good as getting 🍩’s) 👍

  3. Very cool! I just logged into my game and saw this, I was like wha? Oh well I won’t say no to free content, particularly at the premium cost this character was at!

  4. Was it just me, when I was awarded SLH it went immediately went to his task list, then when I exited his task list is when the announcement that I got the character popped up.

  5. Doesn’t SLH have a ‘visual’ ‘outdoor’ task inside the Snow Globe
    I just wish the Snow Globe was a 4 or 8 hour rather than a mere two hour assignment.
    And didn’t Patric already put forth a complete Calendar for the entire 4 week Event that details when the greyhound will become available?

    My only complaint is that the graphics indicate SLH plays checkers – and I don’t see that task. 😂😤😇

    1. Thank you for that reminder about the greyhound sleigh being in the calendar post…thanks alot! I always try to find the answers to my questions 1st,,before asking it. 😘👍

  6. I just got him today. But is there a quest for him you usually get when you get a new character? Because I haven’t got one yet.

  7. Even though I spent the full 150 donuts on him, I am really happy that he has a visual task outside of the Snow Globe and possibly another one later in the event. Now we just need Snowball II to have some tasks.

  8. Chuffed to finally have him and not have to do anything to get him. cool that its 30 years today for series at at least

  9. Glad they finally gave Santa’s Little Helper an outdoor task, a little irritated I spent donuts on him originally and he is now free, confused why EA thinks Dec 17th 1989 was 30 years ago lol (they jumped the gun a year!)

  10. Haha I was almost going to buy him before the event. Although I thought he was a npc I figured it wouldn’t be the simpsons family with out him. Gladly to my surprise I get him for free and he has tasks(premium tasks at that)! Very happy at that.

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