Should I Spend Donuts On the Igloo Mansion?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Grab your Santa hats and break out the tinsel because it’s Christmas time in Springfield! Yes the annual TSTO Christmas event has arrived in our pocket-sized towns, covering our usual perfect weather towns with a fresh blanket of bright, white, snow!   Of course, by now, we all know that a new event means a new excuse for EA to fill our stores with limited-time premium items to tempt us.

As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Igloo Mansion to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this frozen manor to your town…

Building/Decoration: Igloo Mansion
Donut Cost: 30 Donuts
$135, 15xp,4hrs
Indolence +20
Can Be Placed:

Leaves stores December 21st

-Comes with a short, 2 part, questline
-Burns has a permanent 4hr task there to “Answer the Igloo Door”
-Reasonably priced for a building with a permanent task
-Animated when in use, lights on smoke from roof

-Massive footprint
-Will look a bit out of place once the snow melts

Final Thought
Premium or Freemium:
Good Buy.  It basically has everything we ask for when it comes to a premium building.  It’s reasonably priced, has a permanent character task and it’s animated when in use.  If you have the donuts (and the space) and like the look pick this one up.

Of course, in the end, it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do…and as a premium player, I’ll likely pick this one up.  But I readily admit this time of the year makes me loopy with spending donuts.  But whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before it leaves our games for good (or for now).

Here’s a look at the questline…

Igloo Mansion Pt. 1
Auto starts

Burns: Some people spend their fortunes building affordable housing for the needy. I build wildly expensive housing for myself that will melt come spring and wash all the needy far away from me.
Smithers: Truly, sir, you have the soul of a poet.
Burns: I don’t think he was a poet. He did something in insurance, I think.
Smithers: Excuse me?
Burns: You said I had a soul. And I do, in a phylactery over on the shelf, there. But it’s former owner wasn’t a poet.
Smithers: Oh. My mistake.
Burns: *ring ring* Hmm. What’s that strange ringing sound?
Smithers: I believe it’s the doorbell. Shall I answer it?
Burns: I’ll get it. I want to let some air in. It’s freezing in here.
Reach Level 11 and Build the Control Tower
Make Mr. Burns Answer the Igloo Door- 
4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
Burns: Yes, yes, what is it?
Ralph: Hey Mister, I have to go potty! Can I use your bathroom?
Burns: Hmmm. Let me think…I’m going to say “no.” If I let you use my bathroom, that would make you feel better, right?
Ralph: Yes, sir.
Burns: Then definitely not. I didn’t crush generations of workers under my boot to just turn around and start being nice to people. You have to be consistent in this life. That’s my whole deal.
Smithers: Sir, I believe that the boy is seconds away from going to the bathroom on your front porch.
Burns: Oho, playing hardball, eh? Very well. Pleas for help do nothing for me. Ruthless negotiating tactics I can respect. The bathroom is yours.

Igloo Mansion Pt. 2
Auto starts

Burns: You should be honored to be invited in, small person. You’re only the third person to set eyes on my marvelous creation.
Ralph: Your house is chilly. Don’t you have money for heat?
Burns: *sputter* This is an igloo you buffoon, if I turn the heat on it will melt straight away.
Ralph: Then it’s a dumb idea for a house.
Burns: No it isn’t. It’s smart.
Make Mr. Burns Have a Childish Argument- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
Ralph: Dumb.
Burns: Smart.
Ralph: Dumb.
Burns: Smart.
Smithers: Would you like me to see our guest out, sir?
Burns: Not until I’ve won this argument. Smart.
Ralph: Dumb times infinity.
Burns: Drat!

What are your thoughts on the Igloo Mansion?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield? Did you already?  Why or why not?  Where have you placed it in your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

28 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Igloo Mansion?

  1. For me, the Burns-Ralph interaction made it worth it.

  2. Anyone know if Jesus Christ is making a return? Because I’ve got some donuts saved up and am thinking of getting either him or Lyla to round out my B.S. League fighters. Rabbi Krustofski is someone I can get some other time.

      • Is he going to cost as much as last time? Because wow, is that expensive! BTW, I only have 222 donuts right now. Who would you recommend? Him or Lyla?

        • Mystery Box. Lyla is the guaranteed item, but JC will end up being cheaper if you win him. So I’d say wait and see who you have in your upcoming box before making a decision.

          • Any idea as to what’s in the upcoming box? I earned the stuff on last years storyline and I purchased Elf Lisa and Elf Bart, Christmas Tree Ralph and Shiva. Also, how much will the box cost?

            • You’ll see when the box hits. Until it’s actually live in-game it’s subject to change. So I don’t like to comment on pricing/items until it’s live.

              • I honestly tried finding info on when the second mystery box will hit the game, because I remember you saying it somewhere beginning of week 1… and I couldn’t find it…
                so when??? Thank you in advance

              • I didn’t post a date for it.

        • You should consider Farming. It is time consuming and complex at first, but worth it after lvl 939 with 3 donuts every lvling. Since the doughnut angels were shut out of the code, Farming is the only way I retain 2-20k supply of donuts & save my fiscal holiday contribution to EA for the end of the year when there is bonus donuts offered… I have played games that were easily hacked and eventually they are shut down…. except for the ones those of us are willing to buy and put our own capital into server maintenance. Not in for a debate, just offering a free suggestion you may have not considered. Best 2019!

      • So we will finally have the second coming of Jesus! 😂

  3. Igloo Mansion

    Decisions decisions (gotta think this one over) 🤔

    It’s making me cold looking at this Building (brrr!) ❄️

  4. Had to have it!! 30 sprinkles. I haven’t seen anything this cheap (a building) in quite sometime. I will definitely store it when the snow melts but for now it looks amazing.

  5. Pity it doesn’t go on ice tiles might have bought it

  6. I got it and like it but can’t help feeling it might look a bit odd when as Alissa says, the snow melts. Seems well worthwhile for only 30 donuts.

  7. How many mansions does Burns need in this game? Sheesh.😒

  8. Hi there. I have been waiting anxiously for the third part to start. Please, do you have any more info as to when we can get going on it? Thanks.

  9. Yea this building the snow bank and the snow mobile will look out of place once the event ends. But that is where the ice tiles if you have any will come in handy same with the ice walls.

  10. I got it 😃 Thanks EA!

  11. To big and too seasonal…not worth taking up that much land and would end up in storage in a few weeks, anyway. Without snow, I can’t see it as a part of my town the rest of the year. If there were a few more ice buildings other than the igloos and the bank (and the castle of course), I might make a small Ice Neighborhood…but as it is, gonna pass. ❄️👎❄️

  12. Instabuy. I loved the look and it was reasonably prices.

  13. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Been waiting for this SIB. Inexpensive, but debating in my mind. Was also wondering if it, like the Snow ⛄️ people, would melt into a puddle come spring.
    Since it won’t, perhaps it’s Roy Rogers time! (i.e. TRIGGER)
    Thanks muchly

  14. I like it. Gonna set it up as a fortress with the snow walls and the snow man security guards from the bundles.

  15. Thanks Alissa! This was an instapick for me, with the low price and questline 😂

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