Christmas 2018: A Simpsons Christmas Special Act 3 is Live!

IMPORTANT READ THIS BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING: Ok before I get into week 3, for the love of God READ THIS!  Guys, I’m seriously about to lose my ever-lovin’ mind! 
-IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THE GREYHOUND SLEIGH FOR SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER’S TASK, IT’S CURRENTLY NOT IN THE GAME!  Relax, nothing is broken.  It’ll unlock before the event is over.  
So please, stop asking.  

Thank you!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s officially 10am here on the East Coast which means it’s officially time to start Act 3 (week 3) of A Simpsons Christmas Special!

Now if you remember, week 2 ended with Marge declaring it was her turn to tell a story…because everyone loves a good romance!

Christmas is Canceled Pt. 4
Auto starts

Homer: *slow clap* Wow! What a story! I never could have predicted Officer Savage was a bad guy.
Lisa: That’s my point. There was nothing prior to the big reveal to indicate, however subtly, that–
Bart: Face it, Lisa. The public loved my story. And the ignorant masses are never wrong about these things.
Marge: I don’t know, that story was a little violent for me. There were so many car chases and explosions!
Homer: The bedrock of any great story is car chases and explosions. Aristotle said that.
Marge: What about a good romance? Everyone loves love.
Homer: The trick is to find the right amount of nudity. Brief enough that it doesn’t damage the children, but long enough that I give a damn.

(Please don’t ask me about this dialogue.  This dialogue is what appears when you FINISH the week 2 questline.  It does not appear when week 3 starts.  So if you finished week 2 you already saw this, if you didn’t finish week 2 you didn’t see it yet and if you just finished week 2 seconds before week 3 hit you’ll see it…)

And now, here’s the kick off dialogue you’ll see this morning (and a look at what’s in store for Act 3)

Christmas is Canceled Pt. 5
Auto starts

Homer: Marge, you’ve been watching an awful lot of Hallmark Channel. Promise me this won’t be one of those boring, cookie-cutter holiday TV romances.
Marge: “Boring”? What’s boring about watching C-list actors falling slowly in love over a surprise-free, two-hour slog? I could have phrased that better…
Homer: No, you’re right. Tell your story. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that marriage is a compromise. If there’s a second thing I’ve learned, it’s how to retreat into an interior fantasy world whenever things get dull around here.
Marge: Awww, Homie.

It’s true, I LOVE me some Hallmark movies.  Nothing boring about them at all! 

So, Marge’s in charge of the story this time around…here’s the synopsis from EA on Week 3…

Marge tells the story of a big city businesswoman who must return to her hometown, against the wishes of her fiancé who hates Christmas, who is played by Flanders, to help her family run their struggling Christmas tree farm. Marge arrives to discover that her former love, played by Homer, whom she abandoned to pursue her dreams seven years prior, has been working at the Christmas tree farm this whole time, and never gotten over her. Homer tries to convince Marge that he’s the man she should be with, but accidentally burns down the entire Christmas tree farm in his effort to impress her. Marge decides to get away from it all at a Christmas-themed inn, owned by Smithers, but is met there by Flanders, who is appalled to discover she’s begun to soften on the idea of Christmas. The Ghost of Christmas Past arrives and announces to Marge that she cannot marry Flanders. She asks for a sign that Homer is the right man for her instead, but the Ghost is unable to produce one. However, Homer arrives at the inn and Marge takes it as a sign that they’re meant to be together. Smithers then announces he must leave forever to take care of Mr. Burns, and gifts the Snowed Inn to Marge and Homer to run as a year-round Christmas-themed inn.

Ah, I just love a good Hallmark Christmas movie!  Maybe I’ll put one on right now….

Here are the prizes for Part 3:

 + Christmas Tree Farm + Land Token. Unlocks with Part 1 of Paramours of Christmas. 100
Flaming Christmas Trees (x6). Unlocks with Part 2 of Paramours of Christmas. 300 
 + The Snowed Inn + Land Token. Unlocks with Part 3 of Paramours of Christmas. 300 
The Ghost of Christmas Past. Unlocks with Part 4 of Paramours of Christmas. 300 
+  Santa Homie + Free Land Token. Unlocks with Part 5 of Paramours of Christmas. 300 

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks:

Rev. Lovejoy
Young Marge (Premium Rate)
Young Abe (Premium Rate)
Young Artie (Premium Rate)

Characters earn:
6/4hrs for Freemium
9/4hrs for Premium


Winter Wonderland Mystery Box, Peak Inn & Lyla, Baby Gerald, Santa & his House, the Stable at the Inn, North Pole Bundle, Festive Bundle, and Christmas Market Bundle are all still available for purchase in store.  I’m slowly rolling out SIB posts for these, the bundles were covered last week and the Winter Wonderland Mystery Box was covered this morning. 

Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

Aircraft Carrier and Young Abe– 175 Donuts. Available until December 26th

Marge Sculpture Garden and Young Artie- 175 Donuts. Available until December 26th

Happy Holidays Mystery Box-  60 Donuts/try.  Should contain (per list from EA):
Jesus, Rigellian Christ, Rabbi K, Brother Faith, Shiva, Gautama Buddha & the Pope (respective buildings/decorations included)

Still to come during Part 3 (between now and 12/26)

Timberlog Diner- Unlocks 12/21, S/B 60 Donuts.  Currency earning building for Week 3

Bethlehem Inn- Unlocks 12/21, S/B 60 Donuts


More donut deals are back!  Now deals are available on bundles that didn’t have them before…including Boatload (and extra 1200 donuts with that one).

So take a look ad your deals now if you’re thinking about buying dounts.

One important note on this week…

So Christmas is less than a week away.  Traditionally we don’t post on Christmas, as we spend time with our families.  And that tradition will continue this year.  However, because we’re limited to a week with this week (since this week ends the day after Christmas) it’s going to be very tight trying to get all of the posts/info in time.  Which means I’m going to have to break my other rule, and there will be game related content posted on Saturday.  So keep your eyes on this site for a lot of posts each day, including Saturday.
I’m going to be coming at you hard and fast with content this week…so be ready!

FYI this also kinda sorta will apply for Week 4 as well…

And that’s it my friends.  The details of week 3 of the 2018 Christmas event!

Your thoughts on week 3?  Prizes?  Premium items?  How about the story itself? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

52 responses to “Christmas 2018: A Simpsons Christmas Special Act 3 is Live!

  1. Double check your donuts.. Today I bought 132 + bonus donuts and was given only 132. Also I bought the donut factory and was supposed to get 6 per day.. Today I got 1

  2. I’m a bit pissed off that 175 donuts seems to be the new normal. It went from 120 for ordinary combo’s (building + character) and 150 for the special ones, to 150 as the normal price and now 175 is the normal price. And the Gil deals are at 199 – which is 200 really.

    I remember when buying 132 donuts got you a long way…. Now that’s nothing.

    I do like the prizes though. I’m way behind but Christmas vacation is around the corner so then I’ll have more time.

  3. Keep thinking Jesus autta have some special task.. It’s kinda his birthday comin up an all

  4. I really want young Abe, but that teeny aircraft carrier with no apparent bonus that has to remain out for Abe to stay out….. That bugs me 🙁

  5. Hello all, long time reader, first time posting. Love your site. So very helpful.

    Do you know how long the donut deals are on for? I know it says limited time, but an expiration date would be nice.


  6. I don’t ever recall seeing a post starting out in red caps…so that says it all. Unless you’re someone that misses subtle,,(not so subtle) hints!! Common sense is not very common these days. 😜

  7. I already don’t like the Greyhound Sleigh (even tho I don’t have it yet), because I can’t put it on the pageant stage (which I can’t figure out how to get either). Ea needs to fix this, because I refuse to read the 17 posts that explain it…or figure it out on my own…so there! (Stomps foot and shakes device violently!) Bah Humbug!

    Alissa…Hope your next week is Humbug free🎄😁🎄.

    • lol thanks ebron!

      Christmas shopping is done, presents are wrapped (with the exception of 1 more arriving Friday). Christmas wise, I’m good. If only i can get mentally prepared to go back to work on the 2nd after 4 months off lol

      • We’re all set here, also…a small Christmas this year (no relatives), with just a tree an a bit of decor on the mantle…but stress free (the best gift we could give each other ☺️).
        A Merry Minimalist Christmas to all😁.

  8. R stressed? U sound stressed. I just baked cookies…maybe i can send u some….🍪🍪🍪

  9. ‘Santa Homie’? Doesn’t Homer already have a Santa costume? Or is this either another doppelganger, or just a task for him?

  10. 1) The increasingly salty notes about the Pageant stage are cracking me up. It took me about 5 seconds to figure out I had to scroll up when I got stalled.

    2) I love this storyline! Hallmark movies are a guilty pleasure.

    3) I love the low-key approach to the event. My life has gotten … challenging, so I rarely remember to log in more than twice a day. I still haven’t finished Bart’s story, but that’s ok.

  11. Thank you for writing during Christmas !
    I can’t wait to add the ghost in my city, hope this week will be good as the others…

  12. Hi there. I’d like to ask if the Aircraft Carrier and the Marge Sculpture Garden are decorations or not? And if so do they provide an income bonus or not?

  13. ^^

  14. Act 3

    Marge is definitely in charge (and Homer is going to tune out whatever RomCom she’s endorsing from the Hallmark Channel (lol – EA definitely is winning with the Character dialogue in this Event!) 😂

    Happy Holidays Mystery Box

    Thank you EA for the Rigellian Christ w/Manger 👾👍

    Calling It! Well Patric mentioned LazyAss EA and redundancy in this Game App ….. so I gotta say “what the deuce?” with the 1st Prize! We already have a Christmas Tree Farm (Slightly Irregular) from years ago – now we’re getting another Christmas Tree Farm? 😂 🤷🏼‍♂️

    At least we get Land Tokens! 👍

    I can’t say the new Premium Character Combos interest me (they don’t!), but I’m sure other Tappers will grab ’em (please do if it helps you complete Act 3 in 4 Days!), as I think we get some nice Buildings this time (good thing I cleared space in my Springfield!) 👍

    Stay Festive Everyone ♥️🦌🎄 ⛄🎅

  15. Thanks so much for the video, haven’t read anything about this before and actually was cursing EA. What a bad game design, who is supposed to see this little scrollbar? ☺
    Merry Christmas!

  16. Merry Christmas, Alissa! Thanks for all you do!

  17. Thanks Alyssa. Personally I think you and Patric should each take the next week off. We should be able to live without you 😉. I gather from your post that things have been interesting for you (to say the least). I am having so much fun with this Christmas event and have had no problems at all. Thanks to you and Patric and your families who are probably the people who you vent to now and then 😉. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone.

  18. I was excited to see another holiday box in there! I took my chances and got Brother Faith and the Pope, so 120 donuts well spent. All items weren’t bad so wouldn’t have been disappointed if something else. Love the Pope Mobile too. Guess I haven’t read this blog in a bit, totally missed the stage and sleigh comments.. LOL Merry Christmas to you, Patric, Safi and the rest of the TSTO gang. You are all so awesome! Act 3 hit and BOOM there was the post! Enjoy the holidays with your families!

  19. Let’s hope I’m not the person who misses the post, but I noticed the spring field heights a lot of stuff now adds % multipliers. I put out what I had and it added almost 100% increase. Anyways, does that mean there will be something new with the heights soon? I know every now and then they do that to old items that’s why I check my inventory periodically to see if % multiplier has been added to old items . Thanks in advance

  20. I wonder if the stage thing is just trolling at this point… :/ Thanks for all you do, Alissa 😀 I really do love reading your posts 🙂

    I’m happy about the new mystery box. I don’t think any of them are dudders/fluffers 🙂 I will definitely be saving my donuts for the happy holidays box (well almost all my donuts- the YMCA bundle was in my vault last week and Happy Sumo is in my vault this week).

  21. Thanks, Alyssa! These prizes are more appealing to me than Act 2. I need another diner like I need another church, but the Timberlog Diner does have a very nice look.

  22. What’s the difference between Marge Sculpture park and Aircraft Carrier? Which thing yields most? 🙂

    • What do you mean by yields most?

      • Like the one thing provides 2% bonus multiplier and the other earns 175$$/4hours or something of the likes.

        • Honestly, I haven’t looked at them yet and that information will be on the SIB posts when i write them up but, if you hit the i icon next to the item in the store it will tell you. So you never have to wait on me to tell you that info. It doesn’t look like either item earns a bonus %, and they do not earn income. So they’re earning-less…

    • Young Abe & Young Artie both earn the same amount if event currency (9 I believe). I bought both since I like all the young characters. I just hope they rename Teen Homer!

  23. Hey Alissa, where is the pageant stage and greyhound sleigh? 😝🤣😇

    Merry Christmas Yall!

    Joyeux Noël!

  24. Thanks again for all your eccellent job Alissa, please do spend your time with your beloved ones, everything else will wait 😊😘

  25. I’m having trouble with the pageant stage, also how do i get the greyhound sleigh?

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