Christmas 2018 Prize Guide: Act 4, Prizes 1 and 2 Toy Train and Pile of Presents

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Tappers!

Bust out the tinsel and be sure to hang those stockings by the chimney with care because Christmas time is in the air! That’s right my friends, Christmas (and snow, lots and lots of snow) has hit our pocket-sized towns!

This year EA is trying something different, as I’ve laid out in this post, in that Christmas 2018 consists of multi-events.  Basically, the Simpson family will host four stories to be told over the course of December with a new story releasing each week.  As we’re taken through each story a series of prizes are released to correspond with the theme of the story.  For Week 4, Act 4, we’re following a Polar Express tale, as told by Maggie (through Homer), and the prizes we unlock all fit into the visit to the North Pole theme.

So let’s take a look at the first two prizes this week, the Toy Tain and Pile of Presents…

First up, prize 1, the Toy Train AND Land Token

How You Unlock it:

Christmas Doesn’t Suck Pt. 1
Make Marge Triple Check the Over is Turned Off- 4hrs
Make Maggie Draw a Picture for Santa- 4hrs
Collect Cookies- x100.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the Toy Train…

Other Details:
Toy Train
Size: 12×2
Build Time: Instant
Earns: Nothing
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does it Do?:
   After the initial quest there it doesn’t do anything.  Just a decoration for Springfield.

Next up, prize 2, the Pile of Presents…

How You Unlock it:

Christmas Doesn’t Suck Pt. 2
Make Marge Have a Mundane Christmas Wish- 4hrs
Make Maggie Draw A Picture of her Christmas Wish- 4hrs
Collect Cookies- x350.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the Pile of Presents (x4)…

Other Details:
Pile of Presents x4
Size: 3×3 Each
Build Time: Instant
Earns: Nothing, just a decoration
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does it Do?:
   Much like the carolers, you can tap them to see different views of the presents.
Additional Info: After you unlock the Pile of Presents you can purchase more in the store for $100 in-game cash.  (like crafting but with cash)

It does come with a little dialogue…here it is

Pile of Presents
Autostarts (when main questline is over)

Burns: Smithers, have you finished hiding my presents for the Christmas present hunt?
Smithers: *chuckles* No peeking, Mr. Burns!
Lisa: So, wait. You do an Easter egg-style hunt for Christmas presents with a ninety-something-year-old-man?
Smithers: *shhh* Isn’t he adorable?
Burns: I hope the Christmas bunny has been good to me this year! *giggles excitedly*
Lisa: Listen, if my Dad’s boss is losing his mind… I think I deserve to know.
Smithers: Shut up! It’s charming! And not at all sad!
Tap Pile of Presents- x3.
Burns: Five-four-three-two-one! Here I come! Where are my presents, Smithers?!
Smithers: You… you have to look for them, sir.
Burns: *sniff* I want my presents NOW…
Lisa: All right, that’s it. I’m telling my Dad to start looking for a new job. The plant is toast.

And that’s it my friends, the details on the first two Christmas 2018 week 4 prizes!

Up next? Mrs. Claus

Thoughts on the Toy Train? How about on the Pile of Presents? Thoughts on Act 4prizes?  How’d you do with Acts 1-3? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

17 responses to “Christmas 2018 Prize Guide: Act 4, Prizes 1 and 2 Toy Train and Pile of Presents

  1. Can you buy more toy trains? I don’t see any available to buy in the store

  2. I like the little animation the Toy Train has with the bubbles and Blinky makes an appearance at the train, I haven’t found any to put the train but I was thinking of putting it with the Toy Fortress when I get it. The presents are something I have been waiting for to appear since they look good anywhere especially around the Holiday Tree. 😀

  3. I received Santa’s house last year but didn’t complete the quest to get Santa is there any way to get him now they won’t let me buy him and the quest are not there anymore 😩😭

  4. so…… there isn’t going to be a 20 dollar donut reward item this time?
    wow that’s awesome.

  5. (1) Toy Train – makes train whistle sound when tapped (and steam comes out of stack) (2) Pile of Presents – they’re very colourful … I’m kinda in ‘plopper mode’ until after the Event (as some of these Prizes could get Stored), but I’m this close 👐 to getting (3) Mrs. Claus (yes!)

    No grind, no stress, no care if some Prizes are “meh” (I’m too busy lol’ing at the Pope in his Pope Mobile riding thru my Springfield!) 😂👍

  6. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get all the prizes since it’s 350 instead of 300 and I only have one premium

    • You should be ok with getting all the prizes in this act since you should be on 642 Cookies by the end of today and get the second prize tomorrow morning according to the calendar unless you already have it.
      You also have 2 more freemium characters to earn Cookies totalling 13 (14 with the one premium which assume is Young Marge) Cookie earning freemium characters in this act compared to the 11 freemiums in the last 3 acts. You should be earning a minimum of 78 Cookies (87 Cookies with the one premium) every 4 hours with the 13 freemiums plus one premium.
      To summarise, you should be alright with getting everything as long as you log in 3-4 times a day every 4 hours so you can get 267 or 356 Cookies every day.
      I managed to unlock all the prizes in the last 3 acts a day or 2 before the next act started and I didn’t have any of the premiums to help other than Ice Princess Martin in Act 2 who I’ve had for the last 4 years when he was released for free.

  7. Bought a bazillion presents. Think i might pepper a little trail to the north pole with them. If only we still had access to the ice. (Like the pavement and dirt)

  8. I don’t know about anyone else but i have experienced that same boredom with the game that made me stop playing last time. Although its been easier its been very dull Imo i will try and stick around but i think i will fade out again till i get dragged in again in another 6 months, got a bit of tapped out fatigue.

  9. The train looks great with the Lego Block store. I think the present pile might be the first thing I might actually want more of for in-game cash. I might want more carolers if they actually faced towards buildings, as it is I have them singing around trash cans.

  10. My characters are constantly working in kwik-e-mart, they won’t release themselves and I can’t press any buttons to help. Anybody with the same situation and solutions please? Smithers is stuck there so I can’t progress from part 3 of Christmas special!

  11. Hi, I’m wondering if anybody has had any new land added yet, I’m still waiting to unlock some .

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