Dear EA: In 2019 I Would Really Like TSTO to Have…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s no secret we’re in a little bit of a lull in TSTO right now. The Christmas Event has ended and nothing new hit our games to replace it.  The break many of you have been asking for has arrived!  Enjoy it, because it’s likely ending pretty soon.

Contrary to what some of you may think, no this isn’t the end of TSTO.  It’s just a little lull.  They happen sometimes.  Just because the game has a little break doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world as our favorite yellow family knows it.  Sometimes a break is just a break.  And for those of you who like breaks and want more of them, this freak out is why EA doesn’t do breaks often. 

So, while we’re waiting for something new to hit our pocket-sized towns (my guess is we’ll see something Wednesday) I thought now would be a great time to talk about what we’d like to see in TSTO during 2019.  A little Dear EA letter…

So in the comments below share what features, characters, events, buildings, decorations, etc. you’d like to see hit our pocket-sized towns during 2019 events.  What are you missing?  What would you love to have?

Here’s mine:

Dear EA,
In 2019 I Would Really Like (actually I would REALLY LOVE) TSTO to have a feature in Town Hall that makes finding characters easier.  Whether it’s a search box, where you can type in the characters name to find them, or just the ability to search by letter, like hit the S and all of the characters that start with S appear.  This would make finding characters much easier than it currently is.  With so many characters in Springfield,it can take some time to find that one character you’re looking for in the Town Hall List.  A better search feature would be awesome! 

So now it’s your turn, share your “Dear EA” letter in the comments below!  I can’t wait to see your ideas for 2019!

274 responses to “Dear EA: In 2019 I Would Really Like TSTO to Have…

  1. How about a “skyfinger monument” that will clear all jobs that have been completed?

  2. The simpsons movie event would be nice. Edgar Allan Poe would be awesome for Halloween. More presidents?

  3. Dear EA, please bring back the Simpson future house and sci-fi characters and stuff.

  4. Dear EA, Please bring back the following characters/costumes. Teen from Apu’s family, all speckled brood (3), last guy for business owners, daycare business owner, cletus’ mom, robot cat, turkey, raccoon, homer dog, waving robot, drone, green robot, walking egg, flying rabbit, 3rd guy in 4th go July, burns head treehouse xxiii, dolphin, 3 people zombies, treehouse XXv last two characters, treehouse XXvi Bart costume homer costume walking donut and 2 alien costumes, treehouse XXvi nightmares 1st 3 – 2aliens and 1 zombie, edward scizzor hands, winter 2016 burns buff, Lisa costume, religious golfer, snake swallowed kids, snake with football helmet, clash of clones 3 homer costumes, Lisa, Bart and marge costumes, vigilanties tough Maggie, Terwilligers bob’s mom, last bob, mutants all except big claw (2 veggies and bob x3),sporty Bart costume, sporty grandpas costume, sporty rainbow horse, monorail homer costume, old west Bart costume, old west miner, old west shirtless guy,games Lisa costume, wheelchair guy, adult Bart, homer costume robot interclimensional travellers, foreigners flamingo lady, sphinks character, rats, homerpalooza all 4, ruffians all 3,foreign cops & robber 2, butterfly Maggie, park visitors all 3, witch treehouse xxix

  5. Dear EA,
    Please bring back the go carts, all old characters, all old buildings, costumes, please bring back everything you can. Not everyone has been here since the game started. Please add to Cecil’s levels. Please add to the ocean and more land to Springfield heights. Please create snow and ice tiles like roads and rivers. Thank you!

  6. Dear EA

    Give me the ability to sell everything in my inventory, I don’t need all the stuff I’ve accumulated.
    An interactive search in the town hall or a scroll bar on the side.
    Height expansion.
    More squidport broadwalk tiles, and heights style tiles.

  7. Dear EA,

    Please bring back the Monsarno and Clash of the Clones buildings and characters!!

  8. I forgot one. Recently I stored a brick wall. It had a .25% attached to it that I forgot about. I had stored so many items I didn’t know which item had the bonus percentage. So I had to search. If when an item is stored you can see if it offers a % easily a person like me wouldn’t get ticked off when they lose an item after storing it when trying to redesign a town.

  9. My idea.

    1. No limits for the Money.
    2. No limits for the Level.
    3. Increase the limit for Object quantity.
    4. More spaces in the ocean.
    5. Put more premium items that costs very very expensive.

    Thanks a lot EA!

  10. 1.a way to ground NPC to a certain area

    2.give all characters solo basic tasks (1,4,8,12 24 hrs)

    3. Improved Unemployment office and town hall.

  11. Dear EA

    For 2019 I would like

    The ability to collect all jobs and rents at once.
    A search engine for inventory
    A “home” button that would take me to a spot on the screen where I would place a teleporter so I could easily navigate through my town
    Better scrolling for the Town Hall
    Snow tiles that I could place anything on
    The ability to have favourite taskes (I hate accidentally sending Coach Krupt on that bombardment task)
    Optimized assignments through the Unemployment Office – automatically choose the task that pays the most (or pay the highest rate regardless of the task), add tasks for characters for all time periods so that there aren’t any “orphaned” characters when a partner is busy, releasing remaining characters for automatic assignments when I have sent enough on a task

    Thanks EA.

  12. Dear EA like many players here, I need more Springfield Heights land. I have some high class residents who are complaining they don’t have a spot to build in the elite Heights area..

    Also can you please give us the ability to build more track pieces for our I&S rides ? I’m a RollerCoster-Holicic and didn’t have time to finish my master plan on the zoominator. Please don’t let it continue to exist in it’s sad half built sadness.

  13. Dear EA,
    I wish you could do another event/mini event on the Monorail. I really like it in my town but my four staionts aren’t enough to fill my whole town

  14. Dear EA,
    I would love the idea of a desktop version of the game. Even if it is only available online. I would like to be able to redesign my town with the help of a mouse. I would also like the ability to zoom out and see the whole town, even if it just to take a screenshot.

    • You can play it on pc. Download BlueStacks for free. It plays tsto really well. I use BlueStacks when designing as it’s so much easier with a mouse. It doesn’t zoom out any further sadly.

  15. Dear EA
    I’m not greedy, just a few things for me please
    1- let me sell everything in my inventory, I don’t need a 1000 crushed police cars/hail ants signs/washing machines etc
    2- better search in the town hall, surely a scroll bar can’t be that hard!
    3- ALL times available in the Employment office, some 10hr tasks pay more than 12hr ones (maggies 4hr celebration task pays more than those as well) which goes onto…#4
    4- Assign the highest paying tasks when using the Employment office en masse
    5- have all characters have their own single time tasks e.g. The Parson requires Reverand Lovejoy for an 8hr task, the Pirate needs Marge for his 8hr task (I want Marge to do her Premium tennis task instead)
    All the best

  16. Dear EA

    If I’ve sent my 5 or whatever Springfieldians to do a daily task, can you please at least ask if I want to send any more when I bulk assign jobs at the Employment Centre? I may not want 162 other people browsing the Kwik E Mart.



  17. I would really love to be able to zoom out more and also open up the extra land in Springfield Heights. Maybe a Shelbyville!

  18. Dear EA.
    I haven’t been able to play since 7pm yesterday, 16 hours.
    Can We have new Servers please ?


  19. 1. Pretty please can we have a snow tile that functions like the dirt one?
    2. Allow us to delete unwanted items in our inventories
    3. Make it easier to navigate the friends page. Swiping past 60 towns to get to last few when I accidentally hit the Simpson House and end up in my Springfield is not fun.
    4. Make it easier to find characters in town hall and to see how long they have left in their jobs without jumping across Springfield to see that and then having to find town hall again to see someone else.
    5. Expand Springfield Heights. We can see the empty land sitting there taunting us.
    6. Make it easier to collect income from buildings and jobs faster.

    Pretty please? Also thanks for an awesome game. 🙂

  20. Here is my wish list for TSTO:

    1) Employment Office
    a. Offer all times for available townsfolks
    b. Automatically assign the task with the most reward (i.e. Premium tasks)
    c. Be able to assign all characters to a Premium skin with one check
    2) Buildings
    a. Tap on building and see who you can assign to it
    b. Rotate all 4 ways
    3) Storage
    a. Be able to create folders two layers deep. This way I can create a folder called Holiday and then under that have a folder for Christmas / Valentines / etc…
    b. Be able to offer any item up for neighbors and choose if they can buy it or take it for free
    4) General
    a. Be able to zoom out more
    b. Be able click a button and save a picture of my whole town to a single jpg.
    c. Be able to clear all tasks and buildings with one button, even if it was a paid option like XP Accelerator. I would pay 5 donuts a week to be able to this.
    d. Free Scratch It Cards adjust according your XP % so they remain relevant

  21. Dear EA, it would be a fab context if Springfield had real time day and night. Also, I would love to be able to see more of my town on the screen and a zoom-out facility would be great too 😁👏

  22. Hello, I wish to have the option to make more boardwalk tiles, or open more land and stuff for the heights. The town square takes a long time to scroll through over 100 characters too.

  23. Dear EA I would really love the ability to turn the buildings more than just sideways so that the town could be more cohesively lined out as in left right forwards and backwards that would be great thank you Scott

    • Dear EA can u guys please release all unreleased items that u guys have in the files would be awesome 🤘🏻

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