Love, Springfieldian Style: Week 1 Questline Lisa Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Love is in the air friends!  Yes, Valentine’s Day is back in our pocket-sized towns!  And this time around things are going to be done, Springfieldian Syle.

Love, Springfieldian Style follows the same event structure that the Simpsons Christmas Special event followed.  This event consists of 4 parts (or Acts), with each part lasting a week and taking us through a new part of the event!

For Act 1 we’re tasked with following Lisa’s Valentine’s Tale…and the return of Mr. Bergstrom!  Lisa is the narrator for this tale, so let’ take a look at what she has to say…

As a reminder, here’s the story’s synopsis:

Lisa tells the tale of an average girl who is struggling at school. She starts to livestream and talk about her difficulties at school. The videos are helping, but kids think her show is all about drama. Some kids are learning from it, and the school board doesn’t like that. They ask her to stop doing the videos, but an inspirational teacher encourages her to forge ahead. He helps her negotiate with the school and share ad revenue, so she can keep doing her show. The show goes on, and she excels at her studies. But sadly, it’s time for her inspirational substitute teacher to leave. He inspires her to continue learning in weird ways before he leaves.

As a reminder, that synopsis is what we’re sent from EA about each week.  Funny though, after reading the dialogue this isn’t really what happens.  It sort of is, but mostly isn’t…

Anyway, on with the story!

Where ever you see the story italicized indicates the story that Lisa is telling.  The regular font indicates real-time Springfield

A Dance with Detention Pt. 1

Bart: Why do I have to set up for the Valentine Dance as part of detention? Whatever happened to clapping erasers?
Marge: There aren’t chalkboards anymore. Everything’s on myPads.
Bart: Then can’t I clap myPads?
Marge: That’s what got you detention in the first place!
Lisa: But why do I have to go to the dance three hours early too? I didn’t do anything.
Marge: It’s because Mommy doesn’t want to take two trips.
Make Lisa Show Up Unfashionably Early- 6s
Make Marge Drop Off Kids- 6s
Make Bart Serve Detention- 6s
Skinner: Bart, put these sealed Valentine cards on that table.
Bart: *groans*
Skinner: Usually an accountant from Price, Waterhouse, Cupid does it, but I fired him after he botched the La La Labor Day cards.
Snake: Is this detention drop-off? Jeremy said he needed to set up for a generic mid-February dance?
Skinner: He can start by sifting through the heart candies and throwing away all the lewd ones.
Snake: Heart candies? Lewdness? Is this a Valentine’s dance?!

A Dance with Detention Pt. 2

Snake: I HATE Valentine’s Day! It makes me so angry!
Bart: Why are you taking it so personally — it’s just a fake holiday made up by card companies.
Snake: Exactly! They make promises they can’t keep!
Skinner: Oh no, he’s going for the Valentine Cards!
Snake: No one come near me or the cards get it! I’ve got child-safe scissors, and, being a grown-up, I’m not afraid to use them!
Make Lisa Defuse the Situation- 6s
Lisa: Mr. Snake, what if we told some stories about love? And then maybe you could let the cards go?
Snake: Get real, little girl. A couple of stories aren’t going to change my mind.
Lisa: Okay. It was worth a shot.
Snake:…well, I mean, you can still try. I’m not THAT cold-hearted!

Lisa Live Pt. 1

Lisa: There once was a girl with high IQ…
Miss Hoover: Okay, students, today’s assignment is about geography.
Lisa: Yes!
Miss Hoover:…which you’ll have to present in front of the class.
Lisa: Nooo!
Lisa:…unfortunately, she was incredibly shy. The only place she felt comfortable sharing her feelings was online. Like, too comfortable.

Make Lisa Overshare About Project Online- 4hrs
Make Youngsters Give Oral Reports- x3, 4hrs
Collect Poems- x100. 

Miss Hoover: Everyone did such a great job on their oral assignments. Except you, Lisa. You need to learn to open up more.
Lisa: But… but… I know all the information.
Miss Hoover: Too bad you didn’t say it in front of the class.

Lisa Live Pt. 2

Lisa: I can’t believe I got the worst grade in the class. Even Ralph did better than me. Kinda weird, he pretty much said all the stuff I said in the livestream I put online. Wait a minute, every kid said things in their presentations that I said in my livestream…They’re all cheating off me! I should’ve realized it when Janey ended her report by saying she was “logging off”!

Make Lisa Live Stream Fake Facts- 4hrs
Make Youngsters Give Presentations- x3

Collect Poems- x300.
Skinner: Lisa, you gave out a bunch of fake facts in your livestream and all the kids failed.

Lisa: Exactly! It proves kids were cheating off me.
Skinner: Perhaps. But it also proves that if you get your facts right, our students will do better on standardized tests. The school is getting you tutors!
Lisa: Uh… okay.

Lisa Live Pt. 3

Lisa: I have some complaints about the tutoring here. My math lesson was just balancing the teacher’s checkbook.
Mr. Bergstrom: That doesn’t sound so bad.
Lisa: We spent most of the session trying to figure out what a “check” was. And then she made me forge her signature on a bunch.
Mr. Bergstrom: Hmm… sounds like you’ve learned a lot. I think you’re ready to go back to school.

Make Lisa Talk About Her Day Online- 4hrs
Collect Poems- x300

Skinner: So Lisa, are you feeling all caught up with math?
Lisa: I guess. We were running out of math lessons because the teacher ran out of money in her checking account.
Skinner: Great. Now off you go to your field trip at the planetarium. And don’t forget your cell phone!

Lisa Live Pt. 4

Lisa: Why would Skinner want me to take my cellphone to the planetarium? Wait a minute! My vlogs are on the school’s website! Principal Skinner has been selling my videos as online educational tutorials?
Skinner: Well you can’t expect the teachers to teach this stuff. You saw how much they make!

Make Lisa Boycott Making Videos- 4hrs
Make Youngsters’ Grades Suffer- x3, 4hrs
Collect Poems- x300. 

Lisa: Skinner was using me!
Mr. Bergstrom: But you were TEACHING, Lisa! Listen to Ralph.
Ralph: The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side.
Mr. Bergstrom: He was supposed to be learning history, and the math is all wrong… but still!

Lisa Live Pt. 5

Lisa: You can’t leave. You’re the only teacher who inspires me.
Mr. Bergstrom: Let the knowledge inspire you, Lisa.
Lisa: That’s not very inspirational.
Mr. Bergstrom: Yeah, you’re right. How about a bunch of money?
Lisa: What?
Mr. Bergstrom: I blackmailed Skinner into giving you the profits from your videos. I caught him passing bad checks around town.

Make Lisa Donate Her Profits to the Library- 4hrs
Make Youngsters’ Watch Lisa’s Livestreams- x3, 4hrs
Collect Poems- x300.  4hrs. 

Mr. Bergstrom: How’s the vlogging going, Lisa?
Lisa: Great! The videos are doing really well. The only bad part is the teachers keep asking me for loans.  Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about, Mr. Bergstrom?
Mr. Bergstrom: *eyes darting* Uhhh, nothing…

Lisa Live Outro

Snake: Ah, that was, pretty lame.
Lisa: What are you talking about? That was all about the platonic love of education. It’s like a meta-Valentine tale!
Skinner: No, Snake’s right. That was pretty bad.
Make Lisa Try to Explain Her Story- 6s

And this concludes the full dialogue for week 1 of the Love, Springfieldian Style Event!

What are your thoughts on Lisa’s story?  Did you enjoy it?  Did you miss out on the dialogue the first time around?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I love these posts!
    I read as I go along but sometimes I forget exactly what was ‘said’ in the beginning of the event as it moves along. Being able to re-read the whole thing all at once makes it all more … cohesive?

  2. Thanks Alissa! This questline was mildly amusing 😊

  3. michael barrett

    When does week 2 start?

  4. Thank you for posting, Alissa. I did miss some dialogue since, with this Kindle-Zoom glitch, I can’t linger, and have to keep moving or I will be swiping and tapping for hours. Yeesh.

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