Love, Springfieldian Style Week 2 is About to Start

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow morning, Wednesday, January 30th, Week 2 (Act 2) of Love, Springfieldian Style will be starting.  The official start time is 10am ET (1500 GMT).

While the Week 1 questline won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished the prizes you’ll have a chance to complete it even after Week 2 starts, some of the premium items will be leaving the store.

So of you planned to purchase Samantha or Vicki (SIBs linked) do so before they leave our games tomorrow morning.

Also, here’s some inside info to help you prepare for Week 2 to start…

Willie will be telling the story during Week 2.  Characters needed for week 2 tasks are:
Vicki (Premium)
Capri Flanders (Premium)
Nedward Flanders (Premium)

There will also be one new premium characters introduced during week 2, and that character will be able to help with the currency earning for week 2.  (150 donuts will be needed if you’d like to purchase the character)

And that’s it my friends!  Be prepared for Week 2 to start up tomorrow morning!

Thoughts on week 1?  Ready for week 2?  Excited to see what story Willie tells?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

26 responses to “Love, Springfieldian Style Week 2 is About to Start

  1. Week 1 done
    Week 2 too
    Week 3 just waiting on you 😉

  2. These new events are kinda boring. Easy getting lots of stuff. But log in 4 times a day play for couple min to collect and reset.
    I miss the crafting
    I miss people complaining 5 min in they are behind the calander that was never made to suit their calander needs.
    Not that there was real strategy in events, but you had to build stuff to advance and craft items.

    They need to bring back friends portion. Leaving tappables behind. Or add new prizes to the friend meter thing. I have all these friends and they just sit there.

    It doesnt feel like an event is happening. Just like everyday tapping.

    • You know you can visit your friends every day if you’d like. You can earn cash and XP for tapping buildings in their town. You don’t need an event to do so…

  3. Have I missed a SIB on the Flanders parents?

  4. Any ideas on what the update was about ?

  5. Just had a update for game playing on kindle fire and still stuck in ZOOM NOT HAPPY WITH E.A 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  6. Week 2 won’t start!

    • Uhm…because it isn’t tomorrow?

      • It’s tomorrow somewhere. Or is it that tomorrow doesn’t exist at all? Wait, maybe it is that tomorrow only exists in the mind and not the physical world…so it exists and doesn’t exist at the same time? Either way, this time “tomorrow” it won’t matter, because week 2 will be off and running.

  7. Can’t wait! I got Mr. Bergstrom several days ago.

  8. I can’t wait to see Willie’s story Lisa’s was good and I remember that episode Mr. Bergstrum was in.

  9. Do you think there will be another mystery box this event?
    Last events had 2 or more boxes.

  10. I really like the new weekly format. Thank you, EA!

    Also thank you, as always, for the great info Addicts!!!

    • Yes, prefer the weekly routine also far better than the 4 to 6 weeks grind. Rewards are also up to par and not stuck with x amount of decorations of a certain theme. Looking forward to the next set of buildings.

  11. TallSpiderCandy

    I suddenly lost a star and when I checked it, my righteousness rating is at half a star now instead of five? Any idea why this happened and how I can fix it? Thanks! 🙂 I enjoyed week one and am looking forward to week two

    • Righteousness ebbs and flows with almost every event. Mine did the same. Chillax, it’ll come back in time. And besides…righteousness is overrated.

    • If it really bugs you, buy a bunch of training walls.

    • That happened to me too, I think that I fixed it by putting up a couple of extra training walls, but not even sure that was necessarily going by Patric’s reply.

    • It may happen if you vandalize a neighbour’s town (instead of the dollar symbol, you see a spray can on the building). After some times it resets, so don’t worry 🙂

    • If you nuke your town and you got your righteous rating originally by tapping side show Bob, you will lose those stars. As mentioned before, training walls are your best bet but you will need a lot of them.

    • The most likely cause is that Sideshow Bob was loose in the “Other Springfield” town (the town that’s your friend by default).

  12. Thanks a lot Alissa ❤ I’m very ready 😊

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