Episode 43- Valentine’s Day Goes to the Dogs

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We’re nearly finished with the Valentine’s Day Event!  In this episode of Addicts Live we’re wrapping up the Love, Springfieldian Style event.  We’ll be breaking down Acts 3 and 4, the shifting themes of the event, and talking about what we think may be next in Springfield.  Plus, we’ll be diving into what 2 more seasons of The Simpsons means for TSTO, is this the game that never ends? And, as always, we’ll be answering your questions and sharing your comments live!
You won’t want to miss all the laughs this episode has to offer, so join us live for the for the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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12 responses to “Episode 43- Valentine’s Day Goes to the Dogs

  1. Saturday Sass and Courtesy
    I’m with my Tappers who graded B
    This Event started out Fun
    By Act 4 it’s Dumb
    Patric is precise
    Heed his Advice
    Avoid the Episode or go mad
    Love Springfield Style is so bad
    Forget what you remember
    Til next time, it gets better

  2. I’m hoping for a Spring/Gardening event with lots of new decor landscaping items…new trees, bushes, etc with paths?…maybe a Garden Show event?

    • That sounds like a good idea to me! I’m always down for new nature items. Included in such an event should be patches of trees, because I need about 5 or 6 trees to count as 1 at this point due to hitting the item limit. Having to thin my forests or remove fences every time I want to place a tree somewhere else is getting old. EA gives me a few items to attempt to build some sort of shelbyville but, I wonder, does shelbyville have any trees? Slim chance unless I rob some other part of town. As a result, shelbyville has a lot of water! ….sorry, didn’t mean to rant. I agree, a spring event would be cool. 🌻🌷🌳😁

      • Hmmm, usually my name shows up as Lisa (kyle b.) when I comment, must have gotten switched somehow…let me fix that…

  3. I want a return to Whacking Day for the next event, and I finally want Martin’s parents to come into the game for him.

  4. I’m hoping that they bring back some sort of mini-game in the next event, that would earn event currency to buy multiples of the prize items.

  5. I like the 4 week mini-event format, but would like if the prizes were all tied together somehow, so that they would build on each other to make a cohesive area. It would also be nice if we were working towards better prizes as the event moved forward…more exciting and giving us something to anticipate.

  6. Use your “zoo” pieces, prairie land, bison, etc on your open land.

  7. For me this event is all over the place. There are elements I love and others I can’t stand so all in all I give it C, average.

  8. This was a pretty good event, all the prizes were quite good and the dialogue was really funny also. The only thing about these kind of events that I would like to see in the future is the opportunity for Bonuts but otherwise I don’t have any complaints. And as always I can’t wait to see what Ea has in store for us next.

  9. Happy Saturday guys! The event started out with a bang but kinda fizzled prize-wise. I DID find places for the animal prizes so that was a pleasant surprise😄👍 They should have made those available in the store after u unlocked them…like the xmas prizes. Oh well….Maybe they will mix things up a bit more for the next event?

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