State of Despair Update is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The new mini-event is live in Springfield!  Provided you’ve downloaded the app store update, that hit yesterday, the event should start up for you when you launch Springfield.

Things kick off by requiring you to build a Brown House.  And then you’ll launch the mini event, with the first task requiring Homer to build a Mystery box, 4hrs.  And you’ll need Springfielders to collect State Pasta.

I’ll be back in a bit with more info as I run through it…

A quick note about the start time.  Totally my mistake guys I’m really sorry.  I wasn’t thinking about time conversion yesterday, and saw 1400 and was like “ok that’s 10am et”. It’s not.  Daylight Savings Time hasn’t started yet, in the US.  It starts during this event (March 10th), so EA accounted for Daylight Savings in the start time despite it not starting yet.  Which means, when this event ends 1400 UTC will be 10am ET, but when it started 1400 UTC is 9am ET.  So what’s the point of this?  Well a really complicated way to say I’m really sorry I screwed up the start time.  And don’t forget, in the US, Daylight Savings starts on March 10th.  

Note on the Amazon Zoom issues: Some players are reporting it’s fixed, others are saying it’s not. I think it depends on if you’re using Kindle or Fire and which version of each.  But honestly, I’m not sure.  I think if they fixed it on some, others may be following.  If you can hold out a little longer…

Also, per Poklfil in the comments,  Galaxy Tab S3 issues are now resolved.

This is your typical mini-event.  Follow a questline to unlock the prizes, with some premium stuff thrown in.

The Mini-Event Leaves Springfield on March 12th.  This is a Tuesday, so you have slightly less than 2 weeks to complete. End time is listed as 1400UTC (which by then will be 10am ET)

Here’a  rundown of the prizes…

Prizes follow the State of Mine questline.

Springfield Mystery Spot, unlocks with part 1 of State of Mine and 300 (from my all time favorite episode.  Don’t worry Ozzie we’re coming for you!)

Museum of Zippers, unlocks with part 2 of State of Mine and 250

Pot Belly Pigeon Feeder unlocks with part 3 of State of Mine and 350

Field Trip Memorial unlocks with part 4 of State of Mine and 400

Governor Mary Bailey, unlocks with part 5 of State of Mine and 350

There are a couple of new premium items available in the store…well 1 new combo..

Judge Harm and the Juvenile Courthouse- 150 Donuts.  Judge Harm can earn pasta.

Beyond that there’s a bunch of returning content…

Little Lady Justice- 75 Donuts

Five Corners- 70 Donuts

Capital City Capitol Building w/ Rose Quimby- 150 Donuts

Ballot Box Mystery Box- 65 Donuts.  Contains: Eisenhower’s 4×4 w/Eisenhower, Springfield National Park w/Teddy Roosevelt, Scandalgate Hotel w/Richard Nixon, Ye Olde Cherry Tree w/George Washington, Lincoln’s Cabin w/Abraham Lincoln, President Lisa, Russ Cargill, Adil Hoxha, Presidential Estate w/Freedom andRepublican Party HQ

New Land!

A TON of New Land was released with this mini-event!  Thanks to Super Safi, who counted, there are 240 NEW tiles of land that were added today!  And according to our resident math man…”It would take 4 months of twice a day every 12 hours Golden Goose to unlock all the tiles”

Collect All Feature!

Yes, my friends, you’ve been asking for YEARS for this and it’s finally a reality!  There is now a Collect All Feature in Springfield!  Well, you have to unlock it, but it’s available!

This Collect All Feature comes to us via the Sky Finger Monument!  I’m going to write up a detailed post with the dialogue etc, but for now, know that it comes via the Get to the Point questline.  This is triggered by Quimby and is separate from the prize track questline. Once completed you’ll unlock the Sky Finger Monument…

This will be your Collect All feature.  Every 24hrs you can tap it to instantly collect all cash and XP in Springfield.

And there you have it my friends, the details on the newest mini-event to hit Springfield!

Thoughts on the State of Despair mini-event?  Excited to get Governor Bailey?  Judge Harm?  Mystery Spot?  How excited are you for a Collect All button?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

133 responses to “State of Despair Update is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. okay, so new land was released, where or how do u find it?

  2. Phyllis pintner

    This update did not correct the continual zoom in the game. I thought they would have corrected it by now since I reported the problem two weeks ago. I play on a kindle.

    • Still on my Kindle Fire 7 and still way zoomed in. Missed out on almost the entire Valentine’s event since it is so difficult to play when it takes forever to swipe across Springfield. Was sure that EA would have fixed it after the event ended but not yet apparently. Hopefully won’t lose out on this event too!

  3. I would like to see more Springfield Heights land released.

  4. I don’t know if someone else has already mentioned this, but I didn’t have to buy and build another Brown House.

    I only have one Brown House in my Springfield, and I got the questline for this event to trigger by storing the Brown House instead.

  5. Anyone else having a sync issue with the Golden Goose Realty? Ever time I sync my game I can harvest another land token. I actually got all the land tokens I needed for the new land.

  6. I have found out (by farming donuts and using them to rush the Golden Goose Realty task) that once you have accumulated enough land tokens to unlock all of the currently available land (including the 240 new plots) the Golden Goose stops producing land tokens every 12 hours and instead reverts to producing game currency. You get a message telling you that.

    So after this update, you can no longer keep endlessly collecting land tokens by leaving a square of land unlocked.

  7. I’ll the Syfinger Monument next to the Unemployment Office. This is quite handy to me.

  8. Adding some training walls to your Springfield will help
    You might have been vandalized by Bart with some graffiti 🦠

  9. Why cant we buy the land anymore? I have all the Springfield money but cant buy land anymore and they are not giving it to you on this mini event. They need to change it back to where you can use your cash.

  10. Looks like an interesting update… Would love to play it, but the Google Play Store won’t download it. Tried three times, canceling it and restarting the update, and it just freezes on “Downloading.”

  11. My game self-updated without an app-store visit. I’d actually been checking Google Play yesterday and today, feeling it was likely the time was coming again for another mini-event.

  12. Pyanfar the Hani

    Did anyone else’s righteousness rating fall from 5 stars to 1/2? Happened with this update. I’ve glanced through the comments but I apologize if someone brought it up and I missed it.

  13. My game is getting glitchy with this update. My donut factory keeps showing donuts to collect. I collect them, it adds it to my total, and the timer reads 16 hours to go. When I go back into my game, the donuts are gone and the icon is showing ready to collect again. It’s groundhog day all over again!!!

    • Maybe try going to a neighbor town to force a sync before you leave…might break the loop.😄

      • Thanks! Took your advice and went to a neighbor’s town then returned to my town. Did a hard close, went back in, and the donuts were gone with it ready to collect again. When I click on the building, the actual timer is correctly counting down; however, I also noticed my buildings in Springfield Heights were ready to collect again. Those buildings have a long timer, so it caught my eye. I wrote down my cash, went out and in again hard closing, and it let me keep the cash several times. If only the glitch would let me keep the donuts, right?

        • Wierd….lots of building revenue glitchiness today. Don’t know how else to keep the donuts unless you spend them. 🤔
          Hope it clears up.😊

  14. Before opening my game for updates, it’s always a good idea to come and check the posts and comments here… little tips like Ebron gave, and warnings helped me more than once before…
    thank you! I am all excited for this mini event!

  15. I had no idea this was happening ( I forgot it was Wednesday ! ) I spent a lot of the day rearranging parts of my town around the massive increase in space due to GGR.

    I also had a run of good luck with mystery boxes, several news vans and lots of extra donuts !

  16. I just did the update and now I have the same game twice! Should I delete one of the games??

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