TSTO Addicts Saturday Simpsons Trivia: “Dancin’ Homer” Leaderboard

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week our Saturday Trivia focused on the “Dancin’ Homer” episode of The Simpsons, in honor of Baseball’s Opening Day.  Now it’s time to see how y’all stacked up with your fellow Addicts! Before we get to the leaderboard, I want to remind you that this is for fun.  There’s no prize, other than bragging rights, for coming in first place for Trivia.

Right now this just something fun to keep us all entertained and to bring the Addicts Community a little closer together. 🙂

Here’s the leaderboard for last week’s trivia:

Nickname Score Country
ebron 8/8 USA
Gogstar37 8/8 UK
Gogstar37 8/8 UK
Krustoferson123 8/8 USA
Kymanifly 8/8 USA
Madoushi 8/8 USA
Mr.Black 8/8 USA
Alfie 7/8 UK
Beezt 7/8 Slovenia
Blazerfan2235 7/8 USA
Chrissy 7/8 USA
Daizydad 7/8 USA
dani-lyndsay 7/8 Canada
Dougyman89 7/8 USA
Em 7/8 Canada
Erin 7/8 USA
essence1919 7/8 USA
Hawkeye 7/8 USA
jbl540 7/8 Australia
Karen 7/8 Canada
Karen 7/8 Canada
Laurie 7/8 USA
Maddentown 7/8 Canada
Merryji242 7/8 USA
Neorei2088 7/8 USA
Refuse.resi57 7/8 Argentina
senorian 7/8 USA
Shemae 7/8 Canada
Teigan. H 7/8 UK
Yuize35 7/8 USA
Zulu9521 7/8 Netherlands
AudioAlive718 6/8 USA
beann50746 6/8 USA
BloodyVendetta 6/8 Canada
Bobq 6/8 Canada
canid88 6/8 USA
Charles 6/8 USA
Dan 6/8 USA
Dark_R0nin 6/8 USA
DoctaZaius 6/8 Canada
Duckgrey 6/8 USA
Genesisfan1 6/8 USA
Jayfrosty 6/8 USA
JCFritz 6/8 USA
John 6/8 Australia
Jshoe66 6/8 USA
k00lviruz 6/8 USA
Leela 6/8 USA
Magope_35 6/8 Spain
Mike 6/8 Canada
Milhouse 6/8 USA
Ptvroman 6/8 USA
Ralph 6/8 USA
Sanjicat 6/8 USA
Simpsonsfan 6/8 USA
SlimWhitman 6/8 USA
suznstl635 6/8 USA
Tracy 6/8 USA
Tricia 6/8 USA
Wes 6/8 USA
Aaron.G70 5/8 Canada
bennyqne 5/8 USA
Bmtb52 5/8 USA
BowMaster 5/8 Canada
ChalkboardChampion 5/8 USA
Doogler11 5/8 USA
Fred 5/8 Canada
Ivan 5/8 USA
Kempo1981 5/8 UK
Kovkov2281@gmail. 5/8 USA
Kymanifly 5/8 USA
Marty 5/8 USA
MattP13 5/8 USA
Mike 5/8 USA
misssami1330 5/8 Australia
Mizzywall649 5/8 UK
Mr t 5/8 Australia
Plutonimpus 5/8 UK
quickskill 5/8 USA
Rhubarb_Runner 5/8 USA
Ryan 5/8 Canada
Sandytoes74 5/8 USA
Shorty 5/8 Canada
Todd 5/8 USA
toller169 5/8 USA
Tygrrrrrrr 5/8 Australia
1Bringdown 4/8 USA
Berman 4/8 USA
Bnfire 4/8 USA
Bobbo 4/8 Canada
camera850 4/8 Holland
Ccjean823 4/8 USA
Charles 4/8 USA
Cjpar 4/8 USA
Cpuworks 4/8 USA
Doh 4/8 USA
dohhomerdoh 4/8 USA
Edyenea 4/8 USA
Fmurdog2 4/8 USA
Heidi 4/8 USA
Jack 4/8 England
Krregt 4/8 USA
LucaSpadazzi 4/8 Italia
Mammabear 4/8 USA
Melquack 4/8 USA
Mikebrit 4/8 UK
Nonickname 4/8 USA
Squareman 4/8 Germany
Sw180793 4/8 UK
Terry 4/8 USA
Ydouneedtoknow 4/8 USA
Zarcissa 4/8 Canada
Aziel 3/8 Philippines
brorobo 3/8 USA
DY 3/8 Australia
Fred 3/8 USA
Amy 2/8 USA

And the most frequently missed questions this round were:

-Dancin’ Homer T-Shirts are sold 2 for $9.99. This is false, they’re actually 2 for $24.99. 
-The Simpson family sits with the Players Wives at the Capital City Stadium.  This is false, they sit with the Ex-Wives.

And on this round, most of you scored 6/8.

Congratulations to all those Addicts who scored 8 out of 8! Great job!

More Trivia coming later today! 

How’d you stack up on the leaderboard?  A lot of ties going on! Excited about the trivia?  Ready for the next round? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

3 responses to “TSTO Addicts Saturday Simpsons Trivia: “Dancin’ Homer” Leaderboard

  1. Woohoo, 8/8. I thought I told you to shave those sideburns!


  2. I thought I did terrible with 4/8 glad to see there were quite a few others with the same score as me.


  3. Hi all, I just got Princess Kashmir and Florence of Arabia. I want to build a “sleazy” area for it… can some kind folks share a picture shot of such examples? I really have no imagination… thanks!


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