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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Happy Easter!  How are you celebrating?  Do you celebrate?  Have you decorated Springfield for Easter?  Favorite TSTO Easter content?

ICYMI we played a new round of Simpsons Trivia yesterday, all about the  Easter themed (sorta) episode “Last of the Red Hat Mamas”.  Check it out here if you haven’t played yet.

How’s your designing coming?  What are you doing with your town?  Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post) Oh, and don’t forget about the Stadium Freeplay Showoff this week.

And finally, how about the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

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  1. Futurama WOT Players

    Hello all! Any Futurama players still around? I logged on this morning and there was a Limited Time icon on the middle right of the screen. It has a timer of -350d 10h 42m now. Could it mean they’re throwing in the towel? There are 7 limited time offers which aren’t even given proper titles and graphics. Titles include “TitleText2, TitleText3, TitleText, AwesomeTitle3, AwesomeTitle2, AwesomeTitle4, TextTitle4” It looks as if they’ll be pulling the plug in 350 days.

  2. never forget MAB =(

  3. As I’ve said before, they gave us the finger and all this crazy stuff is happening.
    It’s like they are slowly walking away from the EA cubicles. Who knows, I like my other theory better. Have a an awesome night everyone. I’m going to have a late dinner consisting of Japanese food. Yummy……….

  4. Okay I will say, this I am tired of thinking about a new event.
    Life goes on.

  5. Question the ominous music. Still no update.

  6. Hi there! New person here, with my first comment. I’ve been trying to buy “Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant” for almost a year now. It costs 200 donuts, which I have, and I also have “huge tracts of land” (any Python fans here?), but there is a glitch. When I try to buy it, it appears half on the beach, and won’t slide onto my land so that I can confirm the purchase. The button that allows it to rotate is missing as well. I have twice spent an hour on the phone with EA. They couldn’t fix it, and didn’t seem to much care, either. They told me to wait for the next update for a fix. There have now been more than a half dozen updates since then, and still it won’t work. I also have lots of bugs and glitches in my game, and they never get fixed, and the frequent crashing is back as well. What the heck is going on at EA? The item I want to buy is one of the most expensive in the game, at 200 donuts. Doesn’t EA want to sell premium items? Does anyone else also want to buy this and can’t? Aaaarggghhh!

    • Can’t help you if it is a glitch. But try clearing two rectangles each of sea and land. Then try to place plant. Good luck.

      • Charles, you the man! Because of your advice, I figured out how to place it, and now I have it. Many thanks.

    • The plant is available in the yearbook, Even if you got it last it would only be 150 donuts and you would get other stuff.
      This post has info on how to place it in town as it has to go over ocean beach and grass to be able to be placed.

      • Thanks Ellie. I wish I had seen your reply about 10 minutes sooner; I would have saved myself 50 donuts. I had seen the Plant in the Yearbook, but figured that if I couldn’t place it by buying it, the yearbook wouldn’t let me have it either. But if you and Charles could help me, why not the “geniuses” at EA? I wasted 50 donuts, 2 hours of time, and countless blueprints that I could already have earned from the Plant, leading to more donuts that I therefore couldn’t earn. I’m really not impressed with their tech support. I’m sure I’m not alone.

        • I don’t have any experiences with them but my guess is that they’re super-specialized and don’t actually play the game. They probably have a list of issues that they can figure out or walk you through or just, at last resort, give you an item but they almost certainly haven’t explored the whole possibility space like the people here have!

          • Very true, but in playing this for 2 years, the Plant is the only item I have come across that has such precise requirements for placement. They should be aware of that at EA, and be able to help. Then again, they can’t even fix the crashing issues. 😠

  7. Lately I’ve been getting the Bart screen almost every time I visit Springfield. Reminds me of the good ol’ days of years gone by 😉

  8. david cantrell

    I always blame the accountants, those grey beings for when things get shoddy. Trying to save a few dollars here and there instead of doing the very best product…. so very many things of beauty have been rendered ugly and useless from that point of view. Ehhh. maybe everyone is on a vacation at the same time in the simpsons tapped out section of ea. they sure are not saying.

  9. Is there a maximum bonus percentage? Went from 240% to 750% with 2 days left!

    • Supposedly there are people roaming around here with 4000% so still a long way to go…

      • I’m up around 4200% or something but I know that I’m nowhere close to what many others are working with – I’ve seen something like 10k% somewhere – and it’s way more than enough to the point that I might just store it all and pop it out if I ever need more donuts than what I have stored now.

  10. Hey guys, ive got a suggestion i was wondering if you could create lists of every item from different countries or places for example every item from cypress creek or france or something. This would help alot with creating little mini countries and cities

  11. Um. Anything in the files about what’s coming next. The current quest line ends soon. I hate to say it, but I’m getting bored. Is EA trying to bore us into quitting the game so that they can more easily end it?

    • Nothing yet but that’s more of a Tuesday question

      • Well it’s now a Wednesday question & all is quiet. Another 2 week layoff perhaps ?

        • I certainly hope not. 2 weeks is a long time…

          • Agreed, especially as we have just had a two week event that was doable in a few days.
            I’m kinda hoping the tennis court ” glitch ” was intentional & perhaps a Heights update is on the cards. Very optimistic I know but it did have us collecting all the various items but one. Maybe some sort of test run, you never know with EA.

  12. Happy tapping all😊, or not as the case may be, doing a 12 hours cycle of my characters and 2 or 3 kem farms a day, got everything I wanted from the mystery box, mainly characters and a few other items, tennis courts also till I get 1000% at 975%, town now full of them and I don’t like it, got over 1500 donuts saved, getting about 100 a day, if something doesn’t happen soon then I will soon lose interest, take a screenshot of my town, frame it and move on, been playing for a very long time and maybe time to move on 😶, have a great week 😃😎 sun’s out here ☀️⛱️🏖️

  13. They can pry this game from my cold dead hand
    before I stop playing .

    🐒🌎 . See ya bye . 👽

  14. are they going to fix the issues with kindles?
    I’ve a week left until the corn i started at the begin the issue is done

  15. I can’t log in, reset the password (which this time it has to be at least 8 characters plus numbers, unlike previously)
    And it still isn’t letting me in. I assume EA is on the fritz again.

  16. All of a sudden my Kwik-E-Marts all cost $14,400 to build. They no longer start off costing less and then ramp up to $14,400. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • All sorts of weirdness going on…for sure. Likely it will be corrected when they get the server woes fixed.

      • IMHO, I think EA is messing with us. Think about it ? All this weird crap going on. No new quest, no customer service. I hope I’m wrong but I think we are on the last leg of this game.😭 they are systematically destroying one of the best games out there. It seems that they want to bore us to death so that the player numbers go down and they can show their spreadsheets to the marketing and accounting departments and say hey this game is a money pit let’s get rid of it. A few more weeks of this and the only ones standing will be “WE THE DIE HARDS” .as Alyssa once said …some of us have put real world cash into this game. Some have spent hundreds some a thousand or so over the life of the best game ever..!!!!!!I hope this makes sense. I have a mother of a migraine, so I have to squint or close one eye. LMAO because I sound so pathetic. I want to say more but the pain is interfering with my thought process. Love you all and HAPPY Easter in case I forgot in my other post. 😎🙈

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Or you could say they are giving us a chance to max out our bonus%, acquire older content via the yearbook, and enjoy the last days.

          I still think they will stop all events at the end of 2019, then shut down donut purchases by mid next year, then close the game one year after that.

        • The best idea about what is going on with the game was suggested by another user of this site ( I forget who ) That simply EA have cut the budget for the TSTO team and consequently there are no longer the resources to maintain the game at the level we’ve come to expect. Ultimately this may lead to the demise of the game, but possibly not for some time, Patric suggested 2 years, which seems as good a guess as any.

          • Well if this is all they are offering, what is the point in keeping the game running for 3 months never mind 2 years.
            I’ve not given up on EA yet but must admit my patience is wearing thin.
            Surely we won’t have another couple of weeks of nothing after what was basically a 3 day mini update.

          • Hi gazebos. Like I said, I think they are weeding players by boring us to the point where many players will walk away from frustration. Thus avoiding a public relations nightmare. IMHO. Still, I hope we are both wrong. Lol

    • Check that you didn’t store a bunch by accident…we’ve all done it once or twice.😁

    • Check your inventory, you may have stored some by mistake.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Check your inventory, you probably have some that accidentally got stored.

      KEMs are working fine for me with the normal step up in cost as you add them.

    • Check your inventory, my KEM price is $260.

      • Mine starts at $220. Charles stored one instead of selling one by mistake.

        • Actually I have two out. One is used in the “horror” section as the Kill-E-Mart in most of my towns. As I said previously, I no longer need to KEM farm because my bonus is very high.

          • As I think I’ve heard you say before. I just didn’t want others to get confused with your statement about 260 being the starting point.

  17. I need land, can’t hide anymore tennis courts. looks like in 5 days I get another tile from daily tasks. It gives me time to decide where to put it. Happily up to 1360.05%.

  18. I hit my item limit today 😩

  19. A sad angry Homer saved by a good margarine!

    Happy Easter All!

  20. What is the deal with the tennis courts? Did I miss something?

    • Tennis courts are normally bought with donuts as they provide bonus%. As you can now get tennis court in exchange for movie awards it is a quick way to bump your percentage. I went from 400 to approximately 900 during this event.
      Only thing is that I now have a large area with tennis courts, and nobody playing on it….

    • They’re available to buy for SH awards and give bonus percentage, easy way to up your % without spending any donuts

  21. Is anyone else missing neighbourhood towns? I´m just wondering if it´s a game glitch, or if there´s something wrong on my end.

  22. Is anyone else missing neighbouring towns? I´m just wondering if it´s a game glitch, or if it´s something wrong on my part.

  23. I just went back into my game for second time this early morning. I went to visit my neighbors. Surprise—all my neighbors are gone. Is this happening to anyone else? Any suggestions on how to get them back?

  24. Ah well, the servers are down. They are migrating us to a new world of milkshakes and donuts…. Your inventory is being packed and you are dropped in a world with endless tiles of land. Having to redesign all EA will donate 500D to keep you quiet.

    We will all be in awe with 4K resolution, zoom between close-up and satellite view. And when you zoom in too close you will end up in a Google Street view option, whereby you walk around as the Finger. Commanding people to work, observing communication between characters… best enjoyed with VR glasses of course.

    What a wonderful world it could be….

  25. I’ve been getting kicked off my kindle for a couple of weeks but the last few days have been horrific. 😭😭 . Also all my neighbors have disappeared.. sorry boys and girls, as soon as they fix this I stop by. Happy Easter everyone hope you all didn’t eat too many Bunnies. Lol

  26. Morning all.
    Here in Blighty getting the “EA Network unavailable” message.
    Guessing it’s everywhere…….

    Happy Easter to all,
    Special Thanks to all who run this site.


  27. All my neighbours have gone…
    I hope it’s just a glitch…

    • I’ve been experiencing “cannot connect to server” isssues after a few minutes (or sometimes a few seconds) for over a week now on iPad and iPhone. I was fine with waiting it out to see if EA raors back with new content. I’ve appreciated the time to redesign some areas and donut farm. The server issue makes it just too annoying to bother playing for now, though. Guess it’s time to wean myself from TSTO as I don’t foresee EA doing anything about anything in the near future if at all. Oh well, all good things …

    • Hi Big-Red , are you one of my missing neighbors ??😎

      • Crazymom732 yes I am. The neighbours came back for a day but they have gone again now.

        Any ideas what is going on?

        Part of the EA server problems?

        • Hi Big Red, according to most it’s a server problem. But as I said in my post I think it’s something more nefarious. Lol. Nice to hear from you. Hope I can start visiting soon. Going bonkers. 😎

          • And they were back this morning very briefly. I managed to visit 3 before I got the Bart Screen and then when I got back into the game they were gone again.

            • Darn it, I missed it. But thanks I’ll try to get into the game without EL BARTO kicking me out.😭😛

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