Happy Birthday Safi!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Today is a very special day here at Addicts HQ!  Today’s the birthday of our resident mathematician, the keeper of the stats, the donut farmer extraordinaire,the Monday Morning Mathman himself…Super Safi!  Another year older, another year wiser & another year of bracket battles!

Super Safi is a huge part of Addicts and we couldn’t do what we do without him! So grateful to have Saf as part of the Addicts family!

So Happy Birthday Safi!  Here’s to another year of stats, data, and the Blue Jays losing to the Yankees 😉

Happy Birthday!

-Alissa, Patric, & Wookiee

Now it’s YOUR turn!  We know Safi would love to hear from all of you so be sure to send him some birthday wishes!  If you get a chance today leave your birthday wishes for everyone’s favorite math whiz in the comments below, kind of like a big giant Birthday Card from everyone here at Addicts!  We know Saf will love hearing from you!

125 responses to “Happy Birthday Safi!

  1. HBD Safi!! All the best!

  2. Happy Birthday Safi!

  3. Happy birthday Safi! Thanks for inspiring us with your passion for math, having eternal patience with the endless “how do i KEM farm?” questions, and helping to bring this community together. Hope your birthday is as fantastic as you.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Safi. I hope that enjoyed your birthday.

    I’m also hoping that you give us a new Brackets Battle for Characters later this year.

    • Belated thank you so much garfieldofborg!

      I’m really looking forward to this year’s Bracket Battle. It’s going to be different and I hope you all enjoy it.

  5. Happy late Birthday to my favorite mathmagician!

  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    Happy birthday Safi 🎈🎈🎂 💐

  7. Happy Birthday. Do what you want it’s your day!

  8. Happy Birthday Super Safi 😀

  9. Happy birthday safi!! I love your posts on the sure

  10. Happy Birthday & thanks for the math!


  11. Happy Birthday fellow Canadian!

    Here’s to having a lovely, maple syrup birthday cake! Ah, our Canadian stereotypes, eh? 🤣🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • Thank you so much my fellow Canadian Jennie!

      Ironically, I had maple fudge and poutine on my birthday, but both in the US, lol. That’s what I’m talking a-boot, eh!

  12. Happy Birthday Safi🎂🎉 I really enjoy your posts!!

  13. Happy Birthday . 🎈 🎂 🎁 🍩 🍕 🍺 🎈

    🐒🌎 . See ya bye . 👽

  14. That’s right…it’s Safi’s Birthday…Go Safi…Go Safi…


  15. Happy birthday, Safi.
    GO JAYS !!!

    • Thank you so much Zarcissa!

      What a few days. 24th my birthday, 25th the perfect date, and now today 26th the Blue Jays call up and start Vlady Guerrero Jr. Go Jays!

  16. Happy Birthday Safi. 🎂🎂🎂
    P.S. My birthday is in 3 days.

    • Thank you so much Santos L Helper!

      Over half the world is celebrating your birthday right now, so I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday.

  17. Happy Birthday Safi.

  18. Have a great day , happy birthday safi ,

  19. Happy birthday Safi!! 🎉🎁🎈🎂

  20. Happy birthday dude, take the day. 😎🎈

  21. My calculations prove a Happy Birthday on your special day!

  22. Happy Birthday and best wishes to our neighbor to the North!

  23. Happy, HAPPY, birthday Safi.
    Stay healty

  24. Greetings & Salutations to you on the anniversary of your birth!!!

  25. Happy Birthday, Safi!

  26. Happy Birthday.

  27. Happy Birthday Safi… in a completely related moment yesterday I was doing math. TSTO math… *and then I wrote a bunch of math stuff that would glaze your eyes but*… basically, thx to my recent upjump in bonus % I had to actually sit down w/ my earnings v. expenditures in KEM farming. Then I used a formula from ? Management 101 to figure out my production level and then used basic amortization to weigh my best approaches… then I thought, damn, I bet Safi could just do this in his head.

    Happy Birthday!

  28. talon8770 // rick

    Happy Birthday Safi

  29. The Happiest of Birthdays to you!

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