Who Is Your Spirit Simpson?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A little palate cleanser on this Thursday afternoon…with nothing new going on in TSTO.  Every so often Every. Simpsons. Ever. Twitter account will post up an image about your Spirit Simpson.  They actually post a bunch of funny images, with various quotes and screenshots from the show.  So if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should do so now.  You can find their Twitter Account HereSo I thought it would be fun to gather up a collection of them to see who YOUR Spirit Simpson is…

Are You….

Hans Moleman?

Inanimate Carbon Rod?

Superintendant Chalmers?

Rabbi K?

Kirk Van Houten?

A Funzo?

Is Everything Coming Up Milhouse for You?

Llewellyn Sinclair?

Radioactive Man?



The Daredevil Murdock?


Dr. Nick?


Mayor Quimby?


And finally, Cletus?

So my friends…who are you?!  Share which character you’re most like, and why, in the comments below!

36 responses to “Who Is Your Spirit Simpson?

  1. Looks like I’m a cross between Ned & the Rabbi! LOL – good fun, thanks Alissa! 👍

  2. Oh dear, looks like I’m a cross between Ned & the Rabbi! LOL – good fun, thanks Alissa 👍

  3. I think I’m a cross (pun intended) between Ned Flanders 😇 and the Sea Captain🐙🚢 (mostly because I curse like a sailor). 😂

  4. I’m definitely Agnes Skinner. I’m just a cranky old 28 year old lol

  5. am a mix between Radio Active Man and Otto…. yeah man… just relax..

  6. CBG. Worst. Question. Ever.

  7. Johnny Tightlips….

    ….I ain’t sayin’ nothin’

  8. Dr. Nick (I do say hi to everybody at work and in life, except I’m more of a doctor who behaves like Groundskeeper Willie!) 😊👍

    And I still think it would be cool if EA allowed us to create a playable Character representing ourselves (even choosing what Character Tasks we do!) – I’d pay real $ for that!

  9. I am a FUNZO! 🤣❤

  10. I don’t give a diddly about a whole lot of things, does that qualify me for Ned? I swear quite a lot though 😂😂😂
    Thanks a lot Alissa! ❤

  11. Fairly certain I’m Barney. “BURRRRRRP”

  12. This is off topic, but my bf and I just went into our neighbors, and we have none! Is this happening to anyone else?

  13. I think I’m Dr. Hans Otto Van Houten?

  14. I’m almost Otto with the hair and love of metal. . .but not quite.

  15. so i have an interesting bug…. all my characters are stuck in sven golly’s tent. and every time i click into the friends icon and go back i can claim them again… and again… and again…. and since i happen to have the colider going every time i do this i get dough nuts so my cash and xp just keep going up… havent tried storeing sven’s yet im hopeing that fixes it when i decide i have had enough… fingers crossed.

    • I’ve had this happen before at random times, and I’ve been able to fix it by storing the building in question.

      However, it can be great to add up XP and cash!

      • Good to hear my original plan will likely work… now to get back-doughnuts for all those ones I lost with game crashes during farming

        • I’ve had countless game crashes/loss of connection issues whenever I’ve been RTT farming! It’s super frustrating. I’ve found the best way to get around that is to only lay down a few RTTs at a time.

    • I LOVE that bug! I’ve been “stuck” with it for a few weeks now. Luckily not all my characters were in it when it started so I could still “tennis court farm” with the remaining characters. I just changed my habit from sending the characters on 4 hour tasks to the 1 hour tasks that sends them mostly to the mountain top KEM for premium payout. I don’t plan to give up the benefits until I absolutely NEED the characters for a major event (if we ever get one), even though I have a few tasks that will remain unfinished because some characters are stuck. I got over 2000 donuts and a TON of money from the bug… and I plan to keep going! 😁😁😁

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      Storing the tent will kick out the loop, so don’t do it if you don’t have to. Keep the XP accelerator fired up and rake in donuts. Eventually, when (if) there’s an update, it will get reset. But don’t “have enough” until the game forces you too. Many of us have enjoyed the fruits of a TSTO glitch!

  16. Nuke,nuke,nuke!!!

  17. Of these, I’m probably closest to Agnes Skinner, if I’m being honest. I just haven’t called the police over a bath pillow…lol.

  18. Uh oh… I’m Otto.

  19. I had a three way tie with Ned, Funzo, and Inanimate Carbon Rod. I got two out of three on each of them.

  20. Straight up FUNZO!!!!

  21. I’m definitely the Crazy Cat Lady…still in training, tho, since I only have 3 cats…need about 12 more cats and I’ll be set😼😆😼.

  22. Looks like I’m an Ottoman..

    Thanks for help passing the time, with theses trivia games.

  23. I’m definitely Dr. Nick

  24. That’s scary, that is…
    I’d -like- to be Radioactive Man, but the only one where all the quotes fit is Ned Flanders.
    And that’s despite the fact that I’m an atheist right-hander 😀

  25. I guess I’m closest to Dr Nick since I only have eight kids and don’t qualify for Cletus status 😉

  26. I’m Supernintendo Chalmers!

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