Some News…

I’ll just leave this right here…


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  1. 10:08 EDT & nothing an the Google Play store….
    And no in-app update either

  2. Anxiously waiting.

  3. Italian Beauty

    No update on iOS to download. Maybe an in game update instead? No info yet on this site. Wondering if we’ll get an update today. I’ll still keep everyone free from any tasks, but it’s really strange that there’s no info at all other than something’s coming today. Guessing either no information has been given ahead of time or an NDA is keeping from any information to be shared.

  4. Rainier Irvin Tayag

    What time period does Tapped Out follow and when are we supposed to expect the update to come out?

  5. whoooohoooo!!!! that is good news, finally! so tired of only farming and buying mystery box items to have some tasks to do… well can’t get anymore cause I emptied it out yesterday ~ think I have spent about 2500+ bonuts on it! My bonus percent is gone from last event at just above 1200% to now on almost 1520% ♥ … I know, its insane.! I can actually notice how much faster the earnings starts coming in. I sure was NOT planning on emptying the box for mediocre items at the end, but when it’s just sitting there it’s sooo easy to just buy one more… and I am very happy that I still have some donuts to spare lol 🙂

  6. OvO

  7. At the risk of sounding ungrateful, please, please, PLEASE, fix the Kindle super zoom problem! Pretty please? It’s been months now. I’d rather have that than even an amazing update.

    (Yes, I know tststoaddicts is not ea…just speaking to any higher power that might be listening.)

  8. (smiles)

  9. Well, sceptic that I am, I will wait and see!

  10. Good news, everyone! oops, wrong show!

  11. This has come at a good time for me as yesterday I had really started thinking that the end ( of TSTO ) had come!

  12. Great news!!!

  13. Sounds promising

  14. Like I’ve said before….something is better than nothing, and nothing isn’t really that bad. I’ve been working on the yearbook and have just about completed it, so no big deal if if leaves. I wouldn’t mind seeing new everyday items…picnic tables, lawn mowers, different vehicles, new lawn ornaments, fountains….stuff like that, but new premiums are of course welcome. Have a great Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there!

  15. Use your imagination people, unless like Bart TV has rotted it away. Do I want new content that I have no idea what go do with? Yes. Do I want more characters so it takes even longer to get everyone on a job? Yes. In the meantime, I’ve been exploring buildings that never get animated, visual jobs I never get to use because the characters are always needed for event currency. Take an episode and try to make your own questline around it. Hell, get really creative and make up a really original questline. It’s actually more entertaining than a 4 hour grind.

    • This has come at a good time for me as yesterday I had really started thinking that the end ( of TSTO ) had come!

  16. Hooray!

  17. Keith1Roon991

    Woohoo progress

  18. Matilda Uebel

    I´m happy. I just hope the yearbook stays put. Whatever happens I´ll continue playing and enjoying the game.

  19. I´m happy. I just hope the yearbook stays put. But whatever happens I´ll keep on playing and enjoying the game.

  20. Excitement intensifies 😀

  21. i still have zero expectations beyond what I already mentioned … and I agree with everyone who confirmed that Matt Selman tweeted with UPDATE and not NEW EVENT 🤷

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