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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  Hope you have a great day!

ICYMI Addicts Live was all new yesterday.  We talked TSTO, fun things to do, EA and more.  Check it out here if you missed it.

Also, you may have missed Saturday’s Simpsons Trivia…all about The Fat and the Furriest.  If you missed it you can check it out here.

Nothing new in TSTO…still. How are you passing the time?  Enjoying the new content on the site?  Any ideas for future posts?

BIG NEWS from Matt Selman About TSTO, ICYMI yesterday….


How’s your designing coming?  What are you doing with your town?  Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post) 

And finally, how about the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

56 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. I got the Lil Lisa Plant in the yearbook box and couldn’t find a good place for it. I always missed it when I was clearing out tasks. So I moved all my recycling items to one area. I think it looks pretty cool and I can collect donuts that much faster now 🙂

  2. 💖 Happy Mothers Day 💖

    Welcome new friends and old ones .
    Welcome one and all .

    🐒🌎 . See ya bye . 👽

  3. 1FantasticDad

    The last time we had a huge lull and speculated on the end of the game, EA ended levels. My guess is IF the game continues, there will be major changes coming to the game play. Even if the game is ending, I believe that EA will at last give us the remaining items seen in the files but not yet introduced, such as the collect all button and the giant toilet.

    Just my opinion.

    • There wasn’t a huge lull prior to Level 60 hitting (which is what brought the end of levels), in fact, there was a TON of gameplay. There was just a significant break in level updates. But there wasn’t a lull in the game.

      Level 59 hit on Tuesday 11.10.2015 and we didn’t see another level update until Level 60 hit on Wednesday 05.18.2016. But in between the two level updates, there were a TON of updates in the game…

      Update #101: Released Tuesday 11.10.2015. Level 59
      -Update #102: Released Tuesday 11.17.2015. THOH 2015 Removal Update.
      -Update #103: Released Thursday 11.19.2015. Thanksgiving 2015 Mini-Event
      -Update #104: Released Wednesday 12.02.2015. Springfield Heights Part 2
      -Update #105: Released Tuesday 12.08.2015. Christmas/Winter 2015 Event
      -Update #106: Released Wednesday 01.13.2016. Much Apu About Something Episode Tie-In
      -Update #107: Released Thursday 01.21.2016. Deep Space Homer Update
      -Update #108: Released Thursday 02.04.2016. Daily Challenges Update & Football
      -Update #109: Released Wednesday 02.10.2016. Valentine’s Day Mini-Event.
      -Update #110: Released Wednesday 02.17.2016. World’s Largest Redwood
      -Update #111: Released Tuesday 02.23.2016. Casino Event.
      -Update #112: Released Wednesday 03.09.2016. Marge-ian Chronicles Episode Tie-In.
      -Update #113: Released Wednesday 03.16.2016. St. Easter Event (Easter & St. Patrick’s Day)
      -Update #114: Released Tuesday 03.29.2016. Casino Event Removal, no other additions were made to the game)
      -Update #115: Released Thursday 03.31.2016. Crook and Ladder Mini Event.
      -Update #116: Released Tuesday 04.19.2016. Wild West Event.
      -Update #117: Released Monday 05.09.2016 Whacking Day 2016.
      -Update #118: Released Wednesday 05.18.2016. Level 60.

      The complete list can be found here:

      • Oh sheesh. Okay, let me clarify to be technically correct. Level 59 hit 11/10/15. Level 60 hit 5/8/16. That was 182 days. There was the same kind of talk that the game could be ending. Becauze, ya know, everyone is always chicken little and thinks that the sky is falling.

        The conclusion of the 182 day lull “in level updates” was the end of levels. That was a major change to the gameplay. I’m thinking the same thing may happen here.

        • Sure. You COULD be right!
          But then again…this entire existence could be in a water droplet floating off of a dog’s whisker in an alternate universe. Or…we could all be a digital simulation. It COULD be true. All of it…

          But, frankly, one of the most useless forms of using your time, is speculation. Of this, I know I more than COULD be right.

  4. I’d happily settle for a patch on the zoom problem over any new event. (If we’re just getting an update.) My Springfield looks like a dumpster fire and not in a funny way.

  5. well, looking forward to anything new. But enjoying the down time and after the tennis court % now resorting the BM/RTT farming.
    Just the first time around I bought about 20 RTT and of course after 2 or so tries on the 1,2,3 bonuts I encountered Bart. So lost about 10 attempts.
    Thereafter bought a max of 10 RTT per turn and no more Bart Screen of Death.

    I assume there will be a changes, on the other hand they could have killed KEM farming and other options long time ago if it was bothering them with their revenue.

    Be it a small monthly fee, I would not mind. Enjoying this game since the monorail.

    Surprise me EA!

  6. I have decided that the “Send Springfielders to…” tasks really properly annoy me.
    Even if you only need 5, whilst the task is not completed it blocks the bulk task assignment.
    So you admit defeat and put all your Springfields on the job. 280 or so.
    And it strips everyone back to their vanilla costumes. Grrr
    But you forget, and you get annoying Arnie in his helicopter. That animation triggers an unusual level of rage in me. Probably remembering back in the day when you’d be trying to tap other things and the flying animations would hijack your tap. At least we don’t have that any more.

    • Omg you read my mind on all accounts (and I got a Springfielders task this morning).. Arne in the helicopter is the final straw after that annoyance!

    • The “Send Springfielders” tasks are not so bad. Yes, they can very annoying at times, but I like those tasks, especially when they are a part of a multi-task quest (because I don’t want to complete those particular quests for the convenience of sending everyone one on the same job multiple times per day). As for the issues with some of those tasks requiring the characters’ default skin (in other words, the original appearance of those characters who have additional skins), there some “Send Springfielders” tasks that do allow you to use a character skin to complete the task. They are (to the best of my knowledge) all of the “Send Springfielders” tasks that are from the Daily Tasks menu, and the “Get Down at the Anvil” temporary tasks that are a part of Roscoe’s questline (which I have been trying to get EA to change into a permanent job for all characters, including their skins, because I really liked sending all of my Springfielders on that job without always having to change them out of their costumes, and now I can’t send them on that job anymore since I accidentally completed that questline due to being very sleepy tired at the time). There may be other similar “Send Springfielders” 4-hour tasks that allow the use of a skin, but I have yet to find a suitable replacement for the “Get Down at the Anvil” job.

      • I have two 4 hour jobs that all but a few oddballs, the stonecutters and the monorail characters do. The premium characters all get sent to The Boiled Potato to “Drink & Babysit” and the non-premium all go to Smooches on the Beach, which I picked up in the Yearbook recently, and they “Overpay for Sex on the Beach” which pays them the same rate the premium characters get. So it’s basically just tapping two things and then taping like mad to send them all back off every 4 hours or so. So much less time consuming. And the money is great. It’s really simplified my game.

  7. Keith1Roon991

    Happy tapping all, few designs i have been working on, hope the updates a good one. Have a good week.

  8. What if EA had prepared only multi-events for this year, but then they realized that they were not as remunerative and funny for the players as the regular major events? So, they decided to change them on the fly and they needed time for it, so that’s why the downtime.
    It’s just a speculation, but I want to have a wilder theory then usual. 😝

    • I actually thought the new format allowed more dialog. The Christmas event stories were great.

  9. In D’oh Canada, the Simpsons travel to Niagara Falls (80 mph for 14 hrs) or 1120 miles. Springfield, OR is 2670 miles away. So Patric, Springfield is not in Oregon.

    • Please, let’s not have this debate again.

      Can we agree on this…

      Physical Springfield in the show is everywhere and nowhere (as the show itself defines logic and time), but it’s BASED on Springfield Oregon.

      • Sorry, it was just a joke. Yes, it was based on the town in Oregon. Yes, there is no physical logic to the geography of “Springfield”.

      • I’m not disagreeing that the Simpsons’ Springfield is primarily based on Springfield, Oregon, but I just now had an idea that I’m suggesting as a theory to the possible physical location of Springfield (or, more accurately, the physical location of the state that Springfield is in). Because of the intentional enigma of where Springfield, and its mystery state, is, I think that the mystery state, which is also fictional, is actually a naturally occurring pocket dimension, and the state’s borders also define the pocket dimension’s boundaries. It would certainly explain why the state doesn’t appear on any map, and why it borders certain states that are otherwise nowhere near each other in addition to Springfield’s proximity to an unnamed sea/ocean. Also, the abbreviation for the state’s name is “NT”. I have read somewhere that the meaning of that abbreviation is that state is called North Tacoma. Regardless of the accuracy of that meaning, the abbreviation alone could be a clue to the geographical location of the pocket dimension (in other words, where it is centered on a fixed point). Also, pocket dimensions are like Doctor Who’s TARDIS, bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, and so the pocket dimension that is Springfield’s state could be very small on the outside, but has entrance and exit points in the rest of the USA that are hundreds of miles away from the pocket dimension’s physical location.

  10. My theory is that there is going to be a new form of currency in the game (that will cost actual real money) for new premium items. I think donuts will still be around but perhaps worth less than the new currency or used to buy older premium items. Just a theory though.
    I’d love to hear y’alls thoughts

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Could be, but that would involve writing a lot of new code and testing. The easier way would be to limit the ability to farm.

      I am expecting some kind of mini event with new content.

  11. Hello happy tappers and MAB if the lull is over perhaps you will come back also.
    Peace to all.

  12. david cantrell

    The down time was both good and bad for me. Our silly little game provides me with a small measure of fun and happiness that can be lacking in a life filled with persistent illness and work. It will be as a death when its gone and completed, but I will not shed actual tears, as if it had been one of my dogs. Instead it will be a hollow place unfilled.

  13. Happy Mother’s Day Moms. Six out of my eight kids have a Springfield now. Let the fight for the iPad begin!

  14. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there – we’re all grateful for your collective kindness and caring.

    I’ve been a bit lazy in TSTO recently; I log in and collect missions and send them out again but haven’t even had the gumption to KEM farm, let alone do any fun designing. Just in a personal lull I guess. Maybe when I’m on travel this week, it will be more inspiring.

  15. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    TSTO comment:
    Not finished, but I moved all my mansions to one area. And I’m about 80% finished with my first go-around.

    Non-TSTO comment:
    Lisa and I just came in from spray painting the patio furniture. In about 90 minutes I head out to the semi weekly Blues Jam.
    12 bars in G
    12 bars in E with a quick turn around on the 4.
    Just strum along.

  16. I was never worried that EA would actually pull the plug on this game. After all, Fox renewed the show for 2 more seasons. There are still characters from this show’s 30-year history that have yet to appear in the game (such as Just Stamp the Ticket Guy)

    Part of me likes the downtime as there was a time where some players would complain that there was no downtime between Mega-Events (with all the grinding) and mini events. However, it is frustrating that EA doesn’t let the players know in advance regarding the status of Tapped Out.

    I’m not holding my breath, but maybe there’s a chance EA took all these weeks off to actually improve some of the game’s existing issues, such as a better town census (I have over 300 characters and scrolling A-Z is tedious!) or give characters their missing 4/8/12/24 tasks (poor Gummy Joe STILL doesn’t have his 24 hr task) or tasks that DOESN’T require another character (i.e. Gravedigger’s 24-hr task required Willie).

    There are still past characters/items that were not included in the Yearbook Mystery Box. Also, some items that were not available if the player already had at least one other item that required it. For example, the Ice Palace was not in my Yearbook because I already had Martin’s ice Princess skin. I also could not have Mexican Duffman since I already have Duffman and his factory. Maybe the next update might address all of this

    My XP Bonus was around 730% prior to the Marge at the Bat “event” (which was lame, except for the tennis courts). I took full advantage of the tennis courts and my XP Bonus increased to over 1200%. I believe I’m at the point where I don’t have to rely too much on farm KEMs and just rely on Tiki Bars/Ambulances/Rat Tracks. I had about 140,000,000 of in-game cash (plus 1300 donuts) and decided to finish off Cecil’s “Road to Riches” tasks. They were previously an afterthought as I did not have make enough in-game cash (needed to save them for KEM-farming!) but with the recent tennis courts and new characters from the Yearbook Mystery Box, it was now possible for me to complete them.

    BTW, the EA servers better do something about those Bart Screens of Death! I know this game is a memory hog, but I have 4 GB of free space on my Android!

    • I’m not going to speculate, but I’m curious about the wording in Matt Selman’s post. “Update”? By update does he mean event? Or merely a bug fix? I guess we’ll find out soon.

      • lol it’s amazing what going outside the norm will do to people and how it makes you think.

        Regular updates for nearly 5 years, and then a sudden slowdown and we’re all parsing on what the word “update” may mean. And no I’m not picking on you in general. I had the same thought. I kind of chuckled to myself thinking of the freakout that would follow if the update was just a patch…

    • What is the story with tiki bars, do they yield high XP?

  17. Happy Mothers’ Day, Alissa! And to all of the other mothers who read this post.

  18. Looking forward to seeing what the new update brings as I haven’t been into my Springfield for a few days now out of boredom. Although I have found myself playing Looney tunes: world’s of mayhem to pass the time.not sure how long it will sustain my interest though.

  19. Can we get a what is like to see return in the yearbook that? Still stuff i want that can’t get

  20. Happy birthday, Homer Simpson! 😊

  21. HaPpY mOtHeR’s DaY
    to all the beautiful, crazy,
    hard-working mommies
    out there!!! Enjoy the day!!!
    Relax! Nap! Drink!!!

    • I had a brief moment of panic thinking I’d forgotten mothers day then I remembered we had it back in March!

  22. Happy Mother’s Day to Alissa and all the other great Moms out there!

  23. Happy Sunday, after a very cold ( < 10°C / < 50°F ) week we are having a nice warm sunny day today.

  24. Happy Sunday y’all. Honestly digging the downtime but so be it. I still play, just my own way. Anyway random songs for a Sunday. Love to see yours, set your player to random and list whatever comes up. Just no skipping

    1. Bee Gees “Jive Talking”
    2. Frank Sinatra “Night And Day”
    3. Jimi Hendrix “Message Of Love”
    4. Cold Crush “When No One Cares”
    5. Weezer “Wind In Our Sail”
    6. George Harrison “Stuck Inside a Cloud”
    7. Ozzy Osbourne “See You On the Other Side”
    8. Pet Shop Boys ” Too Many People”
    9. Karlheinz Stockhaussen “Stimmung Model 23”
    10. Grace Slick “Full Moon Man”
    11. Pet Shop Boys “Two Divided By Zero”
    12. Mickey Heart “The Chase”
    13. Camper Van Beethoven “Skinhead Stomp”
    14. Iggy Pop “I Got a Right”
    15. Yuck “Somewhere”
    16. Beck “I Won’t Be Long”
    17. Grateful Dead “Good Lovin'” (live)
    18. Glenn Branca “Shaking Light II”
    19. Daryl Hall “Something In 4-4 Time”
    20. Laurie Anderson “The Healing Horn” (live)
    21. Peter Gabriel “Growing Up”
    22. The Heads “Damage I’ve Done”
    23. Genesis “Fireside Song”
    24. Rampage “Intro”
    25. The Black Crowes “Goodbye Daughters Of the Revolution”
    26. Andy Bell “Fantasy”
    27. Voodoo Glow Skulls “High Society”
    28. A Chance Operation “Cage, Excerpts from Thirty Pieces for String Quartet II”
    29. Ringo Starr “Only You (And You Alone)”
    30. The Ramones “Strength To Endure”
    31. Frank Zappa “The Radio Is Broken”
    32. unknown artist “Ditola-Ditola”
    33. Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town”
    34. Madonna “Give Me All Your Lovin'”
    35. Extreme “Decadence Dance”

    • Sweeeeeet!!! Extreme!!! Yes!👍

    • Morning Sonic. I haven’t heard of Unknown Artist, but I’ll definitely check it out. I’ve been a fan of Various Artists for years so hopefully UA is as good. Anyway, enough BS, I’ve got to get to work. Here’s mine (a bit Melvins-centric this week, which isn’t a bad thing but makes me question just how “random” is “Random Play”):

      1. Pack Ice — Skeptics
      2. It Was Cold — The Ruts
      3. Ethel — Russian Circles
      4. Monomyth — KEN mode
      5. Somesay — Wah!
      6. The Song Of Illuminate Darkness — Thou
      7. Tractor Pull — Christbait
      8. Energy Fools The Magician — Brian Eno
      9. Lacrimosa — Melvins
      10. The Little Death — The Body + Full Of Hell
      11. Desert One — Negative Capability
      12. Stupid Me — One Inch Punch
      13. Romeo Must Never Know — KEN mode
      14. Release — Unsane
      15. Evil Machinery On The Rise — Toner Low
      16. Single Sided — Alchemist
      17. Crutch Field Tongs/Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants — Dillinger Escape Plan
      18. At The Stake — Melvins
      19. Joan Of Arc — Melvins
      20. Genitals Are Funny — Frenzal Rhomb
      21. Spooning Good Singing Gum — Cocteau Twins
      22. Circle River — Pig Destroyer
      23. Someone Who Cares — Foetus
      24. In The Gold Dust Rush — Cocteau Twins
      25. Against Life — Coffinfish
      26. MMXIV (album) — Keeper
      27. Lay Your Body Down — Meanies
      28. Stay Away — Nirvana
      29. Christbait Rising — Godflesh
      30. Lizzy — Melvins

      Anyone else?

    • Sorry guys. I thought I posted a 50 song playlist yesterday, but I am not sure what happened to it. I’ll try again next week.

  25. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.

  26. Ditto on the happy Mother’s Day to the moms. I’m anxious to see what comes Tuesday or Wednesday if anything. I’ll be pleased even if it’s a small update…but a larger event would be great. Anyway….hope everyone has a great day. 2 game sevens in the NBA…..that’s awesome if you’re into sports…

  27. Blaine Fiedler

    Happy Mom’s Day to all the moms!

    I can’t log in to the app since 11AM EST, so I guess I’ll be productive…or not.

  28. talon8770 // rick

    Happy Mothers Day Alissa and too all the others mothers out there. Enjoy your day.

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      You’re number One this week.
      Stand up, take a bow — and then extend your chair make certain a Mother has a place to sit.

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