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Frustrated With EA? Here’s Where to Go To Contact Them…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I’m seeing in the comments that a bunch of you are frustrated with the lack of communication from EA right now, so I wanted to provide you with some links where you can go to express that frustration to EA directly…

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The New Normal in TSTO? Making It EAsier to Get Frustrated

There is simply no doubt that the YEAR In TSTO – 2019 Edition has been a complete (or incomplete?) bust so far. At the very best, every “update event” has been a thinly-veiled series of small tasks, wrapping around a new, substantial tool that makes “getting everything” EAsier…but also, likely signalling something more sinister.

This has nothing to do with the Disney takeover (which has nothing to do with the game at all) and likely has much more to do with recent major changes at EA, and gaming in general. TSTO rode the crest of “mobile device gaming wave,” and the waves are hitting the beach…and turning into a burbling line of foam marking the declining levels, as we ebb to low tide. (Which is ironic, given the current state of rising tides in the real world).

If you talk to any game designer (and I know a lot of them) the era of mobile-device gaming is pretty well done. Like comparing the “good old days of network TV” with the current wealth of content from streaming companies, it isn’t the content that has changed, but the delivery devices. It’s simply too difficult to keep adapting old programming to new technology, and remain profitable. But, that is an entirely different conversation.

When you are in your seventh decade of life, you have the choice to think  “everything will just keep going on like this forever,” or be realistic, and realize that there is a cycle to everything. Gaming is no different. You can keep pretending, and be surprised when it ends, or realize that it is the nature of all things.

There are too many signs to ignore…even for the bliss-ninniest of the bliss ninnies.  BUT…THERE ARE STILL LOADS OF WAYS TO ENJOY THE GAME…Which I am happy to share. These coincide with the “updates” and the tools given us during these updates. But remember…they are great tools, that also double as harbingers of the next reality.

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