It’s May 14th, So Where’s the Update?

Update: There is an update on the server!  Looks like it’s in-game (you should see it download in your game), called Moms of Springfield.  I’m pulling files/images now…but…

Amazon Users…it looks like they attempted to make a fix.  Let me know if you see any difference in your game.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I assume a bulk of you are looking for information about the update that was promised by Matt Selman over the weekend…

After all, it’s May 14th so what’s going on?!

Here’s what we know…


As of right now, there’s no new update on the server, no pre-event packet given to us from EA, nothing.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t get an update.  It just means there’s nothing new at the moment.  My guess is, if it’s going to be an app store update, it’ll hit the app stores tonight (which means it’ll hit the servers this evening) and launch in our Pocket-Sized towns in the morning.

If it’s an in-game update, we’ll likely see it hit the servers in the next few hours and see where it goes from there.

All I can tell you is once we have more information I will update you all.  But for now, use this post to comment/speculate/complain, etc about the update (or lack there of).  And if you’re looking for something fun to do to pass the time you can check out our latest “Name that TSTO Tune” post here or play a little Simpsons Trivia Here.

Happy Chatting! Back with more when I have it. 🙂

74 responses to “It’s May 14th, So Where’s the Update?

  1. i can see it’s a miracle

  2. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I am not on Facebook or Twitter or any such site,

    According to another site,
    Other tweets from Matt Selman include::

    “The brand is still strong”
    “It’s not over, I swear”
    “More updates on the way “

    And, perhaps, rumor, rumor, rumor
    The teaser was on 3/11
    the update was on 3/14
    It it will activate 3/15
    We will find out tomorrow if it activates.

  3. With all that down time I thought they would’ve fixed all the issues, but alas the character select box still no workie… do u know how annoying that is with 300 plus people. I mean u could’ve just made a new free building that does the same if u cant fix ur messup. N thanks for the update but it’s still kinda crap caz everything I get will have to be stored just like reunion stuff. I mean half the game is decorating ur town but only the donout rich got GGR n it was gone. Such a basic n important necessity. not even the opportunity to buy for cash like it was. Plus railyard still broke so no more track.. all there is to do really is rake up money which is not that fun. Gohead all u brown nosers can attack me but it’s the truth. I wouldn’t reccomend this game to anyone till it’s fixed. Happy for those whose zoom is fixed but not mine so booo.

  4. Yay update. Still can’t zoom out I’m on the s8 but il live with it

  5. Wheee….

    My Neighboureenos are back! 🙂

  6. I can now view my town in a much wider zoom level than ever before. Is this an unrelated update? It’s drastically different from ever before in 5 years

  7. YAY!!!!! My town is so TINY!!! I can see everything…yikes, what a mess. It’s nuke time as soon as the mom update lands. I’m actually going to draw up a plan this time.

  8. mkdtsto249mkdtsto249

    Excellent! Three more characters. Finally topping the 400 character level.

  9. I downloaded the in-app update and I am still having server problems. Nothing happened with the new in-app update. Is it the same for you all?

  10. Matt Trafford

    Has this update happened yet? If so, it hasn’t fixed the issue playing on S10. Still won’t even load the game without kicking out of the app

  11. Looks like there’s a few things in the yearbook that I haven’t seen before. Or maybe as you buy things, they add things?

  12. I got an infame update at 18:00 MET but nothing new happened.

  13. Both mom characters are from the Bracket Battle, lol.

  14. I follow this blog to keep tabs on the game. Looking forward to the next event. But kinda past my interest in redecorating my town. Haven’t logged in in a couple of weeks. Not unhappy about this. Got plenty of real life things to keep me happy. Will enjoy playing the game some more when there’s new content or something else i get excited about.

  15. Yep, kindle zoom has gone at last. Hurray.
    Yearbook still active too, still have hundreds of items to get, despite farmimg like crazy since the last update. Hope it stays a while longer.

  16. Ok new Characters is a good start (maybe they come with Buildings?) 🤔

    The other updates that have my attention today in the news:

    Simpsons World online will shut down

    Freeform to share off-network rights with FXX broadcasting the Simpsons

  17. My game updated, but nothing happened. No dialog…how can I get these moms?

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