In-Game Update: Real Moms of Springfield (Starts TOMORROW, 5/15)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, Matt Selman was right…it’s update day in TSTO!  An in-game update has hit our games, however, the gameplay is not currently live.  Which means, we’ll have to wait 1 more day for new stuff to do in TSTO.

This appears to be a pretty standard mini-event coming our way.  New characters, new skins, new buildings, new decorations, and new premium items to buy!

Again, this all launches TOMORROW, May 15th at 10am ET, 1400 UTC.  

(It ends on May 29th, so 2 weeks from start time)

A couple of notes…it looks like with this update they tried to fix the Amazon issue, and I’m seeing reports of players saying it is finally fixed!  Great news!  (now if they can just fix the S10 issues, but I digress…)

Another note, those experiencing lockout issues on the S10, I believe this is only happening to folks outside the US and Canada.  Mostly folks in Europe (particularly UK), and I think I’ve seen 1 report in Australia.  Not sure if this is related to a Samsung software issue in those areas or not, since it seems to have happened after you did a software update on the S10 from Samsung.

I think, based on this content, this was supposed to launch last week (given that Mother’s Day just passed), but it appears that between the server issues and trying to (finally) fix the Amazon issue it was held up.  Hopefully, now that those issues are addressed, we’re back on the road the regular updates again!

And finally, here’s a sneak peek at the characters/skins/items arriving…

WARNING SPOILERS BELOW…I’m making an exception to my regular “no spoiler” rule because it’s been FOREVER since we had an update.  So if you don’t want to know, don’t click below…


Items will be returning, BUT only the Mother themed one’s (Manjula, Sarah Wiggum etc), I don’t see any signs of the Golden Goose Realty returning at this time.

And that’s it my friends.  Stay tuned for the start of Real Moms of Springfield TOMORROW, May 15th at 10am ET (1400 UTC). Until then relax and have some fun!

Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see an update in TSTO?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


102 responses to “In-Game Update: Real Moms of Springfield (Starts TOMORROW, 5/15)

  1. Speculating here but I personally think EA is working on improving the core code first and once that’s done they’ll start doing major events again. Last year there were so many bugs and all the animations with the itchy and scratchy event made the game less stable. Frustrating for so many people. While we haven’t received a major event since Halloween, we have gotten fixes to bugs, plus the expansion of land, increased item limits, and rereleased past content. That all requires an investment in servers and coding on EA’s part. I don’t think they’d make that kind of investment if they expected to end the game. I’m happy to be patient waiting for mucho new stuff cuz the game play itself has drastically improved over the last year.

    So for me: Yay an event!! Thanks EA! and thanks for the other improvements to the game play.

  2. Well, I was able to clean out the yearbook over the lull and get my bonus up to 1100%. So donut farming is paying off, and this is the first event ever that I didn’t have to hesitate buying the extra/new characters! Hopefully they bring back more of the passed characters as I still see lots of missing people from my collections…

  3. oh yisss, an update!! …

  4. And finally i’m playing !!!!!!!!!!! Whoooohoooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. swiftfoxmark2

    Looks like this update finally fixed the zoom issue on my Kindle.

    • Yup, as we talk about in the post I noticed the coding attempt in the files. So glad it’s fixed!

      • It isn’t fixed on my kindle…Wondering if it was only certain ones? I have a Kindle fire HDX 7″ (2014 version). It is playable but ya…Nowhere near the zoom I used to have.

  6. Is this a US only update? In Germany there was (still) no in-game update.

    • It updated yesterday, but it hasn’t gone live yet, it will start in 30 minutes. Check your character collections, you should have a new one called The Real Moms.

  7. Has anyone lost all their friends in other Springfield? Tried for the first time in many weeks to visit and all the other towns have vanished. Might be as a result of this update or could have happened some time ago. Has also happened to someone else I know.

    • Yes, this happened to me as well, but I returned back to my own Springfield, and the next time I tried my friends towns were back…

  8. What time would that be in GMT zones please? Not sure what utc is?

  9. So this is a Mothers day update..Probably a good choice EA for a come back event. Not many people going to argue Mothers day sucks haha.

  10. It’s not the type of big update I was hoping for but it’s SOMETHING and I’m SO EXCITED. I really would love to have more moms/females in my game too, like S&T’s mom and Martin’s too! Too bad about Golden Goose Realty, I could REALLY use that, I hope it comes back soon!

    Now that there’s been an update confirming it’s not completely dead, I hope they have Whacking Day cause if I don’t get to whack snakes and lay some eggs in friends towns I’m gonna be sad!

  11. Ooh a Simpsons Tapped Out lock-out? Yeah, I think I have been experiencing that. I haven’t been able to play for over a week… Except, I’m an iPad / iPhone user… So, I’m not sure what my issue was. I continually got the “unexpected server issue” screen with Bart and the plug. I finally had to delete it and reinstall it which took an impressive 35 minutes to set up after the massive download of my Springfield from their servers. And EA is just awesome. You report something to them and they never get back to you. EVER. Still, I’m happy to hear there’s finally a content update coming. It’s about time. You sink a few thousand into a game, you kind of hope things run a little smoother and that you can actually play it. That hasn’t been the case, and this isn’t the first time this has happened for me either. No answers from EA the previous times either. So, not really a big surprise when it happened this time.

    Has anyone else using an iPad or iPhone living (living in Canada or not) experienced a week-long lockout / server issue? Did it get resolved? Any input is appreciated so I don’t keep experiencing this myself. It definitely seems like a habitual thing at this point because this is probably the third or fourth time it’s happened now.

    • Mine wasn’t a week long, but I wasn’t even able to log in or even ACCESS the login screen for a whole day on Saturday, it was just Bart’s retry screen. Finally it cleared up and has gone back to just doing it occasionally in my town and every other town during friend visits (I can’t even look at anyone’s town anymore, I have to tap fast af and then gtfo 🙁 )

    • Not sure if this will help your issue, but I’ve noticed that I get the Bart screen more often when I’m using wi-fi as opposed to data. Sometimes I turn off wi-fi just to get past the beginning screen, then turn it back on once I’m in, so it doesn’t use more data. It’s worked several times to do it that way. Good luck!

  12. I’m still getting kicked off every few minutes……what’s going on? I thought things were fixed?

  13. damn, it’s quite heavy on amazon fire! over 700MB!

  14. Glad to see the yearbook is staying (although, at 1012.5% – thanks tennis court farm! – I don’t really see the yearbook boosting me more than maybe another 100%). I’m wondering if they’ll ever fix the issue where the monorail event will pop up on my wife’s Springfield. She’s been playing for a couple of years now and at maxed out level (939), she has the dump, but nothing has popped up to start the actual monorail quest line & she’s sick of hearing me say I got another 5 donuts from the monorail every few days…heh.

    • DAMN, I wish my percentage was anywhere near that haha. I’ve finally worked it up to 170%, but I wish I took more advantage of those tennis courts. I was stupid and didn’t realize they were temporary and that they gave such a boost until it was too late, and 3 were all I could afford by then. ;__;

  15. I remember asking on last week’s open thread if there could be a mother’s day update next and now there is one coming tomorrow. 😀

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