BUG ALERT-Real Moms Of Springfield Questline Bug (FIXED)

UPDATE 5/16/19 @ 2:40PM ET: FIXED. This has been patched.  The bug is fixed, and now the requirement is 150 Crappy Gifts, down from 200. 

Update: I’ve added another workaround below…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Stopping the coverage of the mini-event rundown for a minute because I just discovered a bug in the questline.

When playing the questline in my “C” game, which does not have Mona and Nana Sophie, when you reach part 3 of the questline there is a discrepancy in the amount of currency you’re told to collect. The questline/prize track box says you need to collect 200

But in the box that pops up to physically send the characters on the task (when you hit Do It), says you only need 150

So because of the discrepancy, you get stuck on the task.  Once you collect 150 it won’t let you send more characters to collect, and you can’t clear the task/prize because that says you need 200

So this is something that needs to be patched ASAP.  Update: Same thing happens in the game where you’ll earn a Land Token instead of Nana Sophie and Mona.  It’s a bug with part 3 of the questline.

However, a quick workaround is to pay close attention to the count of you’re collecting for Part 3.  When you get close to 150, but don’t go over it, make sure you send enough characters to earn 50+at once.  This way you’ll clear the prize and won’t get stuck.  Again, this is just a quick workaround (and a royal pain) until it’s patched.

Update: Sorry guys, duh moment on my part this morning.  Just realized the other workaround to this that’s easier than the first way…Another workaround is to find the characters that earn the currency and select them via their individual task list…

Again, characters that can be sent: Marge, Lisa, Bart, Homer, Helen Lovejoy, Ruth Powers, Apu, Manjula, Sarah Wiggum and Jerri.

Hopefully, this is something that’s patched quickly!

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  1. Keith1Roon991

    Are we there yet, nope just about to complete tasks 2 😋

  2. Did the patch just now fix this?

  3. ” find the characters that earn the currency and select them via their individual task list… ”

    Thank you for posting this information Alissa! 😊

    I’m in no rush, just grateful if I can log into the game without “Bart Simpson Screen of Death”! (lol, EA doesn’t owe us anything! so never expect an Event to be 100% bug free ….. besides, I’ve lost count of how many bugs my fellow Tappers have exploited to their benefit over the years, right?) 😉

  4. I finished Part 3.. and since I had Mona and Nana.. So I had the land token. I could not get the land token because it locked all my characters just like it does for Mona and Nana. It said storage was full and had to use up Mother’s Day Gifts.. There was no box or tasks to activate to donate or forfeit
    To get around this glitch I had to find each character that collect gifts and manually send them on the 4 hour task of donating or forfeiting. Once I got them on that task I was able to continue and got my land token.
    Hope this makes a bit of sense.

  5. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Do we know..
    First task requires 150. Will the excess
    currency carry over into the next task, or should we stagger starting our characters?
    Always annoying to have 145 units, need only 5 more to reach 150, earn 60……
    And wind up wasting 55.

  6. Anyone having issues getting the game to launch? All morning I’ve been getting the Cannot Connect to Server screen.

    • Yes. This has been an ongoing problem for me for many weeks now. The update didn’t fix it at all.

  7. I’m still working on Part 1, but it seems like the work-around would not be possible with the number of characters I have available to collect currency. I don’t think I have enough to send enough characters to earn 50+ in a single round.
    I hope they have it fixed before I get to Part 3.

    • I posted a new workaround. I had a duh moment earlier, no idea why i didn’t put this down in the first place

      Find the characters that earn the currency and select them via their individual task list…Again, characters that can be sent: Marge, Lisa, Bart, Homer, Helen Lovejoy, Ruth Powers, Apu, Manjula, Sarah Wiggum and Jerri.

  8. ugh, am locked out on Part 3 too. Hopefully they will fix it quickly!

  9. If you send characters manually to get gifts rather than the jobs board, you can get around the glitch if you’re town is stuck. I cleared my stuck town this way.

  10. Did a bug report to EA. Couldn’t post a link to this forum. It seems I no allowed to post links in the EA forum, since it is my very first question over there.

  11. Thank you, Alissa! You rock!

  12. Can’t you also get around this by sending them out on the jobs manually, instead of through the event window?

  13. When did this game start? I just got it today on May 15.

  14. Was just about to comment on this. Thought it had to do with the tiles maybe since I can’t earn more at Golden Goose as I’ve gotten all the land.

  15. Smh

  16. Thanks for the alert, Alissa!

  17. Seems pretty sad, for such a major bug on an update we waited…50 days for release? Seems like they owed us a nicely working event through all of this?

    • I mean, you’ve said over and over the game was dead and over so I don’t know what they owe you lol

      Looks like they just forgot to change the coding somewhere. Hopefully by posting about it ASAP EA will see it’s an issue and patch quickly. (should be a simple fix)

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