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BUG ALERT-Real Moms Of Springfield Questline Bug (FIXED)

UPDATE 5/16/19 @ 2:40PM ET: FIXED. This has been patched.  The bug is fixed, and now the requirement is 150 Crappy Gifts, down from 200. 

Update: I’ve added another workaround below…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Stopping the coverage of the mini-event rundown for a minute because I just discovered a bug in the questline.

When playing the questline in my “C” game, which does not have Mona and Nana Sophie, when you reach part 3 of the questline there is a discrepancy in the amount of currency you’re told to collect. The questline/prize track box says you need to collect 200

But in the box that pops up to physically send the characters on the task (when you hit Do It), says you only need 150

So because of the discrepancy, you get stuck on the task.  Once you collect 150 it won’t let you send more characters to collect, and you can’t clear the task/prize because that says you need 200

So this is something that needs to be patched ASAP.  Update: Same thing happens in the game where you’ll earn a Land Token instead of Nana Sophie and Mona.  It’s a bug with part 3 of the questline.

However, a quick workaround is to pay close attention to the count of you’re collecting for Part 3.  When you get close to 150, but don’t go over it, make sure you send enough characters to earn 50+at once.  This way you’ll clear the prize and won’t get stuck.  Again, this is just a quick workaround (and a royal pain) until it’s patched.

Update: Sorry guys, duh moment on my part this morning.  Just realized the other workaround to this that’s easier than the first way…Another workaround is to find the characters that earn the currency and select them via their individual task list…

Again, characters that can be sent: Marge, Lisa, Bart, Homer, Helen Lovejoy, Ruth Powers, Apu, Manjula, Sarah Wiggum and Jerri.

Hopefully, this is something that’s patched quickly!

Where is…MY CHARACTER???!!

As more and more reports of the main quest line characters are coming in, I wanted to just touch basis and update everyone on the issue. Some have experienced Homer and/or Martin traveling to Krustyland, but are unable to get them to return back to Springfield to complete the next quest. Some, like Wookiee (keep clear, some arm ripping may occur), have Homer in Springfield…but off in the “dark lands”. (Mufasa told Simba not to go over there. “Everything the light touches” people, sheesh.) So some get the lovely treat and experience of being able to look at their characters…but unable to get to them at all. In my experience, I have nasty lil Gremlins “hiding” in the dark area. I assumed they just timed out as they are no longer there. (Thank goodness for that 4 hour count down.) I still have not had a response on my issue, I will update when/if I do.

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