TSTO Musings About The Real Moms of Springfield…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another TSTO Thursday, and this time we have an update in Springfield! As usual I have some thoughts, about the update and going forward, so let’s get to ‘em…

-How great does it feel to have new content in our pocket-sized towns? Forget about the content itself for a minute, it’s just really nice to have new stuff in Springfield!  New things to buy, new items to unlock, buildings/decorations to work into town, and several new questlines to work on.  I love it!  Feels so good to be active, with new stuff, in Springfield again!

-How about this content?  I love the Mother theme of this mini-event!  It’s great to finally have Martin’s mom in Springfield too, and the fact that she’s a prize is really nice.  Plus, if you drop the donuts, now Sherri and Terri won’t be orphans anymore. Great to have 2 more females, and moms, in Springfield.
Sure a couple of the prizes are lacking, the Kitchen Carnival (although classic) isn’t the greatest prize and Mona and Nana Sophie (two returning characters) are a bit lackluster for longtime players. But overall this is a solid mini-event.

-The theme of this mini-event strikes me as something that should have hit last week and for whatever reason, they held it up.  So, it’s possible, that this event is the one that some folks were told would hit on May 8th…even though there was another update that hit May 8th, 2018.  At this point, it’s all speculation, but it makes sense to me that this was supposed to be released last week (or even the week before) and something happened that caused a delay.  (like server issues etc)

-With the additions of Mrs. Prince and Jerri, we’re at 408 playable characters in Springfield (this doesn’t include NPCs) and with the addition of the Jake Boyman costume, we’re now at 174 costumes. Crazy to think about it.  While there are SO MANY characters in The Simpsons, I don’t think in 2012 any of us (EA included) thought we’d get to over 400 full characters in TSTO.

-The Amazon Zoom issue is fixed!  So happy for Amazon users to finally have their games return to normal.  And, I’m going to say it, I told you all that the C/S reps were full of it when they said they weren’t going to fix the problem.  Zoom issues have been happening on various devices for a few years now, they always fix them.  Sometimes it takes some time, while they figure out the root of the issue, but it gets fixed.  Frustrating for sure, but just have to have some patience with EA fixing those larger scale problems. Now if we can just get them to fix the Zoom issue on Android Pie…

-Speaking of issues, a new one is starting to spread…lock out on Samsung S10 Devices.  At first, all reports (that I saw) were of devices outside the US, but it’s starting to spread to those inside the US.
From what I’ve gathered, based on your reports, it happens once you download and install the newest Samsung update. I just received an update yesterday morning on my S10.  I was a bit nervous to download it, knowing about this lockout issue, but knowing I have several “backup TSTO devices”, I tried it anyway.  No issues for me.  🤷‍♀️  I did see the Bart Screen a few more times than I have in recent weeks, but I attribute that to more people playing right now.
So if you’re one of those folks impacted by the lockout on S10 devices I suggest you contact EA directly.  You can do so here.

-So now that we’ve had an update, do you guys think they’ll go back to rapid fire update pace?  Or we’ll have long breaks between them?  This is now the 3rd mini-event (4th if you count Marge at the Bat) in a row, think they’re gearing up for a large summer event?  Or think we’ll see a mini-event pace for a while?

-Even though we have update coverage to bring you we’re still going to continue with some of our “downtime” posts as well (this post included).  We’re having fun writing “outside the event box”, so we’re going to continue doing so.  Not every “downtime” post will make its way into the post rotation during this event, but we’ll see what we can work into the plan. Plus, now that we have something to talk about, we’re working out when we can get 1 more Addicts Live in this month.  So be on the lookout for that this Saturday. We’re going to continue to have fun, no matter what the game throws up so we hope you’ll enjoy the ride with us! 😊

Thoughts? Care to share your own musings? Any thoughts on regular posts you’d like us to run during downtime? Did you contact EA to tell them you’re mad as heck? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I’m kind of enjoying the mini-events. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing forever, and it’s nice to have a little bit of downtime and not have to check in 4 or 5 times a day like you do with the large events.

    I now have 405 characters (haven’t finished the mini-event yet). I’m finally on the flipside of the premium character debate, as I never bought the donuts to get Maw Spuckler, and she became available this event. So it’s true…patience is a virtue.

    That leaves me without Hans Mechman (hopefully a future event release) and Mexican Duffman (lost in the Rollback glitch). Mexican Duffman was not available in my Yearbook. Does anyone know what building he came with (if any)? I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to get him back.

  2. I wonder whether they’ll ever add a new friendship prize….it would be nice to see something to encourage me to get off my a$& and visit my wonderful, but admittedly neglected, friendvilles.

    • i concur

      • I agree, too, because then there would be an even number of Friendship Prizes (20 total prizes, instead of the current 19). But why leave it at just one new Friendship Prize. EA should keep adding new Friendship Prizes (after adding a 20th prize) until the time that they decide to end the game, just as long as the final total number of prizes is even number. I don’t like leaving certain things at odd numbers.

    • Bangles Dupree

      Love you, neighbor! I know I haven’t been so great myself about visiting, but I haven’t forgotten about you. Be well and live your best life, Sandra!

  3. Lindsey Riley

    Hi huni, I’m hoping your able to answer a question for me… I believe Disney bought the rights too Fox but do you know if it is just film’s or does it include the animation side too ie Simpson’s..Ty long time player xx

  4. Thanks to not having a supported device for a few years (I refuse to put it on my primary phone) I missed a few years of events. And my 140 characters are apparently way below target. But I’m mostly a freemium player (bought donuts twice ever) and I like having to work hard to get 150 to empty out a page of the yearbook (I’ll refresh for 30 minutes to get a good option). I rely on the monorail to get most of my donuts so I wish this event wasn’t using so many of my needed characters, but I basically like it.

  5. I’m guessing we’re going to have Mini-Events from now on (I would be surprised if we actually had a true Event occur!) – it’s nice to have the Mother’s in Springfield honoured, I hope there is another Mini-Event event for the Dad’s (Father’s Day) 😊

    I factored about 2/3 of the Mini-Event Prizes are worthwhile, the other 1/3 are whatever and the Premiums are optional (you will not need them to finish this Mini-Event!) – the Mystery Box delivered me Arnie Pye and Apu’s Wife w/Apartment (yes!) so I already feel like I’m winning 😀

    If this Game App turns into one Mini-Event a month? I’m fine with that, provided most of the Act Prizes don’t suck AND there will be new Premiums! 😊

  6. I didn’t know there was 408 – that’s crazy! I think I am at 363 at this point. I usually have the same 5 characters kept separate from the rest (Robot Burns and Smithers, because they depend on each other for a 4 hour task), and I keep Arthur Fortune, LT Smash and Norbert on 24 hour tasks (that coincide with my Donut Factory, Channel 6, and KBBL) because I detest their stupid 4 hour flying animations. This is also the reason why Arnie Pye is always in his Stonecutter getup as well… lol

  7. Thank you for the posts, the info, the fun and the community!!!.. I personally like the event.. but I wish for a large event with more prizes and items 🙂 but c’est la vie…

  8. Glad to have new content even if it is a bit lame. I’ve emptied the Yearbook Mystery Box (about 9000 donuts, mostly farmed) which kept me going in the downtime. Still have loads of empty space and many unused land tokens so not clear why some folk have none available? Would really appreciate some more challenging events.

  9. Toilet, toilet, toilet!

  10. It’s nice to have something new to do and it was timed perfectly to happen just after I’d finished the last task on my donut splurge on yearbook items. I remember the downtime between events of a few years ago and then EA changed to back-to-back events which meant a whole bunch of items just dumped on land as there was no time to design. So I quite like this new format – but maybe two or three weeks between events, not months, in order to give the appearance of the game still being alive 🙂

    One annoyance over the last few months is the continuous server connection issues: for me on startup it is guaranteed, during tapping (and I probably only do 5-10 minutes every few hours or so) one or two drop outs. I wish they’d add some robustness so that the game can continue, even for perhaps 10 minutes without a network connection.

  11. Thanks for this post Alissa, I agree with everything. I think this will be the pace for 2019, mini-events or 4 act mini-events, with two or three weeks of downtime between them. Downtime that may – or may not – be used to try and fix the bugs that affect many players.

  12. I’m enjoying the update and like the theme, but I have to say: I miss decorating my Springfield. All the new content (including the last few events and yearbook bonanza) just gets neatly placed and left alone. As an advanced player with years of collecting I have no space for decorations. I used to place trees, fences, parking, and such with all my new buildings, but with space restrictions I can’t do that anymore. In fact I’ve had to remove a lot of decorations that I’ve had for years. My point is it makes getting new content less exciting, boring even, because I can’t get creative and decorate it. Just place it and that’s it. And I don’t even have all the land. Why can’t we have enough space on our profile to fill our town and make it unique?

  13. I can’t get in anymore, but I always enjoyed the mini events. I am going to try and get in again, hoping against hope. I have not been able to play since September.

  14. AudioAlive718

    Good, fun, reasonably well thought out event. I must admit that a slightly less demanding schedule (less “grinding”) would be a pleasant change and would allow some time to craft and design our towns and their surroundings and to keep them fresh. On another positive note, I am excited by the new energy and positivity that I feel and that I sense in the community and the addicts as a whole. Long live TSTO. Long live the Addicts! Let’s (continue to) have some fun!

  15. Do you remember that Cecil, the brother of Bob, who still owes us a very expensive item? what happened to that?.

    • That was going to be my musings this week but then the mini event hit and I had relevant thoughts on that.
      Road to riches will be in a musings post soon

  16. A little off topic. I was thinking, my son is 7 years old. I think parts of my Springfield have been in place since before he was born. Always have to have Flanders next to Simpson’s, Moe next to music store, George Bush across street from homer and slant drilling next to the school. Soooo many more

  17. Based on behavior of the developers and my experiences as THE computer guy, I think they are taking time to restructure/refocus/fix outstanding back end issues. They can’t do this with a breakneck update speed because they are pushing more bugs on top of bugs and can’t get the original bugs fixed. There is probably a team of 10-20 who work on this game and they can only do so much on a daily basis without programming new content every 4 weeks AND an ever changing platform of devices they need to make sure are compatible.

    My hope is they roll us all in to TSTO V2.0 with updated EVERYTHING! Of course not sure what that V2.0 would be…

  18. We can all breathe a sigh if temporary relief! Yay! Good vibes all around!

  19. My neighbors still come and go. But about an hour ago I maxed out in cash in my Alpha game. Normally the system would crash after 3 RTT. I kept extending the number of RTT. Did over 20 without a crash. So maybe they solved some of the server problems.

  20. I like the non stop event schedule, I started playing this game to fill spare time, so what some feel is a ‘grind’ I feel is the game serving it’s purpose for me. Giving me something to do when RL is slow, or I need a break from RL. But, even when there’s downtime between events, there’s still plenty to keep me occupied in my mini Springfield…and that’s without having a B or C game to tinker with.
    What can I say, it’s the little things in life that make me happy.

  21. I’m happy with the event. I was also pleased to learn about the number of playable characters…I’m at 380 or 381. You mentioned being able to purchase new items?? What are these and where, I was only able to get needle exchange. Have a great day/evening everyone.

  22. I just received another in-game update to my game. I cannot confirm this, but it may be a patch to fix the bug with part 3 of this event.

    • It was. I’ve updated the posts to reflect it a few hours ago

      • I didn’t know that at the time because WordPress doesn’t notify me when you make edits to existing articles/blog posts. And I wasn’t following the edited posts directly because I hadn’t made any comments on them.

  23. Rusty Shackleford

    Well, I’m happy about the new content, but I suspect mini updates with long breaks are the new normal….hopefully I’m wrong.

    And yeah, I really wanted Kitchen Carnival, but it’s such a disappointment….aggghhhh. My cousin made her own and featured it at a party, it was really fun, and yes she is known for eating cotton candy with her dinner…ok, she did it once while we were in Vegas, still funny though!

  24. I don’t think that we are completely out of the woods, yet, regarding the break periods. I would not be surprised if there is a big summer event on the horizon, but I suspect that the possibility of a few more mini events & breaks happening before EA is ready to release that big event is still very high, especially since we don’t really know what the real reason is for all of the past breaks that have occurred since 2019 started.

  25. Ya! I am only missing 1 character now!

  26. “With the additions of Mrs. Prince and Jerri, we’re at 408 playable characters in Springfield…”
    Thanks for that. Of course, I *just* sent all [non-event-related] characters on a four-hour job, but my vague recollection is that I’m at somewhere between 330-350 [full/playable] characters. 🙂

  27. krustoferson123

    I love the update. Funny, fun, they put effort into this. I’m very pleased.

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