TSTO Musings About EA’s New Content Teaser…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another TSTO Thursday and as usual I have some thoughts for you.  This time I’m musing about the upcoming update teaser we got from EA earlier this week.   I’ve got a bunch of thoughts so let’s get to ‘em…

-So now that it’s Thursday morning and we still don’t have new content in TSTO, it’s pretty clear EA popped out that little Facebook Teaser to keep everyone calm for (at least) another week of no new content.  Which is good and bad.  It’s bad in the sense that now that Pandora’s Box (new content) has been opened we all want it now!  But it’s good for a few reasons.

First, even though there’s no new content update EA actually made a statement about the future of TSTO.  And the future is still very bright for our favorite pocket-sized towns!  We’ve been asking EA for months to just say something about the future of TSTO because the silence (and lack of updates) was driving folks mad with speculation.  And finally, they’ve made a statement!  Exactly what we’ve been asking for, about not 1 but two upcoming events for our favorite yellow family.  Only took a month + but looks like EA finally learned that silence isn’t a good thing in the TSTO Community.

– I think it’s hilarious that the “actual Simpsons writers” were totally thrown under the bus in EA’s “statement” when it was the “actual Simpsons writers” that initially were responsible for calming the wild speculation about the end of TSTO.  If it wasn’t for Matt Selman’s tweets a lot of Tappers would have lost their minds…and there’s no telling if that Real Moms of Springfield mini-event would have even hit.

So I think EA should be thanking the “actual Simpsons writers” for saving their PR bacon…and maybe this is their way of doing it.  A little touché from EA…

-So let’s talk about these new upcoming events…

First, Game of Games.  I know a lot of folks are thinking it could be a play off of Game of Thrones, which would make sense given the Game of Thrones popularity.    But, to me, it’s a little odd to me for Game of Thrones. That episode of The Simpsons has been done in the game.  (Serfsons anyone?)  So yes, there are still skins and some buildings we could get but we already have a bunch of the content.  So unless this is going to be a ton of returning content with this event, I don’t think it’s Game of Thrones.  And if it is Game of Thrones, I would expect that to be a mini-event.

So we’ll have to see.  We might think Game of Thrones, and EA may give us a twist on (my favorite) THOH episode, THOH XXI…the one with the War and Pieces mini-episode.  You know the one where the board games come to life?  (don’t remember this one?  You can check out my 2013 post all about it here)

Now how about the Flanders family reunion?  Well, first off this one is pretty self-explanatory….

(thanks Geoffy2357 for posting this Youtube in the comments the other day!)

I can see this playing out as either a mini-event or a main event with Flanders galore!

-In either case, with these (and future) updates let’s just hope EA brings back fun elements to the gameplay.  Things like the Stonecutters Sacred Parchment Puzzles, Casino Games, even a Clash of Clones style of gameplay (where you had to defend from and attack your neighbors).  Those were fun elements of gameplay that kept players engaged in the game for longer than…tap, clear, and reset tasks.  I think the TSTO Community at large is “itching” for some unique gameplay, and we’re all hoping after a long hiatus EA’s going to bring it!

And of course, as always…once we have any information regarding an upcoming update (and can share it with you) we’ll let y’all know!  For now, everything is just speculation on what each update may bring…

Thoughts? Care to share your own musings?  What topic do you think I should tackle in my next musings post?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

29 responses to “TSTO Musings About EA’s New Content Teaser…

  1. I’ve only been playing TSTO for about 3 and a half years or so, but I think there might be something to the phrase “Game of Games” itself. Game of Thrones is a bit too obvious. What exactly would the “Game of Games” be in the literal context? Maybe that’s a part of what it will be then.

  2. I figured this “flash report” from EA about an imminent update was total 💩… and now, a week later, still not a whiff of any new content? I truly think our game is dead… ☠️💀☠️💀☠️💀

  3. Elizabeth Milliken

    I’m looking forward to EA bringing back crafting & events on a “regular” basis. Christmas was a huge disappointment with all that brown & burning trees. Yuk. Events have become blah, not much substance anymore. Halloween was awesome! So please bring back the Simpson’s game I loved.

  4. Well, the ‘like star’ worked for me after I posted my comment, just not before I posted. Perhaps that’s it? RS

  5. I hope we will get a full event and not mini event after mini event.

  6. Thanks for the shout out..If they are doing a Flanders event maybe they will include Crazy Ned. One of my Fav’s

  7. With the amount of time that EA has had to put together something great, I hope they do. A new major event with some new, fresh play mechanics would be fantastic. Unfortunately, I am a glass half empty kind of thinker when it comes to EA’s approach to this game lately. Just look at their track record for 2019. A lackluster V-day event followed by a very forgettable mini event, then a huge lull only to end with a mini event that was 2 weeks too late. The only redeeming thing so far (IMO) has been the yearbook. I think there is going to be too much read into EA’s statement. It will be over hyped, and EA will let us all down, which seems to be the norm anymore.
    Now don’t get me wrong. I love this game. I have been avidly tapping since 2013. I did not mind the lack of new content the last few months, even though it did have me a little worried. What it DID was give me time to work on my town. I had a lot of stuff plopped around the edges that I never had the time to place due to the constant grinding. Now my Springfield is looking pretty good again, even though the designing is never done.
    My hopes for the future of TSTO is that EA finds a balance between new content and down time. I definitely want to see this game keep going for a long time to come. I want to see large and small events with various styles of game play. I would also like to see EA turn on the old event mechanics for certain buildings. Like others have mentioned, there have been so many different ways to tap over the years. For example stone cutters, clash of clones, super heroes, casino games, tapball, destination Springfield and many more. I would like to still be able to play those mini-games. It would be a way to keep players engaged during downtime. Also they could be used to earn items from past events without everything being inside mystery boxes (at least non unique and non premium items). As mentioned in a recent post, let’s not forget friend points, road to riches and Springfield Heights. There is some much potential left in this game.
    I hope the future of TSTO is long and bright. I hope EA proves me wrong about what’s to come. I challenge EA to really step outside their comfort zone and do things differently moving forward. However, regardless of what comes next, I’m sure I’ll keep tapping. After all, I’m an addict.

  8. With the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, I am hoping for a Star Wars theme with the opportunity to get Mark Hamill “Luke be a Jedi toniiiight”

  9. david cantrell

    concur with the neighbor interactions, really miss those as an element

  10. Does anyone else beside’s me think’s that this could pass for a Halloween Event.


    Cause when I first saw it on Facebook my first thought was a Halloween Event which didn’t make sense to me because it’s still too early for that. Only after reading thing’s here did I learn that it’s a GOT Event

    • EA did use some stuff from The Serfsons episode and other magic related episodes for a Halloween event in 2017. Many people were not happy that this took over the Halloween update so I don’t think EA will do a Serfsons themed Halloween update this year, at the very least they could do a mini event or 4 week event based around this episode in between June and September.

  11. A lot of left hand things added could be added for a Flanders event.

  12. Maybe a non-Ghost Maude 🤞🤞

  13. I just want Grandma Flanders “Hello-Joe!”

  14. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Four(?) years ago, when I was still young and newbish,
    There were Secret Agents, Men in Black, that had to be tapped.
    I liked that one!

    I like that one, in part because it reminded me of 35+ years ago when I was on the Employee Activity Committee and I ran a Who Done It Spoof regarding April 15th and the tax man cometh.
    He’s Coming!
    And looking for you!

    Had everyone talking, guessing, what was going to happen.

    Different time, long, long ago. Once a month we held a donut sale in the break room at afternoon break. A quarter for a donut. Some people got upset when they discovered the donuts cost 26 cents. The difference coming from the fund that off set the cost of the employee picnic and Christmas party. Four dozen donuts, once a month. Even 35 years ago, people got upset at a loss of half a buck once a month. Of course, they weren’t willing to pay 40 cents instead of 35 cents to buy a soda from the Employee soda machine.

    But I digress….

  15. I think heckling EA via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram helped, too (don’t get mad, get your voice out and let it be heard loud n’ clear!) I still think it’s fine to playfully continue to heckle EA (but take the time to thank them when they do right!) 😀👍

    I still have zero expectations, so I can’t be disappointed when nothing happens (so long as TSTO keeps going, I can earn bonuts, I can buy from the Mystery Box? I will keep Tapping!) 😊👍

    Meanwhile, I had a fun time with this quiz (you definitely need to know you’re Simpsons and Futurama) 😂


  16. Been waiting 6 years for some clash of clones content. We got the Lisa outfit last year. Patiently waiting for the rest.

    The games in Clash of Clones and Stonecutters sound fun. I never got to play those.

  17. a Game of Thrones event would be amazing, specially if they incorporate Clash of Clones neighbor interactions, or the one were Homer got the referee skin.. or even parts from the Super Hero events.

  18. Would love a seemingly endless string of Flandereszzzz. Maybe voiced?!!

  19. What about a riff on Ellen’s Game of Games?

  20. Honestly, I’m still just basking in the glow of the Kindle zoom fix…anything else is just gravy. I’ve finally been able to do some designing with all the items I’ve gained over the last few months. It’s a regular Renaissance in my town!

  21. I’m not really one to speculate but I love the idea of Flanereses galore.

  22. Historyguy303

    I was farming like a mad man and got so many new characters its scary. I’m looking forward to the next event as I still have a lot of donuts to spend.

  23. Personally I hope they give us back the casino games… really loved those! 😍

    • I really liked the casino games too! I still play many of the games we do have (that still work) on a regular basis, though not all of them.
      Btw – is anyone else having problems with this site? I haven’t been able to ‘like’ any comments for ages. Whenever I tap the star it looks like the browser tries to open another page, but then goes back to this one, & it never ‘likes’ for me anymore, even when I make sure I’m signed into WordPress. The same happens if I try to tap the ‘3people’ part. I used to be able to see the names but can’t now. I can’t really think of anything else to try if it’s something I’m doing wrong. I often have a problem w/replying to the comments also as it can be difficult to tell if my comment has actually posted which sometimes results in duplicates. I did get a new tablet a few months ago, but it’s the same type I had before (IOS) so it should be the same. 🤔 TIA! RachelS

  24. Thanks a lot Alissa 🙂 we just have to trust that in the near future something will arrive. Carry on with the musings, we love hearing from you!

  25. Keith1Roon991

    Would like any event that is unique and fun to play away from the 4 hour tap, repeat, something new and original, lets hope its good 😁

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