Game of Games Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 1 Mapple HQ

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Let the games begin!  After a long hiatus, we finally have a major event in Springfield!  Game of Games has arrived and it looks to be a game fest of nerdy proportions!

The Game of Games event follows the same event structure that the Simpsons Christmas Special and Love, Springfieldian Style events followed.  This event consists of 4 parts (or Acts), with each part lasting a week and taking us through a new part of the event!

For Week 2, Act 2, we’re following the Evergreen Terrors first round of gaming competition.  All of the prizes unlocked during week 2 play a role in that storyline.

So let’s take a look at the first prize this week the Mapple HQ…

First up, prize 1, Mapple HQ…

How You Unlock it:
Wild Wild Quest Pt. 1
Reach Level 8 and Build Van Houten House
Make Evergreen Terrors Compete in Qualifying Match- x3. 4hrs.
Make Lisa Cheer on Evergreen Terrors- 4hrs.
Collect Game Cartridges- x200.

Once achieved you’ll unlock Mapple HQ…

Other Details:
Mapple HQ
Size: 7×7
Build Time: Instant
Earns: $120, 12xp/6hrs
Consumerism +10
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does it Do?:
   No questline associated with this one.  Always animated (fish swim around).  Extra animation when in use… (see screenshot below)
Task: Martin has a permanent 4hr task there, Work as an Unpaid Intern
WDTCF:“My Pods and Boomsticks” S20, E7

Up Next?  Krustcraft Krusty…

Note: I’m only covering prize 1 in this post because I feel like Krustcraft Krusty, as a character with tasks and a questline, needs his own dedicated post.  So that will be the next post covered.  After that one, I’ll combine prizes 3, 4, and 5 into 1 prize post (since they’re all decorations or buildings)

Thoughts on Mapple HQ? Where have you placed it in your Springfield? Thoughts on the prizes so far? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

20 responses to “Game of Games Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 1 Mapple HQ

  1. Hi I got the hq but couldn’t find it please help thanks

  2. I’ve completed tasks for the Mapple HQ But can’t seem to be able to find/unlock it?

  3. I really like the look of the Mapple HQ and the unique animation it has. It looks good with Atlantis since they both are underwater buildings in the game. Like Patric said in another comment, I surrounded my Mapple HQ with water and put some Exotic Trees in front of it so far to try and give it an underwater look on land.

  4. My building won’t unlock. Both tasks are marked as “Done”, but still no Mapple Hq

  5. I 💙 it

    I haven’t decided where exactly I will place it (it’s in my Springfield that will get moved) … I’m glad it’s not a HUGE Building …. and it definitely is like a tank filled with sea 🐒 🐒’s! 😁

    (down to the last Prize in Act 2 / Week 2, I think I can take the weekend off from Tapping)

  6. Personally like the original Mapple store design better. The underwater bubble thing is a little too weird to me. The Mapple store must be very old school…can’t even remember how I got it.

  7. Steve Domzalski

    I seem to have completed all the tasks but I have not received the Mapple HQ. Am I missing a step?

    • Steve Domzalsk

      You may have and it’s very easy to do (carefully scroll down and you may discover what is left to do) 👍

  8. Why is Mapple headquarters under water? Is it because it’s on the west coast? Lots of recent quake activity there lately….

  9. I’m a bit disappointed the Mapple HQ couldn’t be placed on water, where it belongs.

  10. I cannot start this part of the event. I have scrolled up and down in tasks it shows I’m done and nothing- any advice?

    • hard close and restart TSTO. It may just need to sync

    • Me too a hard reset won’t fix. I have seen some talking about the Wild West part done long time ago and you shouldn’t be higher than a certain level. Well I’m at 15 and can’t get act 2 to let me collect prizes in this current act. Have know idea what to do

  11. Hey so, I’m guessing this might not be the right place but it has to do with the new update
    Has anyone else gotten a request for a 1gb update on the game today?
    And btw i think you all do a phenomenal job, and it has helped me with this game plenty of times

  12. I really like the Mapple headquarters!! I put it next to Atlantis surrounded them with water and made a bridge leading up to it.

  13. Rusty Shackleford

    I have a tech hub near the water. Will put this here. Surprised they didn’t make the hq resemble a spaceship like the real fruit device hq.

  14. Thanks for this post, Alissa! I like Mapple HQ, maybe a little too similar to Atlantis (Moe’s Ark? Can’t remember), but neat nonetheless 🙂

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