Random TSTO Musings the Day After My Birthday

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another TSTO Thursday and as usual I have some thoughts for you.  This time I’m musing about…well a lot of things.  A few things are on my mind so I figured during week 2 of Game of Games, why not have a random musings post?  And of course, I’ve got a bunch of random thoughts so let’s get to ‘em…

-First, I want to start by saying a humble thank you.  Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday.  Whether it was here in the comments, on our Addicts Facebook page, my Instagram, or via email I continue to be blown away by this community of Addicts.
Your thoughtfulness and kind words have greatly humbled me.  So for that, I thank you.

-I’m now another year older, and another year wiser…I guess.  Although I continue to be the “baby” of this site.  It’s weird how quickly time has gone in TSTO terms.  I started this site when I was in my late 20s.  Nearly 6 years ago. In that time, personally, I married my best friend and had two amazing children.  All while running this site, playing TSTO, and answering thousands of comments.  And it still feels like it was yesterday.
It’s funny how time in TSTO passes.  The Stonecutters update was 5, yes 5, years ago.  Doesn’t feel like it was 5 years ago to me.

-Speaking of time passing…can we all take a collective minute to have our minds blown that on August 14th this site will celebrate its SIXTH year in existence? That’s INSANE to me.  A blog about a silly little game is still plugging away six years later.
When we started this site we were far and away the low man on the totem pole.  We were one of the last ones to “startup” in that era and had to work hard for every single reader.  It’s amazing to look back on that and see that 1) we’re, basically, the last of the “big blogs” standing. 2) What started out as being thrilled to have 1,000 hits in a day has blown up to over 120 million hits in 6 years 🤯 3) Comments on this site are approaching 600,000…that’s a lot of conversations and moderation.  And finally, 4) Over the course of 6 years we’ve written over 6,000 posts…ABOUT TSTO!  Over 6,000 posts about a silly little mobile tapping game.  That is…insane.  At least to me.

-Pat said something on my personal Facebook page yesterday that I’m not quite sure how I feel about.  He called me the Queen of TSTO.
Which is funny because 1) I don’t feel like a queen of anything, just someone who busts their @$$ on a daily basis to bring you guys great content. 2) this site wouldn’t be what it is today without this community. And 3) I feel like I barely spend time in my game these days.  It’s been a while since I sat down and actually designed my town.
But aside from all of that, I don’t know…I don’t really talk about TSTO outside of this site.  It’s not part of my everyday conversations.  I know what this site has accomplished and I know what we’ve done with the live stream/podcast but I don’t really talk about it too much.
In fact, I get a little, embarrassed, for lack of a better word when someone brings it up. Probably because I’m not a fan of talking about myself, but maybe a little bit like…I also kind of feel like, if you’re not part of this site or the TSTO world, in general, you’re not going to get it.
Do you guys feel that way?  Do you bring up TSTO to non-TSTO folks?  Or do you kind of hide your TSTO Addiction from others?

-Bringing this back to actual TSTO and Game of Games…how’s week 2 treating you guys so far?  I like that EA has made the questline a bit more difficult by adding tasks for characters needed to earn event currency.  Makes you think before you tap, but still maintains the simple event structure that won’t punish you if you miss a day.

-On the topic of Game of Games, what are you guys doing (or plan to do) with all this game related content?  (Happy Little Elves Farm, Conflict of Enemies Arena, etc)  Are you building a gaming area?  Working it into existing structures?  Making a new area of Krustyland/Itchy and Scratchy Land?  I’m genuinely curious what you’re doing because I don’t have a clue!
Also on that subject…what are you doing with the Mapple HQ?  It looks cool but where does it fit in?  Feels like it should go on the water, but it doesn’t.
Share some screenshots in the comments, if you have them, show me what you’ve got!

-And finally, for those who enjoy these…. Baby Sam is nearly 1.  At the end of August, he’ll turn 1, I can’t believe it…that time went too quick!  Like I did with Riley when she was approaching 1, I went to our artist (Milos) and had him create Sam cartoons for the site (and some other things we’ll use for his 1st bday at home).  Here’s a look at the cartoons he created…

What do you think?  Patric already incorporated his new look into the Game of Games banner.  So look for Baby Sam to appear in the Addicts banners going forward with Big Sister Riley! 😊

Well, that’s it from me this week.  I told you it was a bunch of random thoughts.  Hopefully, you enjoyed the rambling…if not, well….sorry!

Thoughts? Care to share your own musings?  What topic do you think I should tackle in my next musings post?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Random TSTO Musings the Day After My Birthday

  1. Two of my three sisters are Tappers, and they’re the reason I started. Originally Sister #1 (Q1) was tapping for her son, under orders, while he was at work. Every Saturday morning, I (Q2) have a phone call with Q1 at 10 am sharp … once we’ve covered the family intel, work update and general ramblings, we review The Game for the last week. Neither sister starts a new update or buys a new item until they’ve heard from me … I am their conduit to the info from this blog. They get the heads up on Event start-dates, the theme, what to do (SCROLL) and what not to do (don’t buy it, it’s just a skin). It’s a great connection for us. We have specific buildings that we tap in each other’s towns, but unfortunately they are tagging-adverse. Otherwise it’s my guilty pleasure, and I’ve never met any other tappers in real-life.

  2. Bangles Dupree

    Happy birthday, Alissa! I came on board around the time of the first stonecutters. You and my TSTO addicts friends and neighbors have added a lot of enjoyment to our silly little game. You’ve been a comfort and a joy! No, I don’t think the non-tappers get it, but it’s our fun little world and that’s great! Bless you and your family always! <3

  3. First off, Happy belated Birthday Alissa!

    I don’t usually comment but wanted to share my own TSTO embarrassment story. I started the game during the St. Patricks Day 2013 event. In that time I would check your site daily, and it really helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in all my crazy tapping addiction. I can’t tell you how HAPPY I was to have my first active neighbor, which I found through this site. It was going to help me finish the Halloween 2013 ghost event, and it seriously made my whole month better!

    I remember a friend poking fun at me regularly saying “hey you still playing that Simpsons game?” I’d sheepishly say “yes”. Or my girlfriend (now wife) at the time wondering why I’d get up in the middle of the night during the Stonecutter’s event (seriously a great event!). Yea I got chuckled at a few times, but then I’d just mention all their games and social media and everyone would get quiet real quick.

    I rage quit during Christmas 2014 because on Christmas Day the game crashed on my phone. I did the math and I wouldn’t be able to finish the event even after one day down. I felt so BETRAYED by the game I had poured over a year of regular tapping into. Then I felt silly for feeling so mad at a game.

    When I wasn’t playing I’d still check the site every now and then, and the sense of community really brought me back to the game. I came back to TSTO in the middle of Halloween 2017. In that time I was so embarrassed to have ‘crawled back’ that I didn’t tell my soon-to-be wife or any of my friends initially that I had started playing again. Not that they keep tabs on me or anything, but I made it a point to keep my phone facing me at all times so no one could see my town was open. When everyone finally found out (wife after about a month and some friends many months later), no one really cared! Everyone was so busy playing their own guilty pleasure games and social media that they had no room to talk about mine!

    Point being, if it makes you happy and you’re not hurting anyone, go for it! I am now proud to say I’m a tapper and KEM farmer (and not happy to say a building plopper). When this game finally ends, I’ll be grateful for the happiness it brought and move on to the next hobby/guilty pleasure.

    Also, your musing posts and are great so keep them up! Thank you to everyone on this site for your fantastic work!

  4. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I don’t know why, just how y warped mind connects the dots.
    Looking at the drawing of Sam in his shorts, I’m reminded of a Barbara Streisand song

    I told y’all, my mind is warped

  5. Thank you for everything, Alissa. I started this game in January 2013 when my first little tapper was born and I needed a (One handed) game to play when he kept me up all night. My second little tapper will turn one on August 26th. As I watch my now six year old destroy my house (and steal my phone) I can’t believe how the time has passed.

  6. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Now, for the serious stuff..

    Alissa, you are not, repeat, NOT 1 year older.
    Rather, you are one day older. And now, you’re ‘2’ days older than you were at the anniversary of your birth. Hopefully, you will have many more days to come.

    Celebrate 🎉 the day!
    And recognize, in your 30’s, no one considers you a child
    And recognize, you no longer can stay up until 2:00 am, go to bed, get up at 🕕 6:00am and bounce down the road full of smiles and energy.

    As for me, each anniversary brings another set of papers to fill out.
    Discounts to be received.
    Payments to be made
    Payments to be received

    Not like it was in my 30’s, or 40’s where it was just another notch on my belt

    Each day I wake up, I’m happy I woke up.
    Celebrate the moment!

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    To the tune of FEELING GROOVY

    Oat bran is here at last
    My junk food days, are in the past
    Just, choking down a bowl of prunes
    Look at the fun, in turning 50!

    Nothing worse, than turning 50!
    Except in 10 years, I’ll be turning 60

  8. OK… so of course, if it wasn’t for you, I’d almost never talk about the game to friends and family. In fact…as we speak, I have 4 teenagers (along with my grandson) who are staying with us over the weekend for a baseball tournament. Yes. It makes me feel old.

    But, when I realize I STARTED playing this game, so I could do something with my grandsons (who were 9 and 7 at the time) you REAlly get to have aging, and time put into perspective.

    But…whenever someone starts to give me that “you do what?” Look when I talk about the game or the blog…I tell them about the work that we have done in Uganda…how much money we have raised with tappers…and how proud we are of the results….all because of a silly little game.

    This community, no matter what brings us together, is amazing…and what Alissa has done to keep it going, even more so. It was after 3 years of blogging, and battling Addicts, that Alissa and I got together and agreed to combine efforts…bury the hatchet…and move on.

    Nothing is more “regal” than someone who can put aside her personal issues with an adversary, for the “good of the realm.” And that is exactly what Alissa did. We both gained a LOT by doing so…and the ability to keep going, when either of us is burned out, became possible.

    So yes… Queen. You have earned it. Wear the crown proudly!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Wow, didn’t know you and Alissa started out that way.

      I came here for tips years ago and then much later started participating.

      I’d call Alissa the First Lady of online Springfield!

      • The world of TSTO blogging has a very…complicated past. The stuff perfect for a soap opera, or a reality show 😂😂😂

      • LOL…it was a soap opera. LOADS of behind the scenes craziness, from the get go. And it actually started before either TSToAddicts or TSTOFreinds were born. TSToTips was only around for a few months…but boy oh boy did it ever create some insanity and scrambling when the original owner blew town.

        As far as Alissa and I, I tend to look at it like co-conspirators who both got led astray by other players, before coming back together. But, Alissa is far more than a First Lady. She is the top blogger…period. So, Queen? President? Empress? Far more descriptive. I am at best Jon Snow to her Danae…but without the hanky-panky or torching of innocents. She rules. I follow willingly.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Top blogger for sure! All of her “should I buy” posts plus the wonderful Yearbook compilation has earned her the top spot.

        • Tracy-1ltwoody920

          Some of us remember What’s-her-name——Bunny.
          But if one delves into historical postings, one can see postings by Bunny on this site. From several years ago.

          Several years ago, I came across ‘ancient’ postings by Patric on this site. At that time, a fellow called Cranky Guy was running his own site.

          I asked Alissa if these two persons were one and the same person. Alissa diplomatically, VERY diplomatically, confirmed that they were the same person and that they simply had a parting of the ways.

          Now, Ms. Bunny has moved on and Mr. Patric has returned.

          And Miss Alissa continues to remain diplomatic and refined.
          I have a great deal of respect for her.

  9. On the subject of age …. I am no spring chicken and I play an ‘A’ game and a ‘B’ game on the same device SO I have to log out of one to log in to the other. When I do, I have to give my age … If EA are keeping a running average, ultimately it will look like the game is played by a bunch of geriatrics!!!

  10. All hail Alissa, Queen of the Tappers, Ruler of Tiny Addicts, Master of Posts and Creator of SIB-orgs 😀 we LOVE your ramblings!
    I’m thinking about a gaming area, might begin to design it the day after the Game of Games showdown post (wink wink).
    I’m pretty low-profile about my TSTO addiction, though I know I can speak freely in this awesome community.
    I like this week’s pace, it seems like it’s neither too difficult nor too easy.
    Keep on with the ramblings and musings, we love hearing from ya!

  11. Happy belated birthday Alissa 🙂

    I don’t really talk to anyone outside of this site about the game except one of my best friends who knows I’m addicted to it as I even go into my town when chilling at his house if I know there is stuff I need to do like collecting currency for an event.

    At work I’ll usually go onto the game during my break and the few times my colleagues have asked what I’m playing I’ll tell them to which I usually get the reaction of “I’m surprised that game is still running” then if they continue watching me I’ll explain what I’m currently up to in the game and sometimes give them a tour of my Springfield.

  12. Thank you for everything Alissa. I have been playing since May 2013 and found this site shortly after. Your site is as much of the TSTO journey as any update, glitch, or donut offer. In 30 years, I probably won’t remember the specifics of gameplay but I will remember this site and the respectful tone you set. Thanks.

  13. Hail to the 👸 !

    Glad you had a pleasant Birthday! 🌞

    Wow! TSTO is turning 6 years old (I just kept more up to date than the Simpson’s Wikia)👍

    Sam and Riley are the highlight of the Banners (for me, because you get to watch them grow up as illustrations and that reminds me of my nephews and niece) 😊

    I rarely talk about TSTO with anyone, unless I know they are a fan of The Simpson’s (I jokingly call membership to TSTO the equivalent to being a member of the Stonecutters (lol!) 😂

    I respect your stance on being humble, however you have every right to be proud of those TSTO Addicts statistics (amazing accomplishments!) 😀

  14. Keith1Roon991

    Am the same, privately playing, must be 5 years for me if not more, not sure when I started playing and was annonimous for a while, even the tstoaddict blog I don’t remember when I discovered this and when I started posting but has also become a big part of my week as well as the game if not more 😃, as for the current event not sure what am doing with the prizes yet waiting for some inspiration 😜, will post a screenshot later, off to work

  15. Happy birthday and thank you for all the work!

  16. Not sure how I missed that it was your birthday, but. . .Happy Belated Birthday! I had my 50th one week ago you whipper snapper. 🙂
    I don’t really hide my game, but no one cares so I don’t share.
    I’ve been trying to put things here and there around my town. I’ll see when I get all the items from the event.

    • Thank you! And happy belated!

    • LynnZ

      Hail to turning 50 (one of us one of us one of us)! Qualify for that AARP membership* (I still work and got mine), maybe TSTO can have a Mini Event that playfully offers up some 50 year olds fun! 😊

      * 💜 My Discounts

      • I’m in denial. I throw away the offers I get in the mail thinking, “Surly they don’t mean me!” I’ll probably cave soon because I love discounts and coupons.

      • Five months until I join you both!!

  17. I don’t exactly hide it, but I don’t advertise it either. I do take my tablet most places I go and if the “wi-fi gods” bless me with a connection I will play. If someone asks I’ll tell them what I’m playing. If they Really show interest I’ll brag all about the super supportive community that is TSTOAddicts. I got my sister playing the game (though she’s slowed lately, she was frustrated about not having the donuts to get Kathy From HR, she’s a Ravelry knitter) and she uses the site for info, especially if she gets stuck, but I don’t believe she’s ever joined in commenting.
    As for suggestions on future musings? I’d say, whatever’s on your mind, even if it’s not TSTO related. I like your musings exacly Because they can be about anything.
    *Bows before The Queen*

  18. Rusty Shackleford

    Hey happy belated birthday Alissa and thanks for the great website. It’s been a busy week for me so I missed the initial post about your birthday.

  19. Lol….i try and hide this game outside the privacy of my home…or truck while i wait for afterschool pickups. Sometimes in waiting rooms if its a loooong wait. My kids make fun of me. Whatever. Not EVERYONE is on Snapchat. Or facebook. Or instagram. Or whatever those dang kids r into these days. Although….the day my MOM got on facebook a couple yrs ago was scary for
    all (shes 82). Anywho….i try to keep the tsto bonding with this community and the hubby. No one else gets it. Their loss. Lol

    • lol exactly! It’s like either you get it because you’re part of it, or you totally don’t understand!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I’m not on any of those platforms either. By day I’m an electrical engineer that builds the networks that makes these platforms possible, yet I have no interest in any of the content.

      Oh well, Safi and I could have a nice discussion about eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and channel state equations.

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