TSTO Musings About Mr. Dirt

Happy Musings Thursday my friends!  Yes, it’s Thursday and as usual, I have some thoughts for you.  This time around I thought I’d muse about Mr. Dirt, the latest premium character to hit our games during Game of Games.  I’ve got some thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

-Can I just say how fun it is that EA put a character in this game that’s not from the show but instead a villain in the original Simpsons Game?  I think it’s pretty neat and a fun twist to this update.

-It’s also cool how Mr. Dirt is his own individual character instead of just a skin for Milhouse.  Based on the game itself, once you defeat Mr. Dirt Mr. Sparkle “cleanses the world of Mr. Dirt”…and Mr. Dirt returns to regular old Milhouse.  So they very easily could have said “ok, let’s just make him a skin for Milhouse”. But they didn’t and at 75 donuts, it’s priced just right.

-If you watched the Simpsons Game intro video I posted in the SIB post, you’ll see that Mr. Dirt is a big deal because, well, he’s big. Here’s the video again for those who missed it…

It’s awesome that in TSTO Mr. Dirt maintains his size and towers over the children of our pocket-sized towns.  Here’s a comparison shot of Mr. Dirt and Milhouse for size…

It just makes me giggle that in TSTO it looks like Mr. Dirt could sit on little Milhouse.

-While I know many of you won’t get to see his tasks until you’ve finished the Week 3 prize track, let me tell you they’re hilarious.  Mr. Dirt dropping his ice cream after one lick, then using his teleport powers to go back in time to replace it is about the most Milhouse thing you could do.  Just makes me chuckle.

-On the topic of tasks, I really wish Mr. Dirt had a joint task with Mr. Sparkle.  It would be hilarious to watch Mr. Sparkle “Cleanse” Mr. Dirt.

-Since Mr. Dirt is a character in the original Simpsons Game, also from EA, it would have been nice if they took the voices from that game and applied them to Mr. Dirt in TSTO.  Even though it’s just Milhouse’s voice, it still would have been nice if they added it into the game.

-And finally, for those who want more Mr. Dirt.  I found this YouTube video of some kid (I assume kid, for all I know he’s 50 years old) playing the Mr. Dirt level of the Game.  I’ve queued it up to the final video of the level (where Mr. Sparkle cleanses the world of Mr. Dirt), but if you want to see how the whole level is played you can go back to the start.  It’s about 18 total minutes…

On and just for one more fun throwback…here’s the original trailer for The Simpsons game…from wayyyy back in 2007

And that’s it guys.  Just some random musings on Mr. Dirt.  Just a fun throwback to a classic game.  Oh and if you haven’t already done so, you should buy Mr. Dirt.  Easily the best premium pickup of this event.  And I said that knowing what’s coming during Week 4…

Thoughts? Care to share your own musings on Mr. Dirt?  The Simpsons Game?    Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

22 responses to “TSTO Musings About Mr. Dirt

  1. Thanks for the explanation as I was wracking my brain trying to figure out where this character was from! I don’t really care for how big he is in relation to everyone else, but oh well, not sorry I bought him. I did think it was a skin for Milhouse at first! RachelS

  2. I read this when it was 1st posted & meant to comment,,got sidetracked! Thank you so much for shedding light on this character. I wondered where this came from & just assumed it was from a blip or something I missed. TSTO is the 1st & only Simpson’s game I’ve ever played. 👍👍

  3. I love The Simpsons Game. That or Medievil is my favorite game of all time. Just wish i knew where my copy is. Also, I wish I could beat it. I suck at those dancing games so i can get to the end boss but never won the game.

  4. Mr. Dirt is exactly the sort of ‘Easter Egg’ I’m glad EA offered up (an I hope EA offers up more – especially at 75 sprinkles, because that will be an instant buy!) 😀👍

    I think most Tappers wished Milhouse was voiced (and it would be funny to hear Mr. Dirt say a few phrases), but now that Alissa’s mentioned it? Can’t we have some Mr. Dirt time with Mr. Sparkle ? (make it so, EA!) 🤔


  5. Thanks Alissa for the posts about who Mr Dirt is and where he came from! I picked him up but I had no idea who he was or what he was from! Lol. he’s weird looking but I find him entertaining plus I think 75 donuts is a good deal so I’m happy to have him in my Springfield.

  6. Thanks for your musings Alissa ❤

  7. Did you ever find out if the “Stormy Island” was ever part of an episode? I looked couldn’t find any reference..

  8. I thought the same thing when i bought him , “Man, he’s big.” .
    I like his face is lighter colored than his body too.

  9. Do you know if premium items like Mr. Dirt and SmellYaL8r will be returning before the event is over like it has happened in past events?

  10. You sold me on this guy. Nice job.👍

  11. Guessing it has already been mentioned that Mr Dirt is a perfect parody of King of all Cosmos from Katamari Damacy! https://katamari.fandom.com/wiki/The_King_of_All_Cosmos

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