The Sounds of TSTO: Winter 2013 (Valentine’s Day to Level 27)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Your senses can evoke powerful memories in you. The smell of saltwater can trigger you back to your youth spent at the beach, the touch of cotton can bring you back to memories of your mom, and hearing sounds of TSTO can bring back countless hours spent tap, tap, tapping away.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane via the sound effects of TSTO…

 This audio post corresponds with the last Name that TSTO Tune post, enjoy!

The very first Christmas Event (2012) was followed by a series of several small updates.  Starting out with Valentine’s Day 2013.  This was the first Valentine’s Day in TSTO, and consisted of more of the same from Halloween/Christmas.  Earn a special currency to unlock a building or two.
Valentine’s Day was followed by the arrival of Ralph Wiggum in TSTO, in level 26.  And this was followed closely by St. Patrick’s Day 2013. A very minor event, even for TSTO standards, where you were awarded Tom O’Flanagan and his Pub and could purchase the Leprechaun.
St. Patrick’s Day 2013 was followed by the arrival of Lenny and Carl in Level 27, and Level 27 was followed by a minor episode tie-in that included the Swanky Fish and the Springfield Waterfall.
This all amounted to a bunch of updates in a very short period of time (January/February/March) all leading up to Whacking Day 2013…April…which we’ll cover in our next Sounds of TSTO post.

Here are the sounds of those updates…

Let’s start with the sounds of Valentine’s Day

And now onto Level 26…

And St. Patrick’s Day 2013…

Followed by Level 27…

And finally, What Animated Women Want…

Stay tuned for more sounds of TSTO!

What are your thoughts on the sounds of TSTO? Enjoying this series?  Which sound effect is your favorite?  Favorite character voice?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

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