Simpsons Babies Week 2 is About to Start

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow morning, Wednesday, August 14th, Week 2 (Act 2) of Simpsons Babies will be starting.  The official start time is 10am ET (1400 GMT).

While the Week 1 questline won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished the prizes you’ll have a chance to complete it even after Week 2 starts, all of the Week 1 Premium items will be leaving the store.

So if you planned to purchase Baby Frink or Gil’s Baby Moe/Baby Barney Deal,  do so before they leave our games tomorrow morning. (SIBs Linked)

Also, here’s some inside info to help you prepare for Week 2 to start…

During Week 2 Lisa will still be trying to sort out the Youthenizer mess.  This time we’ll be following Baby Marge in the story.  You’ll have to follow along with the dialogue to find out what happens, but here are the characters needed for week 2 tasks:

Ned Flanders
Baby Moe (Premium)
Baby Barney (Premium)
New Act 2 Premium Character

You’ll also need Homer and Lisa free for the initial questline objective…

There will also be one new premium character combo introduced during week 2, and that character will be able to help with the currency earning for week 2.  (150 donuts will be needed if you’d like to purchase the character)

And that’s it my friends!  Be prepared for Week 2 to start up tomorrow morning!

Thoughts on week 1?  Ready for week 2?  Excited to see where the story goes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

19 responses to “Simpsons Babies Week 2 is About to Start

  1. Guess what? Now that it’s actually *Wednesday* at 10am EDT, it’s working! 🙂

  2. Seen any indicators of a donut deal? Last time I bought donuts they had a bonus buy about an hour later. Doh!

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    Oh I am ready for act 2. 600+ farm fresh donuts. An iPad that has no issues with the game.

    Now if only Alissa would just TELL us when the event starts, I would be good. I’ve checked nothing on this website, it’s easier to just come here and complain! Just kidding. Thanks for all the updates Alissa, I appreciate all you do!

  4. I’m ready …. got plenty of sprinkles …. I just don’t know if there any new Premiums (not revealed yet) I’m interested in …. Gil Deal was good enough (so far) 😀

  5. Humph, you people and your working game and your FUN. Go! Go on your quests and tap your hearts out, I don’t care! 😭

  6. 1 more day… gathering donuts to speed up the story 🙂

  7. Alissa is it a full character or skin coming tomorrow? You have character and costume written just wondering. If I get another skin for Homer or Mr Burns I may just put myself in the donut torture device!! Lol Thanks for all the info it really helps and makes the game much more enjoyable!

  8. Im just hoping everyone is able to get on their games and play catch up or continue….

  9. 10:13 here on the East Coast, and nothing yet… Anyone?

  10. I really liked act 1 and the prizes (except the donuts (not that they weren’t nice.)) I just wish the acts would have been closer together. I finished a week ago and have nothing to do until the next act comes along. I mean, you can only redecorate so much.

  11. Bring it on!

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