8/19 App Store Update: Crash Bug Patch

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A new app store update is out for TSTO. No, this isn’t for new content. This update is a patch many players have been waiting for… it’s the attempt to fix the crashing bug.

So download the update if your game has been crashing and see if it’s working for you now.  Remember it’s an app store update, so check your app stores for it.  You may have to search Tapped Out to see it.

Hopefully this is the fix many of you have been waiting for!  Let us know if it is in the comments below…

53 responses to “8/19 App Store Update: Crash Bug Patch

  1. Never had a problem before the patch…now my game crashes all the time.. playing on OnePlus 5.

  2. My game has finally stopped crashing!!!

  3. Hooray! There seems to be some unnatural slow downs still but at least it’s playable! It’s been extremely exciting, this is my favorite game!

  4. If that Update last night patch fixed a glitch for anyone? Then I’m glad, because L-EA-Z-Y didn’t do anything to eliminate “that noise” when TSTO is loading (lol!) 😅

    I’m just glad the Game App still works! “zero expectations”, right?

  5. I can play on my htc phone but game will not open on my asus tablet at all

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