Saturday Simpsons Fun

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Saturday.  It’s a holiday weekend. This event is pretty easy.  So let’s have a little fun!

Here’s a roundup of some fun Simpsons things I caught on the internet over the last week….

Did you see this?  Two Swiss tourists recreated Homer eating his way through New Orleans in “Lisa Gets the Blues” S29, E17 and it’s pretty freaking awesome!

Last week at D23 Al Jean hinted at the idea of a Simpsons spin-off, so the Guardian wrote up an article about which characters they’d most like to see a spin-off of.  You can check it out here.

Which character would you most like to see a spin-off of?

And that’s it my friends!  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday…and try not to eat like Homer.  And if you do, be sure you have plenty of antacids!


6 responses to “Saturday Simpsons Fun

  1. Those Swiss Tourists recreating a Homer Simpson’s eat-a-thon thru New Orleans got ample news coverage here in Las Vegas (as well as an invitation to dine out here with other “foodies”) 😀

    A potential Spin-off from The Simpson’s has been thought about since the 3rd Season, but the Writers couldn’t find the time OR reason to do it (I agree, because when you take anything that works on The Simpson’s away? you ruin the Animated Series!) 🤔

    What would work for now? 3 – 5 minute YouTube shorts (they can easily do McBain, with Rainer Wolfcastle) and that would be funny! Disney already does this with new Mickey Mouse shorts since 2015 (and they’ve been great!) 😉

    I guess if there’s to be another Movie, I think Krusty juggling responsibilities at Krustyland and Krusty Studios and time with his Dad n’ Daughter (throw in Jewish Heaven so that Krusty is forced to have an epiphany) is a good start. i don’t think a spin-off TV Series will work, we lost Troy McClure (Phil Hartman) and he would’ve been the perfect Character going from Town to Town. 😄

  2. Thanks Alissa! Happy saturday!
    (Although in my time zone it finished 40 min. ago 😂)

  3. A radioactive man series could be good.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Weren’t they proposing having a real Krusty the Clown show many years ago?

    As for the game, I rushed through the event with donuts yesterday as I cannot stay connected long enough to enjoy the game. I keep getting booted out.

    Oh well, perfect time to step back and enjoy the long holiday weekend. I off till Weds!

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