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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Simpsons are back!  An all-new episode airs tonight! Episode 666, THOH XXX…don’t forget to watch.

Matt Selman says THOH is coming to TSTO this week… thoughts?

How’s your designing coming?  What are you doing with your town? Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post) 

And finally, how about the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

77 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. What was EA thinking? Wailing Wall for $1000 causes a radical change in game strategy. No more Burns mystery box. No more discounted Jet Bikes or other bonus % items for donuts. No more buying donuts for real cash, either. KEM farming just got a MAJOR boost. For less than $1M I upped my bonus % from 1800+% to 2400+%. My 70 donut farm every 4 hours is now producing over 100. That’s over 500 a day. Buying GOD for 777 was a no brainer with payback in less than 2 days! I’m now seriously considering spending 12 donuts for a land token from GGR. Instead of getting only 2 a day, I can easily buy 40 a day, if desired. And I will soon need the land because I just put over 1200 Wailing Walls in my inventory. The cost was less than $1.5M and, when put at the extreme edges of my town, will double my donut farm output. At 1000 donuts/day from farming, why would anyone buy them at the store? I suspect within 1-2 months, EA’s revenue stream from this game will dry up.

    • It was a mistake on their part. One they quickly corrected. (remember when the event goes live it’s 7am in their time zone. So often they’re not even in the office yet to address bugs at launch)

  2. I still can’t play the game on my Samsung tablet. I’ve been locked out since the Simpsons babies update. The game keeps crashing when trying to launch. I’ve concontacted EA multiple times yet no response. I need help

  3. Hi all! I am back on my game after a year without a device that would support it. Luckily, my Springfield was still there waiting for me, but it keeps having connect to server errors. Is anyone else experiencing this or is my new phone still not smart enough for TSTO?

  4. I actually caught THOH as it aired for a change. The ‘mark of the beast ‘ crack alone was worth the price of admission but the entire ep was great. (Although the Swipe Right bit wasn’t Halloweenish at all. Oh, well, it was still funny.)

  5. Happy Sunday y’all…random songs…

    1. Bee Gees “The Greatest Man In the World”
    2. Live “Flow”
    3. Mötley Crüe “Girls, Girls, Girls”
    4. Margaret Cho “Hurricane Pootang”
    5. Bagels “In Your Room”
    6. D-Mac “Back Dat Bam Bam”
    7. Lady Gaga “Judas” (video version)
    8. Michael Jackson “Take Me Back”
    9. blur “Parklife” (live)
    10. Tom Waits “Come On Up To the House”
    11. Ghostface Killah “Powerful One”
    12. Sonic Youth “Expressway To Yr Skull” (live)
    13. Motörhead “Iron Fist”
    14. New Order “Vicious Streak”
    15. Weezer “Glorious Days”
    16. The Avett Brothers “Dancing Daze”
    17. Extreme “III Who Cares”
    18. L7 “Must Have More”
    19. The Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed”
    20. Allen Ginsberg “The Shrouded Stranger”
    21. Cyndi Lauper “Yeah Yeah”
    22. Bob Dylan “One More Night”
    23. Ween “I Don’t Want It”
    24. Melvins “Wispy”
    25. Mr. Big “Colorado Bulldog”

    • Here are a few from my list

      1. Jimi Hendrix “Castles made of sand”
      2. Dread Zepplin “The immigrant song”
      3. Green Day “American idiot”
      4. Suicidal Tendencies “How can I laugh tomorrow, when I can’t even smile today”
      5. Led Zepplin “your Time is gonna come”
      6. Jane’s Addiction “Idiots rule”
      7. Johnny Nash “I can see clearly now”
      8. The Who “won’t get fooled again”
      9. Pink Floyd “The Trial”

      • All i wanted was a Pepsi.

        • Just one Pepsi, and you wouldn’t give it to me.

          Wouldn’t have guessed that you were an ST fan! Have you listened to The Infectious Grooves? No that is a plague that can make your booty move!

          • Actually i know very little by ST. Lol. Hubby is the fan so i know some thru him. But that song cracks me up. Its so freaking true. I think ive heard of IG….but don’t know anything by them….not sure. Lol

            • Infectious grooves is pretty much a fusion of ST and the red hot chilli peppers.

              They are the band that plays the Prom at the end of the movie Encino Man.

              They even got Ozzie to do backing vocals on one of their songs.

              They also do a cover of the immigrant song on their second album

          • The Plague That Makes Your Body Move is one of my ten favorite albums.

      • Great list. I wasn’t sure. Anyone was paying attention anymore. Thanks for the affirmation.

  6. Sorry for being OT, but is there someone playing now Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow?
    I never played it, since I discovered the game after TinyCo “abandoned” the project. However, I have just found out that now it is distributed and developed by another company (Jam City). I’d like to now if they resuscitate the game, if it is updated regularly and if it’s worth it or not.

    • Jam City and TinyCo are the same company. would have the most up to date info on it

    • I’m still playing. I haven’t completed the last mission yet. There hasn’t been an event since October 2017 so it seems dead. They do release characters from time to time in a sort of mystery box they keep running. Other than that, there’s not much new content except by completing the missions. It gets a bit tedious unlocking characters and leveling each character as each outfit is a separate character and you need some specific outfits to run missions.

      Take a look at the Addicts page for all the information you may need and hints on completing missions.

  7. If it makes anyone here feel better, my city’s team has never made it to the WS.(Seattle Mariners) *cue Sad Charlie Brown music*

  8. Quick question for someone. I just noticed that my lil’ alien “number 51”, has a lock on a six hour task. It says requires a quest, for “Try to Prove His Existence “?

  9. So I’m watching the Cycling World Championships that I had recorded a few weeks back. When lo & behold what do I see waving on the side of the road but this:

    You’re welcome

  10. I liked it better when you kids had a early bedtime .

    See ya bye . 👽

  11. I’m excited for the Treehouse of horror tonight!!! Set the pvr days ago, just double checked it! 😉I don’t know what to think about updates anymore. Just looking forward to the trees changing colour in my Springfield. Hopefully Wednesday the update shows and we can get on with Halloween. I know at this point it really doesn’t matter what we get there is going to be the unhappy, mad, entitled crowd and to that I say find something else to play. I play this game because it’s fun and I enjoy it! I love this site and all the addicts do! In case no one has told you lately thanks!!! Love seeing Halloween decorations in my neighbours Springfields Anyways friends happy day and happy Tappin!!

  12. Happy Sunday!
    Ok….no more baseball talk….for those of us with teams that either choked….or did their best but still lost. Its a sensitive topic! Lol
    Come on man….HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!

    • Only 16 weeks till pitchers and catchers…

      • My apologies to you Alissa, for my comment earlier. I thought I was being a bit light-hearted. I’m a Muts fan who endured another long and disappointing season. Still waiting for MGT to mess up the fortune that fell from the sky that is the Polar 🐻. Don’t let me who’s fairly new to this site put a sour note on what you’ve done. Reading the comments from the community you are really appreciated for all your hard work. Let me say again I’m sorry 😔 for being a knuckle head.

        • Thank you. And im sorry I overreacted. Late night and rough start to the morning. Last thing I wanted to see was comments about the game.
          And yes the Wilpons always find a way to screw things up for sure!

  13. Hi Everybody! I posted a rant in last week’s open thread about my horrible experience with Sandeep from EA India. Basically tool bag Sandeep the speed talker kept me on the phone for 1 hour 40 min last night. He gave me attitude because I kept asking him to speak slower so I c

    • Could understand him. (Most likely he was more interested in the Bombay Bombers cricket match than helping me). He refused to accept the problem could be on their end. I spoke to his supervisor for barely five minutes and he elevated my case. Received an email from Leticia who’s a Game Specialist this morning. She said she would roll my game back before the problem started and give me some donuts for my trouble. Thank you that’s all I wanted. Hope I’m as lucky with the mystery box this time as before. It seemed every 2 or 3 tries I would get donuts, van, or or billboard. Was up to 787% bonus in no time.

      Really looking forward to the event too.

  14. I can’t figure out how to edit a reply after accidentally hitting the reply button. My bad

  15. Hi everybody! I posted a rant in last weeks open thread last night about the horrid tech support call I had with EA India. I think my boy Sandeep was more interested in the Bombay Bombers cricket match than helping me. This morning I received an email from Leticia at Games S

  16. As a long time Simpsons fan and tapped oit player the Treeshouse of Horror episodes/events are my favourites. Really looking forward to the Stranger Things parody!

    As for the game I remain opttimistic they can still pull off a great event. There is still so much Simpsons content which can be used. One wish for Halloween would be each house to.m have its own themed skin, like Christmas.

    The othe request would be the ability to remove the huge amount of useless junk I have in storage!

  17. So…. does anyone else thinks it’s weird that on the default splash screen, Main Street in Springfield is covered with grass?

    Just wondering.

  18. Harold Robinson

    I think it was a sarcastic comment. Everyone is so excited that the event is arriving next week as per the tweet that no one actually comprehended the tweet. He said 11/22 note that is NOVEMBER not October 😁

  19. When 1x building has multiple characters and they all complete their tasks at the same time – let’s say 4 hrs for some random reason ; )
    Anyway, my characters all seem to walk out the building in exact unison, rendering the ability to select an individual character useless. Does anybody else notice that ? It’s really annoying. They move as one lol

    • Use the Character Finder button, top left, or the Town Hall Census feature to select an individual character, or tap them first and wait for them to spread out while you collect everyone else.

      • Rollback glitch.

      • Ahh, perhaps you mean Milk Glitch, where a load of characters are stuck on a task even after you collect??

        In that case you have two options –

        1: Milk it (hence the name)
        Collect the task and wait until the counters have added all you earned. Go to Friends Towns or your device Home page or Recent Apps then back to your Springield to collect again.
        Repeat until bored.

        2: Fix it.
        Putting the building the task is at into storage will break the cycle and free everyone. Then just put the building back and tap as normal.
        You might as well collect again first though, why miss out ?!

        • No not the milk glitch, the rollback glitch. This is wayyyyy different.

          • I’d try storing the building where everyone is first, as mentioned earlier, in case that does solve the problem and you don’t need to lose any progress.
            Good luck.

          • Yikes. I’ve not heard of any new cases of this for ages, so I’d recommend you first read the details and comments here :-

            If that’s what it is then find the number for EA for your country and don’t let the first person who answers mess you about.
            You need a technician to reset your game by “Rolling it back” to the last time you can be sure it all worked. Anything you did or won or bought between the date it rolls back to and now will be lost but you’ll probably get some donuts as a compensation.
            Do not delay – you definitely want it done before the THOH event starts and the longer you wait the more you will lose

            • I have been suffering for ages with this glitch and I had made so much progress by the time I got through all the EA red tape and when EA finally offered to reset my game, it was not worth it.

  20. You may want to delete this before EA reads it 😉

    In the past I did purchase donuts and spent money figuring that it helped support paying for the game. After boosting my payout bonus, and having enough vacant land and useless cash to be a serious KEM farmer, I quickly hit level 939 and now have a hoard of donuts, thank you XP booster.

    I quickly realized that for the game to survive, all event specific premium items has to be real cash purchases. I know all of you who don’t spend a dime are shuddering in horror, but how else can a game that’s almost to the 7 year mark survive? Either that or annoying pre game ads for your enjoyment.

    PS. Added my YouTube channel as a bonus.

  21. Looking forward to THOH XXX tonight. The Halloween event begins soon so that’s awesome. My Cardinals died a horrible death, so two out of three ain’t bad, as the song goes.

  22. I had a GREAT Saturday night watching the Astros beat your Yankees. I won’t call your team a name like you did mine….the best team won!

    • Why do people feel the need to try push my buttons today? What have I done to you except spend countless hours writing about a game to make your life easier?

      • And for the record..the better team did not win. And it’s ok because that’s how baseball goes, you can’t play it on paper. Sometimes the better team loses. That’s why baseball is a f’d up sport to be in love with.

        • Sounds like a sore loser…. and the the Astros did win more games than the Yankees this year- in fact they were number one in the can use any stats you want but you LOST to a BETTER team…

          • Why you feel this incessant need to continuously poke me over this blows my mind. However, I will not let you, or your attitude, ruin my day. Have a wonderful Sunday.

          • Wow Lynn…could you be any less gracious in winning?
            “A sore winner is someone who does not behave graciously when he is the winner in a sport, game or other competition. A sore winner may brag or gloat about his victory, in an attempt to belittle the loser. Sore winners are generally considered bullies.”

          • Here’s hoping that Washington sweeps the Astros… just to shut you up!

        • These are fascinating I think.

          But stats are weird and can be looked at to prove almost any angle. This set to show how the Yanks did better in some areas.

          But the glaring omissions here though of course, are hits and errors. Those are what seem to matter the most in the end in terms of Wins and Losses.

          • That’d why baseball can’t be played on paper. It’s not about who’s better on paper, it’s about who succeeded in certain situations.
            Bottomline is Astros performed worse than the Yankees did, but they got a big hit when they needed to and that was the game. It’s why analytics drives me nuts.

            • Tracy-1ltwoody920

              Back around, ohhhhh, 1973 (?),
              The SF Giants played the Pittsburgh Pirates.
              I listened to the giants play a night game at home.
              I lay in bed. Bottom of the ninth, two out, SF was down by 8 runs, maybe 9?
              I turned the radio off and went to sleep.
              The next morning I heard in the news – the Giants won the game.

              And THAT is what makes the game interesting. The pirates outplayed the Giants through 53 outs — and lost

    • Lynn- you are posting on a TSTO site and poking the website owner about baseball? Pretty petty.

  23. I hope the update gives us a mystery box so I can pick up past THOH content I missed. I think I’ve gotten all the THOH content that was in the mystery box.

  24. Not been playing the game much at the moment as there isn’t anything to do in it at the moment. Finally got a week off work so am going off to stay with my friend for the week and apart a planned trip to the pokemon store in London (if were able to get in queues so far have been up to 7hrs long)and a trip to see joker which my friend still hasn’t seen yet, the rest is all unplanned and will just go with the flow. On a final note I noticed on Amazon that they have Dec 2nd as release date for Simpson’s season 19 DVD. The cover art appears to be homer smiling whilst holding on to his steering wheel.

  25. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Happy Sunday everyone
    Only 65 shopping days until Christmas.
    Boy, even with my new, fast internet, this site loads slow

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