Rollback Glitch

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing loads of reports (more so each day) coming in from players indicating their games suddenly think it’s a year or more ago!  They’re seeing questlines and tasks popup from events that happened months and even years ago. Examples include (but not limited to): Being asked to collect Red Ribbons (from County Fair), Pie Man questlines appearing (from Superheros) and more!

In addition, players may lose all new content related to Homer vs. the 18th Amendment!

If this happens to you…..

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix I can offer you. Uninstall/reinstall won’t help.  What you’ll have to do is contact EA directly and likely they’ll have to roll your game back a day or two in order to correct the issue. You can contact EA here:

Hopefully, that helps those of you struggling with this issue out!  Unfortunately, while I wish I could, there’s no quick fix I can offer.  This is the best/only way to get your individual game corrected.


84 responses to “Rollback Glitch

  1. Hey everyone. I found this on the EA forums. Really hoping that this is true and patch to fix this is coming soon.


  2. I just read the comments. So there will be a patch coming to the appstore to fix it?
    Or do i have to contact ea? I haven’t lost anything important other than the irs radius so i dont really mind waiting for it


  3. Anyone have an update on this?


    • I have had contact with customer support last Friday. And I told them that a roll back for the 3rd time would probably not be very helpful and they said they get back in touch, which up to now has not happened yet. So to answer your question, no I don’t have an update 😁

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      • They told me the same..2 weeks ago. Sometimes I receive an email with the same standard text that an expert is looking into it. But nothing yet.

        Plus they always start the email with.. hi Unkown, .. which fills me with hope

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  4. I had them roll back to 1 day prior the update on the 6th and it fixed it. I ask for some free doughnuts to help me get caught back up on the 18th amendment since I already got the Canadian boarder prior to the roll back. They told me they cannot give me any donuts……Horse manure

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  5. So when the glitch first hit my game, it went back to getting money/donuts for every day you log in. Today, when I logged in my daily challenge window popped up and I thought the glitch might have been fixed, but alas it was not. My tap radius is still very small, can’t earn prizes at the junkyard, can’t use upper left hand icon to pick characters, etc. It’s very frustrating because my Springfield is huge and I believe i have every single character. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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  6. I’m afflicted with the bug as well (I can collect ribbons again… yay?), tried to contact EA for a rollback, which was supposedly done yesterday (I had been waiting almost a whole week for this), but failed. I half stopped playing since I was supposed to get a rollback at some point (missing the current event at the same time, thanks EA), and now I’m torn between trying to play and finish the event, hoping that EA will finally sort that out (thanks to Hobbes for giving us informations about that), or stopping altogether, but I’ve been on this for years and it’s disappointing…

    Thanks you TSTO for making a post about that as well. At this point it should almost be pinned to the top (see the Play Store reviews)!

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  7. I got borked last Thursday and finally had them call me today. After their generic troubleshooting steps failed, they contacted a “specialist” and eventually advised me that a patch was in the works and that I should sit tight for that rather than rolling back. So the fix is hopefully coming soon.
    I have been able to work my way through the current event, so I am fine with waiting. However, I was thinking about the mystery box, but they are gone along with the other event content in the store.


  8. I just happened to cast my phone to my flatscreen last night to get a good look at what 5 years of tapping has accomplished. I was amazed at some of the details in the game that I ever noticed and my daughter was surprised at how huge my Springfield had become. She can’t believe I have stuck with it for this long… and then I wake up to this nasty bug. I have filed my report and will monitor this site but I think I will hold off playing until I hear there is a fix. I don’t think I have missed more than two days in a row in all that time. Sounds like some people have managed to get some attention at EA (thanks Hobbes) so I hope this get fixed soon.


    • Got rolled back last night and so far so good but I am waiting a few days to declare it fixed. Sounds like there may be more happening behind the scenes to prevent this from happening again.


  9. So what do people think? Should I continue playing, which is a pain without being able to pick the characters and having a lower tap radius? Or should I just stop until it is fixed?


    • I ‘ve been waiting a week for a fix, phone support tried and failed to rollback and yes I was totally logged out.

      I was just logging in once a day to see if it was fixed, however if there is a fix on the way I was wondering about trying to complete the event to get the character and building / decorations at least it’s minimum effort and if it is a rollback, haven’t lost a lot. Will not be spending donuts or kem farming.


  10. So, since my game broke with the 2nd login after just 1 hour after it was successfully rolled back (and the 7th time my game was broken in 9 months), I called EA again on the phone.

    This EA rep was sincerely helpful. He asked since my case has a 9 month running history of the progression of this issue, if I could spend some time with him as he loops in multiple departments to look at me case as a means of helping everyone with a general fix.

    One reason for this is because my game is one of the RARE instances when an EA rep actually figured what was broken in the game (which was due to bugged variables) and actually did a REAL fix (corrected all the wrong variables) ( ).

    After I explained details of the history of this glitch (including how this has grown to more players with each update since the Time Event last year in June), and how my game was actually fixed, he put me on hold for about 10 minutes as he talked with another tech department.

    He came back asked a few more details, and put me on hold for another 15 minutes as he looped in the higher management levels to look at my case that actually showed a proven fix.

    He came back and said he is trying to get in contact with the development rep that actually figured out the real fix and is trying to get her and the development team and the upper management levels to talk together to apply this fix for not only my game that is now broken for the 7th time in 9 months….but for everyone.

    So over an hour on the phone…….He did say that the upper management team said that they are getting really close for a public update release fix and hopes this insight into how my game was fixed will help finalize their update for release. He did say that even though there is not an ETA for the release he said that he had collaborated confirmation from both the development team and the upper management that is is coming very soon. When I said that I have heard that for 9 months, he said that each time that is noted in my account by an EA rep there are no notes from the development about this but this time he has this from their team.

    He did say that since they are so close to a fix release that rolling back a game right now could actually hinder the benefits of what the upcoming fix would address.

    So….can’t say anything for sure, but he did (for a nice change) really take the time and was drawing in 3 different departments together (the original EA developer that actually found a fix for my broken game / development team / upper management team) to get a final fix.

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    • @Hobbes thank you for the very informative update. Having only recently experienced this issue (and then again the same day after an effective rollback) I can only imagine the frustration you have suffered. Your diligence is greatly appreciated!


    • I really hope this is true on EAs part. My game has had the glitch for a week, and I have chosen to not have it rolled back…it’s still totally playable albeit slow going due to having to tap everything individually. I also don’t have time to keep contacting EA what with my work schedule, and I don’t want to lose any new additions to my town. I’ve also heard that a rollback is not guaranteed to fix your game.
      I’d be happy right now if they would just fix the character finder. I can live with the other stuff for awhile, but seeking out 300 characters individually is really time consuming, and I invariably miss about a dozen of them.


  11. I had it happen again. Last time was October. I submitted a ticket. I may be done tapping.


  12. Just happened to one of my Springfields. Of course it is the Springfield I have the most stuff in which is a pain to have to tap EVERYTHING! Emailed EA, but based on other people’s responses I am not expecting a quick fix. I read someone talked to them on the phone? What’s the phone number to reach them?


    • I just chose the option to have them call me back. And they did within minutes. I live in the Netherlands and I only got offered the option when I chose my country on the website. By default US is selected and they don’t want to call me here at the other side of the ocean. So I don’t have a number. But the customer support agent confirmed the it’s a wide spread problem and there is no real fix yet. Just a roll back of 1 day as a work around. Good luck. It happened twice now and both times I lost some progress.


    • If you live in the USA, start here:

      Otherwise switch to your country by tapping on the menu button at the top right of the page.
      In some countries EA offers a callback option. Use that to minimize your phone bill.


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