Halloween Update Info (kinda sorta)…

UPDATED with some new information…10/22/19

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So EA gave us a little treat…we received the NDA packet EARLY!

While we’re still under the NDA I can confirm a few things…

“Isn’t it sad when Halloween ends and all you have to show for it is a bucket of candy? Well, fear not!  The new Treehouse of Horrors update for Tapped Out starts this Wednesday and will scare you deep into November!”

(This was the quote sent to us from EA in the email, however there’s now a different version posted on Twitter (with the Splash Screen).  The different version changes “this Wednesday” to “this Tuesday”.  No idea what they’re getting at.  If they’re pushing it a day sooner, if it’s just the update hitting the app store, or if they just got the date wrong.  So we’ll all see what happens together…)

1) Halloween is coming!  And it’s not a mini-event.

2) THOH will launch, as expected, on October 23rd…Wednesday.  Likely the App Store will receive the update tomorrow (October 22nd), and the event itself will launch on Wednesday.

3) THOH 2019 will be, a multi-event.  Lasting 4 full weeks…starting October 23rd and running until November 19th.

4) Looks like Kodos and Kang play a  role in the storyline

5) It looks like a ton of new characters and buildings with this one. I count 6 total characters (4 new, 2 returning).

6) New premium content.  You’ll want to save 600 donuts for new content. New information appeared in the event files that was not in the info packet sent from EA.  In addition to the 600 donuts for new THOH event content, you’ll need about another 800 donuts for additional items not directly related to THOH.  So if you’d like all NEW content for this event you’ll need 1400 donuts…

7) There will be Mystery Boxes…

8) No I don’t see the GGR returning.

9) The usual suspects for character tasks…Homer, Lisa, Bart, Marge…

10) Matt Selman’s tweet is from the actual splash screen….

That’s it guys.  Back with more info if/when we can release it.

Thoughts?  Comments? Excitement? Disappointment?  Sound off below…

132 responses to “Halloween Update Info (kinda sorta)…

  1. Has anyone noticed that you can buy unlimited Wailing Walls for $1000 (grants a 2.25% money/xp increase per wall)? Hehe we’ll just say that my overall multiplier is pretty high now.

  2. Is the yearbook mystery box still around with this update?

  3. Took me 45 mins to get into my main game after a tablet reboot; I finally got in! This is an old IPad that’s only used for this game Thanks for the dropouts EA! Once again the timeline & start time disadvantages Australian players!

  4. Yeah! Autumn has arrived in my Springfield!

  5. I just downloaded the update from the Google Play Store 👍

  6. 🌈😈🤟😈🌈
    Better be at least a minimal amount of 🤪ITEM LIMIT INCREASE🤪

  7. I sure hope the GGR shows up for Black Friday. If they aren’t going to give out land tokens, they need to make the GGR available. EA sure has lost interest in this game.

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