Episode 53- Halloween of Chaos

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to Addicts Live!  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, as much as we enjoyed putting it together…

The Addicts Crew is back again this week with an all-new episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa, Patric, and Safi as they breakdown the 2019 Treehouse of Horror Event.  The Addicts crew talks all things Glitches, Wailing Walls, Free donuts, and what it all means for the future of TSTO!  Plus, the Addicts offer up some tidbits about airlines, pillows, math and more!
You won’t want to miss all the laughs this episode has to offer!

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7 responses to “Episode 53- Halloween of Chaos

  1. Happy birthday to you little miss Riley 🍩🦄😊

  2. Final 24 hours of the Halloween quest and I’m still sitting around waiting for the fourth chapter to kick-in. In fact it feels like I’ve spent more time waiting than playing in the past month. I don’t remember past quests being this bad.

  3. EA does deserve thanks (for every grump I’ve tweeted their way ? I’ve tweeted a thanks when it was deserved!) 😀👍🏼

    THOH 2019 thanks –

    1] keeping it simple (too busy working to grind for anything) is awesome

    2] worthwhile Premiums (some Characters, some Buildings, some Decor) via Mystery Box or Farmed 🍩’s get you what you really want

    3] returning content for Simpsons $ , no Crafting [which is awesome, except the damn Item Limits!] gains you higher Bonus %

    4] G-O-D should’ve been offered at Easter / Passover, needs Tasks with Jeebus and Krusty’s Dad at the Temple (or Jewish Heaven), definitely not THOH but whatever this is L-EA-Z-Y we’re dealing with 🤣

    5] appreciate what I felt was worth it (a few things), and I don’t think Xmas is going to be impressive – it’s going to let Tappers down!

    6] 60 my bad 🍩’s from EA is a good start , got a tweet of thanks, but they need to improve things before Tappers give up

    Act 4 / Week 4 then gobble gobble gobble 😉

  4. Aww 4 years already … won’t be long before she will be in elementary coming home with a potty mouth (I will never forget the day my Niece came home and it sounded like South Park), I do hope Reilly had a nice birthday (mmmm 🍩’s!) – PinkBox Las Vegas 👍🏼


    I’m sorry if anyone has the flu / cold and I hope all feel better soon (you don’t want a 🦃 Day filled with mucus and fevers!)

    My criticism comes down to the fact –

    1] it’s not a cohesive THOH (I should have zero expectations permanently until this Game App ends (lol!)

    2] too many Character Combos already in the Mystery Box as Event Prizes (just L-EA-Z-Y)

    3] even the new Characters as Event Prizes are dumb (except Phantom Martin – not voiced, but neither is Martin)

    4] no attempt to create a THOH atmosphere this year [no music, no ambient screen] just different coloured water and it’s disappointing how L-EA-Z-Y this year is

    5] Item Limits, so cranky about this because I ♥️ the content that came back, but have to take content out (c’mon L-EA-Z-Y!)

    6] 🍩 deal – 1st year I haven’t bought any and it’s all on EA (the problems faced by all of their game platforms was evident by the angry posts on Twitter!)

    7] Sploosh, or no Sploosh, Cthulhu’s Revenge is more THOH then this Event (♥️ my Dracula’s Castle, 😡 that neither Count or Countess has a Task there!)

    I have no faith that L-EA-Z-Y will execute a good Xmas Event after all of this (still waiting on Act 4 / Week 4 to redeem THOH 2029!) 🙄

  5. I’m halfway through the podcast and my immediate thought was what time of night was this “taped”. Alissa’s light was perfect while Cranky looks like he’s in a old white van with no windows illuminated by flashlights. Hopefully there will be pictures of the stools Deb acquired to show off the tireless effort she has dedicated to this project!😉

  6. I also believe the undarkened screen, spooky music and ambient screams, really make the event feel blah and unremarkable. I miss ciizens and characters not being overtaken by ghosts or aliens.

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