Friday Filler – Of Gods, Trolls, and Limits of Power

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

OK…in full disclosure, I am once again breaking all of the “time/space/continuum” rules by writing this early (Thursday) after doing an Addicts Live last night (Wednesday) that won’t actually be live until the day after tomorrow (Saturday).  But, that’s Ok. Time is relative…and I am going to be spending most of my time Friday-Sunday,  WITH my relatives, and in fact, am likely doing so as we speak (if I was actually there, with you, speaking to you).

This weekend is my nieces’s wedding, and all of my daughters are flying in for the celebration, including Katie, Ryan, and Jake (the cutest little tapper…or at least one of the two cutest, if you ask Alissa) on the East Coast.

So yes. I am actually happy that TSTO is so dingdangdiddly EAsy and boring. I just don’t have that much time to care. Which is perfect. Because we are only in week 3…of what I thought was week 4…because I have paid so little attention to it. Go figure. 

But, this week, we got Bridge Troll Moe, which was actually hilarious, and brought up a ton of recent, and past memories about trolls.

And no. I’m not going there. I mean actual, real, deal Halloween trolls, not the political kind. But, I’ll get to that in a minute. 

First…let’s look at Bridge Troll Moe. Not too closely, mind you.  He’s a tad ugly…

Yes…I bought Bridge Troll Moe immediately. Of course, to be able to place the Spooky Woods, I had to store something else...because I HAVE BEEN AT THE HARD ITEM LIMIT SINCE JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!! (EA…you’re acting like a troll. UP The LIMIT!)

But, I digress…

It was clear to me right away, that they didn’t base Bridge Troll Moe on any of the traditional troll images from the mythology, or the Brothers Grimm.  These trolls are always a bit more squat, weird, and squishy looking.

Of course…in almost all of the Brother’s Grimm stories, things don’t go well for the humans. It makes me think that modern day trolls may end up taking over the world…but, I digress again. 

Bridge Troll Moe seems far closer to the hugely popular Troll Dolls…which really broke out into the world in the 1960s.  Everybody had them. They were kind of the “Beanie Babies” of the era.  I had a bunch…my sisters had a bunch…we made little Troll clothes and houses for them. I think we still have a bunch of them, in a box somewhere.  They were super-cool…until they weren’t. 

But, Trolls also run in the family.  The Troll on the two pics below/ left are my daughter Maddy’s boyfriend, Josh (that’s Maddy as the victim) this most recent Halloween. And the picture on the right is Me and my then girlfriend, Deb…at a Halloween costume party for a radio station. We won first place. She was a fairy. I’m not sure people even saw my costume.  You can guess why I asked her to marry me just a few months later.

But for me…the biggest laugh was a one-liner in Act III…

It took me back to the scene in the Universal Studios, Frankenstein movies, where Frankie dines with the blind man…and things don’t go great.

But to me…one of the funniest scenes in any movie, is the scene in “Young Frankenstein” when the monster has soup and a cigar with the blind man. If you haven’t scene this movie…we can’t be friends.

I’m gonna cut this short, because I have stuff to do before we leave. But, if you really want to know what I think about this Event…watch Addicts Live tomorrow…or the day after tomorrow…or today if you are reading this Saturday.

It’s all relative.


You’ll find it in the store…

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration, I did It.

  2. Ok. Thanks for your reply. It looks good like that.

  3. Pop quiz, does the troll come with a bridge like in the picture above in your thread? Because I’m just curious I don’t see one in the picture in the store? And before I hit the buy button, I wanted to check. Thanks.

  4. Interesting. In Norway we have an old fairy tail that all kids know. In English the story is called “Three Billy Goats Gruff”. In this story there is a troll that guards a bridge. Read more here:
    The troll dolls are also from Scandinavia, from Denmark: Read more here:

  5. Is there a way you can view how many items are in your Springfield so you’ll know when your nearing the limit? (Which is how much now?). Thanks!

  6. Anyone having this error? Everyone in my household hasn’t been able to login since this afternoon.
    “An error occurred processing the login. Please retry.”

  7. MY FRIENDS ARE BACK!!! Whoohoo 👍🏻

    • Same here woohoo!!😁

    • Yahoo! Yippee! Yippee! Whee! Hurray!
      My friends also are back!!!
      I guess they really were playing “Hide and Go Seek” because after I wrote, “ Come out, come out, wherever you are!” they returned!!!
      Soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. May your Niece have an awesome Wedding ☺️

    Troll Moe with Forest can wait (at this rate? EA will offer ’em up in a Mystery Box at discount, or an Event Prize, later – besides G-O-D was an investment!)😅

    I need time to edit my Springfield (these Item Limits suck the Zen garden out of things!) as I accept the fact this is nooooo THOH like we’ve ever had ….. it’s been a yawn at times and I’m fine getting what I can, then storing the rest (maybe the final week will perk up, or it will peter out?!) 🙄

    Weekend Off Tapping / 220 🍩’s Farmed 😀

  9. Dr Frankenstein will always be Gene Wilder to me…with Teri Garr, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman and Cloris Leachman rounding out a terrifically funny
    Makes me want to go check netflix and make some popcorn.😁
    “Frau Bleucher”…
    (Hysterical Horse Winnying!)

  10. Go to a bookstore and pick up a copy of the Complete Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tales. Read. These were certainly Not written to be calming bedtime stories for children.
    Great stuff though!

  11. Best wishes to your niece Patric! And long live (not too long actually) Troll Moe! One can never have too many Moes, I guess 😂 even if they share the “watering down…” task.

  12. As usual we get the east coast based network “recorded before a live studio audience” west coast delay. Always got a kick out of the networks advertising the “live” show for weeks, knowing full well that us here on the left side of the map would actually get the “tape delay” version of the live show. Never getting to see the uncut live version of the shows, before they were edited and censored for the west coast viewing audience. Don’t tell me Addicts Live is now doing the same thing? Maybe it should be called ‘Addicts Tape Delayed’, but recorded Live at some point in time. hehe. Only though of this because your Frankenstein discussion brought up memories of Phil Hartman’s Frankenstein “FIRE BAD” on SNL (aka Saturday Night Live except on the west coast). Have fun at your mini Family Reunion/Wedding.

  13. trolls………..


  15. Ok reading this on Friday, that’s Sunday to you patric, or Saturday if you have a spare 10 minute’s, as you say it’s all relative, nice post, short and well short, will look in tomorrow, that’s Saturday on the addicts not so much live, or Sunday 😁 either way enjoy your weekend unless it’s Monday in which case hope you all had a great weekend 😕

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