Episode 55- 2019 TSTO in Review

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Welcome to Addicts Live!  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, as much as we enjoyed putting it together…

Happy New Year Fellow Tappers!  We’re celebrating the start of 2020 by taking a look back at TSTO in 2019.  Join Alissa, Patric, and Safi as they dive into the hits and misses of mini and main events during the last year.  Find out what events we loved, which we hated, and where Patric and Safi plan to be on New Year’s Day!  Plus, we’ll share our hopes for TSTO in 2020.
You won’t want to miss the hilarity that happens in this episode!  So join us to relive all the fun and excitement…or a little fun and less excitement…of 2019!

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

Show Notes:

Here are the show notes from the episode…

Poll results

Mini Events

Winner: Flanders Family Reunion (And it wasn’t even close)
Some pieces of the pie were too small to show % so here’s what’s missing:
Krusty’s Last Gasp- 1.5%
State of Despair- 0.9%
Marge at the Bat- 2.6%
Real Moms of Springfield- 4.9%
 Middle of the Road:
Winner: Cthulhu’s Revenge
Some pieces of the pie were too small to show % so here’s what’s missing:
Not Yet Spring Cleaning- 5.8%
State of Despair- 4.9%
Marge at the Bat- 5.6%
Least Favorite:
Winner: Marge at Bat…followed closely by Cthulhu’s Revenge (surprisingly)
Some pieces of the pie were too small to show % so here’s what’s missing:
Flanders Family Reunion- 3.6%
State of Despair- 8.1%
Classless Reunion- 5.1%
Main Events:
Winner: Halloween, THOH XXX
Middle of the Road:
Winner: Halloween, THOH XXX…Followed extremely close by Simpsons Babies
Least Favorite:
Winner: Game of Games


Oh and for those curious…this was the Addicts Christmas Present this year:

Which this year, to me, is symbolic of all the juggling we do on a daily basis.  Between our work life, family life, and TSTO life. 

And as a reminder, here were the gifts from previous years…


Department 56 The Simpson's Village Mutually Assured Destruction Village Accessory Figurine, 1.38 inch


Image result for department 56 homer figurine


And here’s what I’m hoping to see on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ NYE (I’ve pre-written this post BEFORE the New Year…)

And that’s it from us.  Thanks for tuning in.  We hope you have a very Happy and Healthy 2020!  See you on the next show friends!

One response to “Episode 55- 2019 TSTO in Review

  1. Thank you Alissa, Patric, Safi (and Wookie in spirit) for this amusing – deep – honest review of TSTO 2019! 👍🏻

    I guess we can conclude that as Tappers we can equally agree, disagree, be indecisive about a variety of Content (Characters, Buildings, Decor) – but we also agree to no longer defend whenever EA doesn’t do it right (ie that noise at the load screen isn’t gettin’ fixed, Item Limits is still an issue, Origin Account problems). 😂

    I’m in agreement in that the Mini Events were more rewarding for me then the Main Events, that certain Content was appreciated (especially Characters from Ned Flanders Family Reunion, Shelbyville Buildings and Characters), some wasn’t (ie Dumb Decor that gets Stored, certain Buildings that offered a “?” as to where do I place them since there is no ‘central theme’ they’re based on, rehash of Prizes that were equivalent to 12 🍩’s if you had ’em already, Character Skins that were not rewarding) and cohesive themes (Ned Flanders Family Reunion, Cthulhu’s Revenge, Love Springfieldian Style were tops for me!) 🤔

    I am surprised / not surprised over what were the favourite Events / Mini-Events for Tappers …. it all came down to the Content (you either ♥️’d it, or didn’t ♥️ it) …. and I guess overall 2019 was just middle of the road (well, 2019 was also a Let Down symbolically due to starting out strong / ending like a deflated whoopie cushion, the gaps between Events, the anticipation over if Simpsons Writers had anything new to reveal during E3 – nope not a darn thing new to reveal!) …. except yay for Sky Finger (and yay also if you were able to obtain the Golden Goose Reality from the year prior to get as many Land Tokens as possible!) 🧐

    Here’s my Question – in 2020, should EA / TSTO Staff actively reach out to Tappers thru social networks and inquire what do we want in the Game App? 💡

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