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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

No new Simpsons tonight.  In fact, there won’t be a new episode for about a month. (Feb 16th)  NFL playoffs are still going on, and they’ll conclude with the Superbowl in February.

New update in TSTO!  Yay for new content!  Holidays of Future Past is in full swing, thoughts on the new content?

How’s your designing coming?  What are you doing with your town? A heads up a Showoff will be announced later this week. Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post)   

And finally, how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

63 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Just watched the contestant on the uk gameshow The Chase answer this question: What town do television’s The Simpsons live? She answered “Tapped Out town”. XD

  2. Quick question for ya, is Brutus a character or NPC? Thx.

    • Never mind I found the answer. Thx

    • Hi I have a question and looked through some older posts on here but didn’t see anything.
      So I just got a message stating I reached my limit for money and have to spend some more.
      I have $4,294,967,295
      Has this always been this way, is there a significance to this # and what can I buy, I literally have every premium item all the expensive buildings and so on?


  3. Hi folks I’ve been playing this game for 8years now and theres not a lot of stuff I’m missing. Has anyone noticed that the game seems to be in the process of slowly shutting down ? The events used to be fun and something to look forward to but now its like they put out half arse efforts like a teenager who has to get up before 12 and cant be bothered.
    My biggest gripe is the land passes, it’s a joke I cant remember the last time I got 1 and somehow didnt obtain the golden goose thing last year, I’ve had to put loads of stuff in storage and cant fully sort my town out due to lack of space, it’s a real shame there isnt a better way of planning the town aswell instead of trying to drag stuff around when you have as much as I do it’s hard to work it all out.
    Does anyone think they will bring out a way of earning land expansion at a decent rate or know of another way to get some its driving me insane.

  4. I’m sure others are facing the same problem, but I’m stuck.
    I need more land. I have a Springfield I’m really proud of (themed areas, neighborhoods, “theme park” sections), but I can’t expand or add anything because “YOU DON’T HAVE ANY MORE FREE LAND TOKENS”.

    Anybody know a solution?

    • The post I’ve just put on contains the same issue, the land expansion is a joke, really hope someone out there has an answer for us 🤞

  5. Item limit – still a thing? Patric?????
    Recently when adding stuff I was pretty darn close to the limit, and would trigger the warning with just a few new items. Today I built 2 new areas (Future Town, and KrustyResort), with no alerts at all. So it seems the item limit has at least gone UP… any idea what it is now, or if it’s still “a thing”? Hm?

    Oh, yeah, and the can’t-tap-anything-on-many-neighbors is still there.
    Has anyone else had the thing where the new School-with-lofts is not tappable although it looks like it should be? Is that just a bad graphic, or is it a bug? It’s interfering with getting some of my 4-peats (AKA “El Quattros”)….

    • I have just set you up for an El Quattro by tapping your school.
      I could see spray can, but no corresponding graffiti so I think it just doesn’t show when you have the skin on.
      I noticed last week when I believe I got you two or possibly three times and I think you got me and Adey four times each.
      I have taken my skin off so give it another go and I will look out for your next hit.
      I would add that I would have got you two more times last week, but guests meant I missed the window twice!

      • I’ve seen places be “taggable” with AND without the spray can visible. I just click all over them just in case – and the school-with-lofts seems to quite often be UN-taggable even if there’s no graffiti. Seems like a bug, but if it somehow turned out to be Operator Error, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised. Sigh.
        And I know what you mean – I had a good setup going today and life interfered!!!! Time to start over…

        • I see I am being set up for the x4.
          When you go back to complete have a look at the school. I have put the lofts skin back on so I don’t think you will see graffiti even thought you have got it. You should still hear the can spraying as usual so you will know it’s done.
          The schools that you think should be tappable are possibly already hit, but you just can’t see it because the skin is on.
          Look forward to your next visit and I will be back to yours at about 0100GMT.

          • Yer probably right about the untappable schools being already-tapped-but-invisibly, it’s just irritating. Well, the fix for that should be simple (2 new graphics), unlike the fix for the chronic “nothing to see here!” situation when visiting neighboreenos.

            • Sorry, I failed last night! I missed the window and then tapped too many. I think it was a bit close to bedtime so I need to adjust my visiting timing.
              You got the El Quattro on me again, but I will get you back eventually!

              • I messed up tonight and missed the window myself. So I did some 3-hits and called it a day. Then, when I tried to post that to you, I somehow attached the reply to a completely-unrelated comment! I better get to sleep before I cause any real damage! ;-p

              • You are set up unless mangofusion (Nico) gets there before me!
                Weekends are always best for getting the El Quattro as work always gets in the way during the week!

              • Problem! My Daily Challenge was “Buy Milk”, and like a doofus I sent everyone on it. Now, I can’t fully clear the task. I _have_ gotten credit for it, and I’ve cleared the stack of thumbs-ups on the Kwikee Mart, finally. (It kept clearing, then coming back when returning to the game. I did a hard-stop on my iPad after stopping the game, and now the stack no longer reappears.) BUT… Bart is still at the upper-left, with a check mark, but clicking that just takes me to the KM. It doesn’t clear anything. My “Town Census” still shows about half of my characters as “Buy Milk”. HELP! How do I get the dang game to escape this infinite loop? (Next time, I gotta remember to either skip this task, or only send the minimum # required.)

  6. David Valentine

    Ok, Hit point where I had everything in a tsto. Decided to try anew.
    order at beginning reworked
    Level 8 , just got skinner. Wiki 14
    Do not have Bart. Wiki 2

  7. Anyone else notice that Apu is no longer considered a “Springfielder” when you a daily task involving Springfielders.

  8. Hey HEY HEY!!!! your friendly neighborhood tapper here… just saying hi.. and sorry for I CAN”T tap in your towns… the neighbors are back, yet nothing to TAP!!!! any ways.. I completed the main mini event, now just doing the side quests for everyone, taking my time on them 🙂 .. so yeah… weekend was fun, short, but fun.. the Niners are in the super bowl… yaay.. they are ready to SELL OUT again like the last super bowl.. NFL is a joke… professional sports are a Joke… mainly the salaries being paid for players. I would like to be a benchwarmer for any NFL team.. even the Browns… they don’t play, don’t do a thing but still get 5 digit paychecks… argh… happy Monday… sorry for the rants.. it appears that “pessimistic” program is running in the main O.S. in my CPU and I need to *ctrl alt delete* it. or “Alt F4” it… see you guys after the reboot.!!!… _ _ _

  9. Is there a category on the site to search all of the Thursday Musings? Thanks!

  10. See ya bye . 👽

  11. Yeah, no new Episode of The Simpson’s tonight (Boo! Fox! Boo!) ….. but I got a nice laugh over these memorial quotes from our favourite animated tv series (No. 7 is a personal favourite)😂

  12. Still getting about half my neighbours with nothing to tap on. So .. I will say that the issues is still not fixed.
    On a good note.. losing donuts every time I exited the game has been corrected and I am now able to farm and collect donuts from tasks and buildings. Now I can get my percentage up and get better results from farming. and collecting.

    I am hoping that at some point in the near future that they will bring back the Flanders Family Reunion items and some of the characters in the vault. I need to get some items and people back that I lost in a EA screw up that they won’t admit to. That is also when my donut issue started and didn’t get corrected til mid December.

    Have a great sunday.

  13. Still waiting for an event that is worth the time and effort…maybe a Spring event with a cohesive theme and prizes that actually make sense in my town? With item limits on hold since…well…forever, I’m not inclined to add anything new unless it outshines what I already have. I have lots of space, but being at the item limit cap makes me pretty critical of “junk prizes”. Sure hope the next event has a few prizes worth playing for…I love my new SimCity town, but I miss my Simpsons. 🙂

    • Yep! I can appreciate what I can with TSTO, but I hate how EA is letting the Game App die slowly (I’m glad You and others are no longer defending EA’s bad decisions).

    • You and I almost always agree.
      Item Limit/Junk Prizes=NOPE!

    • Ebron, can you explain how you got your squidport boards on the shore instead of just offshore like all I can manage. How do you get your boards on the sand?????
      I’d love to know.

      • Step-by-step instructions for moving boardwalk tiles to the shoreline.
        Important: The boardwalk tile(s) must first be placed somewhere in the ocean, then they can be moved over to the shoreline.

        Instructions: To move boardwalk tile(s) to the shoreline (after you have first placed them somewhere in the ocean).
        1. Tap on the icon with four-sided yellow arrows (lower right-hand side of the screen)
        2. Then tap on the icon with the blue-and-green layers (lower left-hand side of the screen).
        3. Drag your finger across the tile(s) to select the one(s) you want to move. (Lift finger)
        4. Then use your finger to move these tile(s) to the shoreline. (Tap yellow check-mark to confirm move)

  14. Does anyone know how to finish the Molloy task “Usual Suspects Part 7”? It says to tap one of the houses Molloy didn’t hit, but there is no “Go To”, and I tapped loads of houses by now, all without result…

  15. Can you believe this bull**** they’re taking APU out of the characters. Hank Azaria said yesterday he won’t be doing the voice of APU anymore, but thankfully he’ll still do the other voices. I hope it’s not just me, but I’m so irritated by this. They said because it’s “racist” are you kidding me this is the problem the Simpsons are too good for their own good I don’t know if it was Disney or Social media which pressured and shamed them into doing this but I hope you’re happy Hari Kondabolu & you social media P. C. puranas. I love the Simpsons maybe if enough of the Simpsons community comes together we can get them to reverse this. Thx for the space to rant. Thought everyone should know.

    • Not a fan of this “cancel culture” …. Apu is not a racist Character (OMG! an Indian American comedian got teased growing up! we all got teased growing up over something! that’s part of growing up with others your own age who haven’t matured yet!)

      Apu could be voiced by someone else, but at this rate? That’s like asking for a real Scotsman to voice Willie, an Armenian to voice Moe, only a real Homosexual can voice Smithers, etc (really! if “cancel culture” wants to take things down that route? you might as well eliminate all references to “Song of the South” on Splash Mountain at Disneyland / Walt Disney World!) 🙄

      • I 100% agree! What a slippery slope that could turn into! I was thinking about Family Guy & South Park & the envelope they push regarding racial stereotypes…. I always liked Apu’s character & not really understanding why they’re buckling under & removing him. I guess being thin skinned is the new normal.

        • It’s this new generation every body needs their safe space. It’s annoying. Social media will be the death of everything. I agree with the family guy statement that’s why I love family guy also they go 10x past “acceptable ” and don’t listen to the noise of P.C social media. That’s what makes it great. Listen in my opinion this is America and that’s what is great about being in America if you don’t like it don’t watch it! People now a days if it offends them or they don’t like something… well they take it upon them selves and ruin it for everyone. Whatever, it’s stupid. I really hope it changes, and the Simpsons go back to what made them the best show EVER! Thx.

        • I5 was not “they,” it was “he,” Hank chose… not the writers or the network.

          • Probably.. Big D said… “Look a here Hank, we are going to make this easy on you, either YOU come out and say it is YOUR idea, YOUR decision to stop doing Apu, OR we will come after you, destroy your career, everything about you, just like we have done to so many others, see it is Easy.. so now be a good sheep and do as we say.” and now we have this “Breaking News” on our hands… Apu will be “retired” from the Simpsons…

            • That’s great. Except that isn’t the way it happened. Hank found several interviews where he was promoting “Brockmire” (his very un-PC character from the show of the same name) get turned into talking about Apu, and the documentary “The Problem with Apu.” This started in 2017…and whether he just got tired of defending himself…or the character…or had a revelation that fighting for the character was actually hurting his career…Hank said “enough.”

              Hank doesn’t write the lines…he is just saddled with whatever the writers write. It could cost him roles…money…and reputation, just to salvage a handful of lines each season. Do you blame him?

              • I don’t blame him… so sad to see a great character go… maybe Smithers is next… the alphabet community has been very up in arms lately…

    • people now are weaklings, everything is offensive.. booo hooo-hooo … it makes me sick to my stomach.. what’s next… people complaining that I bite my nails in public…?!?!?!?… Aliens will have an easy day taking over the world… bunch of weaklings.. “all you need is love” is a SONG not a motto… nothing to live by…
      — in the other hand… I hold my gun and my beer, while I drive.. ……

      ps.. in reality I do think people are dumb for complaining about everything..

  16. Happy tapping all, 🤔 not much action in the comments today, bit like the game events 😴😴, off to bed 5am start tomorrow, have a good week, I won’t!!!!, time to look for another job or win the lottery, wishful thinking 🤞

  17. 4 server disconnects in half an hour, 3 of them when visiting neighbours.


    • Wow! That’s got to be taken up with @EAHelp on Twitter! EA can help narrow down the problem (ie whether it’s a Network issue on your end due to bad weather effecting Telecom) or just admit they’re not keeping up their Networks.

  18. MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)

    Now that we can add neighbor (neighbours if you are Safi), I have sent requests to most of my neighbors in my new town. Two of them sent me an invite, so kudos to them.

    I see that many of you have already accepted.

    Happy Sunday all.

    How is everyone doing who was affected by that snow storm? We only got about 4 inches, they had suggested up to a foot.

    I hope all of our friends in Australia are doing well with the fires.

    Keep safe everyone.

    • So,
      Should I delete NicoRox13 as a neighbor?
      The town seems to be under construction while
      MangoFusion’s town appears to be well designed?
      Or perhaps….
      Nico can unfriend everyone and simplify the transition?


      El BARTO!!

    • Glad to see we are friends again! Not sure I will do any “el quattros”, but I will tag when I can. JackieH.

    • Thanks Nico

      Can’t visit most friends. Very frustrating. Also could not request you as a friend although I’ve been trying for many weeks or longer, since you moved to your new Springfield.

      Double El Quattro on you when I get an opportunity.

      Same to Wilson who I also can’t visit. He gets the El Quattro on me consistently. I’ll get him back!


      • MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)


        • Adey – I have no doubt you’ll cream me when you can!
          Mango – 🙂
          I sure wish EA would clear up this can’t-tag-some-neighbors bug.
          I _can_ tag MOST of my graffiti neighbors, but sometimes nope.
          I _can’t_ tap MOST of my other neighbors, but sometimes yep.
          Weird ^ 2.

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