The Holidays of Future Past Mini-Event is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday, January 29th) marks the end of the Holidays of Future Past mini-event!  So,  if you haven’t already, finish up that prize track, purchase your last few premium items, and be prepared to see the mini-event leave our games tomorrow morning! (and hopefully, something new arrives in its place)

What are your overall thoughts on the mini-event?  Have you enjoyed it?  Or did you feel like it was a bit lame?  Where have you placed the prizes? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

P.S. I’m going to give one more reminder about the Holidays of Future Past Showoff!  Please send in your submissions by 8pm ET tonight to be included with tomorrow’s Showoff Post.  Very low participation rate in this one so far, so I’m hoping the rest of you are just busy designing!  Don’t forget to send in those designs! (

7 responses to “The Holidays of Future Past Mini-Event is Nearing the End…

  1. I was locked out all of today with the “bart failure window.” It worked a bit this evening and is now downloading a massive update. I’m frustrated that I might not get the last prize because I couldn’t log in today. Anyone else? Any suggestions?

  2. This has to be the weakest and disappointing update to start 2020 off with. If your going to do a 2 week mini update at least include more prizes. Hopefully there’ll be a event update tomorrow.

  3. Well, it appears the excitement for an Event (in this case a Mini Event) finally happening in 2020 has waned …. and now it’s time for something new in TSTO (that doesn’t cause lethargy). Oh, and The Simpsons have been on for so long that Bart Simpson should be Homer’s age. 😉

  4. It was an okay mini-event, but good god it went on for way too long….

  5. I find the events of late have been just meh!… no interaction with neighbours and the prizes are okay… the issue with prizes is that many items are too big and it’s hard to create areas for them that make anything look kinda normal.
    Still fun to play but little excitement these days.

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