Black History Mystery Box Breakdown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another day, another Mystery Box in Springfield…

Since the introduction of the Yearbook Mystery Box last year, most of the event-specific boxes have become outdated. As many of the items are in the Yearbook box for much less.

However, with the Black History Mystery Box released with this event, that’s not necessarily true.  EA has added some new/old content to this box.    So let’s take a quick look at what’s inside both the Black History Mystery Box…

Unlike the last mystery box, where you could use tokens OR donuts, the Black History Box is exclusively tokens.  You’re only able to unlock the box once you’ve collected a Black History Mystery Box token via the prize track…

For each Act, you’ll have the chance to unlock one Mystery Box token, so they’ll be a total of 4 for this event.

Note: If you have all the prizes you can convert the tokens to donuts.  1 token= 12 dounts.

Several items in this Mystery Box are NOT available in the Yearbook Mystery Box, enough that it’s worth taking a look.

Here’s what you’ll have a shot at getting:

The following items are all available in the Yearbook Mystery Box…

Alcatraaaz* w/Mansion- Was originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy

Anger Watkins* w/ Sports Desk- Was originally 110 donuts, Should I Buy

Bleeding Gums Murphy w/ Jazz Hole- Was originally 165 donuts, Should I Buy

Brother Faith* w/ Brother Faith Van- Was originally 110 donuts, Should I Buy

Gary/Doug/Benjamin- Was originally 195 donuts, Should I Buy

Sideshow Raheem w/ Klub Krusty-Was originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy

Lewis Clark w/ Practice Rink-Was originally 165 donuts, Should I Buy

Lucius Sweet- Was originally a free prize during Burns Casino, Details

Report Card- Was originally a prize during Game of Games, Details

Rita LaFleur- Was originally a prize during Christmas 2019, Details

*Denotes it’s available in the Yearbook Mystery Box

Also note, EA indicated on the rundown they sent us that the following characters are also available in the Mystery Box (even though they’re regular premium items always available in Springfield..well in the Vault):
Judge Snyder

Bernice Hibbert
Chester Dupree 

So, even if you purchased everything from the Yearbook Box…there’s still a few decent premium items in there that you can get for Tokens.

And that’s it my friends, the details on the Black History Mystery Box.

Thoughts on the box? Did you have everything or still items to get?  Thoughts on tokens via the Prize track?  Sound off below…

9 responses to “Black History Mystery Box Breakdown

  1. Carmen Schmidt

    I now have two mystery boxes from the current wrestling event, but I cannot find them. Where do they go.?

  2. Had 5 items in the box, 4 I wanted. Got the one I didn’t right off the bat. Meant to get one out of the year book mystery so I could get all the ones I wanted, forgot, hit the character. Now I am going to have 1 stuck in the box. Watch it the one I most wanted.

  3. I had 2 items in my mystery box, Lewis Clark and Sideshow Raheem. I had fun adding the Practice Rink and Klub Krusty in my town, just need some more flaming torches and palm trees for the retreat to be complete (I’ll post the design on the showoff post).

    I feel bad for people that get Rita LaFleur from the box because of the missing building (Fallen Diva Apartments) she has most of her tasks and questline at even though she and the building was available a month ago.

  4. Lewis Clark was the only thing in my box

  5. Tokens are useless for long time players… I don’t even have the Mystery box option..

    • Well, only *almost* useless: if you already have everything in the Mystery Box, you get to exchange each token for a dozen donuts.

      • I reckon they should give at least 30 donuts as a substitute prize, that way we could get something from the yearbook mystery box.

        What can you buy with 12 🍩 ? 2 goes at the Mr Burns mystery box and you end up with another fishing pond and a bomb shelter!!!

    • I’d say its more if you’re a premium player or someone who buys most/all the premium content in the store. I’ve been playing since the Christmas event in 2013 and I had 2 items in my mystery box since I didn’t buy any new premiums last year. I prefer the tokens to having a returning item as a prize.

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