In-Game Update: Share the Magic Maggie

Update: A little more info on Maggie’s short…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So it looks like the Disney takeover of The Simpsons has begun… 😳

I guess my post yesterday was pretty good foreshadowing

Just released in-game is a promotion for….a Disney movie!?

Yes, a Disney movie.

EA released a special task for Maggie to celebrate Disney/Pixar’s new movie Onward.

It’s really quick and simple.  Just 1 task for Maggie and then a fun new animated task as been added for her.  Here are some more details:

And it’s just an animated task for Maggie around Springfield…

And yes, the capture I grabbed in my game would make a great Caption This! 

And that’s it.  Just a little promo in the game.  EA can’t be bothered to promote new episodes of The Simpsons anymore…but I guess Disney’s calling the shots now.  And it seems like they’ve welcomed their new overlords!

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing.  I love Disney.  You guys know that.  But this is just weird…

Anyway, thoughts on Maggie’s new task? Disney movie promotions in TSTO? Wanna caption my Maggie picture? Sound off below!

27 responses to “In-Game Update: Share the Magic Maggie

  1. I find this funny. For weeks everyone was screaming about the lack of new content now we get one tiny little 4 hour task from Maggie and they are complaining about that. How about looking on the bright side. Disney feels the Simpsons are important enough to make and promote an animate short and they remembered TSTO to promote it there. This is a good thing for the game. I’m happy that it’s clear Disney cares about the Simpsons and TSTO. Stop with the endless negativity!

    • For the record…I wasnt complaining about the content. I was just indicating that it’s weird.

    • If a tiny corporate branding update is enough to give you hope for the future, you are a true TSTO fan. And trust me, when it comes to Disney, there is no greater fan of all that is Mouse than Alissa.

  2. Caption: “Needs salt.”

  3. It’s too bad the short will be shown ONLY before the movie Onward. I have no interest in that movie. I imagine it might improve some ticket sales. I do like the new task for Maggie even though I’ve stopped sending characters on tasks except for the Eliminator and Event tasks. I’ve reached max in game cash in one Springfield and 1 billion from max in the other.

  4. The task is ok I guess but I probably won’t see it very often since Maggie has a bunch of other 4 hour jobs. I read the message as a promotion for the short Simpsons film Maggie is in like the Longest Daycare short a few years ago and not a direct promo for the Onward movie. The last Disney movie I watched in the theatres was Toy Story 4 so I’ll probably go and see Onward. Happy leap day.

  5. Well it did not take long for Disney to start messing with the Simpsons, The Simpsons will be another in a long line of franchises they continue to run and destroy.

  6. Welcome to the Bob Cheapskate Chapek lead Walt Disney Co ….. he will introduce intellectual property anywhere and everywhere (Bob is known for cutting costs, so expect to pay more at the Theme Parks with less experiences, as this makes the bean counters at Team Disney Burbank very happy to see a profit margin continue).

    I miss New Episode tie ins just as I miss how TSTO used to be ….. and I will take what I can from TSTO until Disney takes over from EA (turning it into a bad Game App – which they tend to do).

  7. I’m honestly fine and dandy with promotions in the game from Disney simply due to the fact it’s *content*, which has become something of a scarce commodity ’round the game nowadays. I just wish it were less ‘random animated task’ and more ‘mini event where Mickey Invades Springfield in an effort to wholesome the place up and we need to fend him off’ or something.

  8. Caption:
    “As God is my witness, I WILL make turkeys fly”

  9. After in-game update I get one time in game. Now game doesnt load.

  10. Just glad to see an ingame update, however small, when is the last time we had one ?
    Who knows maybe changes are afoot that might just make this game worth playing again.

  11. Did the game just jump the mouse?

  12. And so it begins…. the ruin of the simpsons…. they were doing a great job on their own… (ruining the show/game) ….. bleh… no longer are the days when The Simpsons were edgy and irreverent… now they must please the evil mouse..

  13. They are actually promoting an animated short film starring Maggie that will be shown before the Disney/Pixar movie. Still pretty weird though.

  14. Maybe the influx of Disney Donuts will keep the game alive for many more years…Or result in a quick and merciless ending like so many other entities taken over by Disney…Hoping for the first scenario, but expecting the second…

    • Such as when it won’t be a City Building Game App ….. it will be a Disney owned Simpsons Runner App for $4.99 download 🙄

  15. So is Disney now in control of Tapped Out ??? Oo.
    And as for a caption ~ Can’t think of one. Sorry.

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