5 Things I Can’t Wait To Do When This Is All Over…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Every day more and more of parts the world are joining the global time out to stop the spread of COVID-19.  An effort to “flatten the curve”.  And, much like school days, we all have to sit in this time out until EVERYONE listens! So the longer people gather in large groups, the longer the time out is going to last.

That all being said, now that we have more folks joining the US in the “time out”, I thought we’d take a break from what’s currently going on to talk about what we can’t wait to do when this is all over.  So here are the things the Addicts crew can’t wait to do when this is all over…

No 1: Hug my grandpa. 

My Grandfather is 94, a WWII Vet, and a HUGE part of my life!  He does have asthma, and a few other underlying medical conditions, so we’ve got him staying safe right now at home with my step-grandmother.  Sure we video chat often (Google Duo is great for family video chats BTW, we have 7 of us on there at once), but it doesn’t compete with being there face to face and giving him a big giant hug!

Here’s a video of my Grandpa playing his harmonica for his biggest fan! 

No 2: See family!
My husband’s family all lives about an hr and a half away and one of my sisters lives 4hrs away, we’re not used to going this long without seeing each other!  So I can’t wait to see them all again!

No 3: Baseball!
Gosh, I really miss baseball!  I can’t wait to watch a game on TV or even go to a game!

No 4: Get a haircut!
Back in January, I scheduled haircuts for Riley and I for this Saturday.  Well now NJ has shutdown all hair salons (among other places), so that’s clearly showing why I don’t book things in advance! My hair will REALLY need a haircut when this is all over! (Riley too! And likely Sam! (he got a haircut right before they shut down the salons, thankfully, otherwise, he’d really be out of control!)

No 5: Go to our favorite restaurant and not have to do dishes!
We’ve been ordering takeout from our favorite local restaurants, but it doesn’t beat going to the restaurant itself and not having to do the dishes!

Wookiee says these are in no particular order

-Go see a movie
-Go to buy TP and have it actually be on the shelf
-Hug some friends
-Go to Disneyland or something amusing
-Tell Jungle Cruise jokes again!
Bonus round…and most important

1. Buy toilet paper at some time before the “crack of dawn”
2. Play Golf
3. Play Golf with a drink cart service that doesn’t require social distancing
4. Answer the phone without saying, “is everything all right?”
5. Hug somebody

So, if you saw Safi’s post from yesterday…he just got married!  Through all of this!  So I didn’t want to pester him for his list of 5.  But I’m sure 1 thing on his list will be taking a proper honeymoon with his new wife!

Yes, there’s going to come a day (maybe 3 weeks from now, maybe a month from now) where we all get to finally get out of our time outs and life gets to return to normal (or some version of normal).  And I think it’s important for ALL of us to keep that perspective.

As we sit home or sit with very limited travel it’s important to remember, the time out will be over.  And when it is, what are the 5 things you’re most looking forward to doing?

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  1. Congrats, Safi! My niece was supposed to marry last Thursday, but they bumped it up to Monday because they heard city hall was closing the next day. No one was there with them. 🙁
    1. Have my daughters get together with friends and do typical teenage stuff
    2. Go out to dinner
    3. Shop for essentials and have them on the selves
    4. Take the vacation that we had to cancel
    5. Watch some sports that aren’t re-runs

  2. Jack Anonymous

    1. Spend time with family and friends
    2. Being able to travel
    3. Being able to play sports (and go to the gym)
    4. Having nature not be completely overrun by people that are trying to get out of the house. Nice for everyone to enjoy but not all together at once or it loses its peacefulness
    5. Going to coffee shops, shopping, restaurants, entertainment etc

    Some good lessons during this time. Reminds people to really appreciate how lucky we are for even simple things like being able to buy toilet paper when needed on a normal day. Also let’s people prioritize what’s important. I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning they can’t wait to hug loved ones. Also, we all see how unprepared we could be for certain circumstances which gives us the opportunity to learn and adjust for the future.

    Let’s take what positives we can while we ride it out! Can’t wait for this all to be behind us. Stay safe all!

  3. In Sweden I can meet my parents and play golf because its outside. Practise indoors in small groups too. The trouble i media that says everybody will die tomorrow.

  4. Mine would be (in no particular order)
    Going to church.
    Being able to run Guide meetings again.
    Hug my family and friends.
    Going to work instead of working from home- actually miss teaching the kids.
    Having the freedom to shop for anything I need at any time of day.

  5. Um….yea 1.) FAMILY! They all have health stuff ( my folks, bro and his wife) so we gotta stay away!
    2.) Munster donut!
    3.) getting my normal mundane grocery list without problems!
    4.) kids in School!
    5.) just being social and friendly and huggy with people!
    You never know what you got til its gone, people!!! Hang in there!!!!❤

  6. Italian Beauty

    Looking forward to: (in no order)

    1. Church. Hoping bans are lifted for Easter.
    2. TV on network channels not being interrupted constantly for updates.
    3. All my doctor and testing appointments in May.
    4. Being able to go grocery shopping and getting everything I want and/or need.
    5. My Ostomy support group meetings….even though I no longer have an ostomy. They still enjoy seeing me there and supporting them.

    Most importantly, I’m looking forward to life going back to normal. And hopefully finding work soon. I’ve been unemployed all month since my temp assignment ended Feb. 28 (not COVID-19 related).

  7. I am considered an “essential” worker even though I get paid next to nothing. I am out and about every day, busting my butt and working OT. When this is all over I look forward to having sane days at work again.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    I’m a house cat, so this is easy for me. I’ve read so many books, am studying foreign languages and doing my required continuing education. I can easily go two more weeks like this. But seriously, my heart breaks over the situation and I feel for all those suffering. I wish I could make it all go away.

    Spring is a time for rebirth, and I remain optimistic.

  9. 1. not having enough free time to blow thru a TSTO event.
    2. Visiting mom (who hopefully won’t go completely batty stir crazy. she lives in a retirement comunity and they’re confined to quarters).
    3 Getting the boat in hte water & going sailing
    4. Hangin’ at the club bar with a Dark&Stormy while the sun sets
    5/ Saying “good bye” or “see ya later” not “stay safe”
    and (ok this makes six)
    NEVER EVER hearing the phrase “Out of an abundance of caution and concern ….” again


  10. 1. Hug my grandchildren!
    2. Go to church
    3. Visit friends
    4. Take crafting classes
    5. Go on vacation after getting my hair cut. ( Had to slip that haircut in some how!)

  11. The thing I can’t wait to do beside all the normal ‘mundane’ day to day things we all take for granted is to get along to some small sweaty venues and lose myself in the guitar riffs, drum beats and gutteral vocals of some of my favourite UK metalcore bands that have had to call off tours and are suffering financially at the moment 🤘🏻🖤

  12. My wife and I have 6 kids, so going shopping and being able to get everything we need is up there

  13. OMG this list could be longer than 5 but here goes –


    The Wife definitely can’t wait to get her hair and nails done (I know by the end of April that I will want to visit a Barber before I grab the clippers and go crazy!) one of life’s simplest luxuries and not having access to it has got to be driving a large percentage of the population nuts (think about those who work in salons now out of a job! that’s sad!)


    We both miss Family and Friends (being stuck at home is awkward! we miss being with those we appreciate! we miss our favourite local hang outs, bars, clubs, concert venues! we worry about those out of work – this is not cool!)


    Shopping! (from the Mall, to the Outlet Mall, to our favourite Stores!) Shoppers who are courteous (some are, most aren’t! proof that when Humans panic? they don’t care about anyone except themselves and their toilet paper supply! which is why we say ixnay to Costco!) and yielding the right of way to the elderly (that is someone’s grandparent / parent – help them out, don’t be rude!)


    The Boysenberry Festival! (Yeah we wish this Covid-19 would go away!) we’d rather be at Knott’s Berry Farm enjoying the Boysenberry delicacies (vs being stuck at home!) theme parks are vital for humanity (without them? dreams don’t come to life!)


    Going to work (I 💜 the secure feeling of being on the job!), going to the Cinema, seeing bands who play Vegas during their Tour, attending Events (Vegas = Punk Rock Bowling / Vegas Psycho , California = So-Cal Hoedown / Cruel World) seeing the Las Vegas Golden Knights (preferably win a game!) we can binge watch anything, we can simulcast Spotify playlists throughout the Condo, but it’s not the same as a “live experience” (IMAX screen!)

  14. I miss not feeling so afraid all the time. I can’t fix this for my kids other than keep them in the house – super fun with a 15 and an 11 year old. At least we live near the high school and I have assigned PE to each of them 30 mins of walking or 1 mile. I’d have thrown a fit if my parents wanted me to do that under similar circumstances, but they are both being troopers. And the dog is getting extra walks because people want to go outside. We’ll see what happens in a week or two. Husband and I are both essential and still working out of the home. Remote learning starts next Monday and it’s going to be a challenge. Wish me luck!

    • They are walking around the track which is right across the street. I realized that I probably should have specified. : )

  15. 1. Going to an actual Mass or church service with family and friends.
    2. Being able to go out of the house without the judgemental comments, stares, and gestures.
    3. Not having to wonder if the person with the mask is sick or just using extra protection.
    4. Amusement Parks which is my main escape from the mundane world.
    5. Sitting at a restaurant drinking coffee and reading the paper at a leisure pace.

  16. David Billington

    My 5 things

    1 Arrange a BBQ in the sun with my Wife (who unfortunately has COPD) my 6 kids their partners and my 11 grandchildren knowing we all survived it

    2 Go for my 8 week camping trip in my trailer (caravan) as we Brits call it

    3 Be able to cough in public ~ I have a permanent cough as I suffer from the Ramapril cough to

    4 Buy a proper cream cake from a patisserie with proper double cream

    5 Just be able to walk past someone in the street and not think Have they got it or Are they a carrier

  17. Visiting family is a given! Our annual Easter Brunch is cancelled this year 😭! But, what I REALLY want to do is shoot some pool! I play four nights a week and miss my pool peeps something wicked! After four years of hard work, my Wednesday night team finally won a trip to compete in the USAPL Nationals in Vegas. We arrived in Las Vegas Saturday night and found ourselves on a plane back to Boston Wednesday afternoon. Maybe next year!


  18. Live Life .

    Go outside .

    See family.

    Go to the comic book / model store .

    To be able to go to some other place than work .

    See ya bye. 👽

  19. johnnyicemaker

    Want to be able to cough, due to seasonal allergies, and not jump to the conclusion that it is the first sign of the virus. Prayers to all out there and especially those who are fighting this awful thing first hand and on the front lines in the medical facilities.

    • I have Asthma and I, too, hate feeling like a pariah! I was in a pool hall last week when I coughed. The gentleman sitting in front of me jumped up like his pants were on fire, turned around, glared at me, and literally ran to the other side of the room! I held of my inhaler and said “Asthma! Not Corona!” Ugh!

      • johnnyicemaker

        Not really concerned with being a pariah, although I suppose that weighs on me too. For me is it more the fear that the little cough I occasionally get due to allergy sinus drainage issues is the first sign of worse things to come.

        • Sabrtriviachamp

          Absolutely looking forward to doing 2 and 3 together. Take the wife and kids to Citi Field (cue the Yankees fans: didn’t you suffer enough during the lockdown?!) and just enjoy a day in the sunshine at the ballpark. Meh, summertime and baseball and family all go together- it just screams “normalcy”.

          But right now… day four in quarantine, waiting to see what happens. This will end soon, and we’ll all have our day in the sun… ALL of us. Wherever your day in the sun takes you, enjoy it!

  20. 1: visit my mum she’s 84
    2: hug my mum
    3: have a family picnic in a nice park
    4: go the the beach with family and friends
    5: go on a holiday were it’s sunny and sit next to the pool with a beer

    Not really much to ask but when your not allowed to do these things and in these time we realised the simple things are best.
    Take care all

  21. I’m glad that middle of February I had my barber cut my hair SHORT

    I’m glad..
    Three weeks ago we purchased a months worth of groceries and bought ONE mega pack of TP and ONE mega pack of PT.

    Today we took advantage of the Senior Hour, arrived at the grocery store at 6 am. Purchased another month worth of groceries. (Plus)

    With freezing and rationing we should easily make it through April- maybe much of May. Other than green groceries, eggs and such.

    Bought 2 gallons milk, 3 boxes of dry cereal, 3 six packs of bagels. Not hoarding, not MEGA buying, just stocking the pantry— which we had run down recently to eliminate ancient items.

    Wore the ‘surgical gloves’ I wear wear when cleaning the house.
    Wore the surgical mask Lisa made this week — complete with an insert. 90% effective times two plus the insert. So wretchedly tight fitting our glasses kept fogging.

    We live in
    EARTHQUAKE COUNTRY- we don’t have the advantage of HURRICANE COUNTRY which has the Weather Forecasters warning of impending issues. Rather, the ground just starts shaking. Always maintain some pantry items.

    Didn’t hoard, we simply restocked our pantry.
    Maybe, in another two weeks we will drive the car around the block to charge the battery. And we will ‘escape’ the house.

  22. Congrats to Safi on your marriage!! We wish you all the best in your life together with your new wife.
    My husband and I got married on December 21. We almost postponed it after my older daughter died on December 1, but we decided to go ahead with our plans. I am so glad that we decided to continue with our plans.
    One thing I am looking forward to when this is over is to continue fertility treatments. We were scheduled for an IVF cycle for this month and it got canceled. We were super excited about this part of our journey into our new lives together.
    As I mentioned in a previous comment, I work in an office 99% of the time by myself so I still have been going to work every day.
    My other daughter was supposed to have her first Prom this past Saturday. She was looking forward to it and we already had a dress for her. We are hoping that when this is all over, the community will get together and throw a prom for the high schoolers.

  23. I miss my ids and my grandkids so much! We talk but won’t go near them at this point. I am going to hug them and never let them go! 🙏 🥰

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